Chosen: End Times Newsletter – Issue 74

The Minister’s Corner
“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

Though None Go With Me
By Regina

“Though None Go With Me, Still I Will Follow…”

The words are actually from an old hymn and they are such beautiful words that sum up what my life has become since accepting the call to serve our heavenly Father and Her son Christ Jesus.

A friend of mine and I were talking recently, and I had mentioned to her how Father has filled my life with so much more than I’d ever expected and fulfilled me in ways that before coming to know Her, would not have been possible.

I was a different person not long ago, who was searching because I felt less than whole. I couldn’t pinpoint why though, and I placed the blame on many things, people, even circumstances, but the truth of it was that what I was missing was Father in my life and Her Spirit deeply embedded within my heart.

Since that time, my heart has been made whole and even overflows. Coming to know and understand Father is no different than building any relationship, and as our relationship has grown and matured over time, I have continued to change and look upon not only the world in a different way, but life itself.

At the time when I accepted Father’s calling, I didn’t know where it would lead me but I have always held on tightly to the following words through whatever tests have come my way, “Show me your way, LORD, my heart is set on fulfilling Your work, wherever it may lead.”

What I didn’t realize back then, was that I made a commitment to Father when I accepted Her calling; one of obedience, faith, loyalty and love; and that She also made a commitment to me. Yes, to me.

Psalm 91
The Protection of the Most High
The one who lives under the protection of the Most High
dwells in the shadow of the Almighty.
2 I will say to the LORD, "My refuge and my fortress,
my God, in whom I trust."
3 He Himself will deliver you from the hunter's net,
from the destructive plague.

One thing I’ve learned is that Father is faithful to those who are faithful to Her. It is not a one-sided relationship at all. And the more time that passes, and the closer our relationship grows, the more I also come to more fully understand and experience the nature of our Creator.

Yes, there have been things, and even relationships with some people, that I have given up in exchange for continuing my service to Father and to Christ. But Father has given me, so much more that it doesn’t even seem fair to mention these things at all. Because you see, these things that I’ve given up are only temporary. But the things She has given me, are for forever.

So when people ask me, how having Father in my life has changed my me, I really don’t even know where to begin, because it’s like asking a flower how the rain made it grow. The flower wouldn’t be able to tell you exactly how the process happened, just that it did, and that the flower flourished and became more beautiful over time, reaching for the sun and soaking up all the nourishment that was so lovingly provided.

And that is why…

Though none go with me, still I will follow;
No turning back, no turning back…

Unseen Hand of God
by Johanna

Have you ever reached for the hand of God? I know that I have many times throughout my life. Just because you can’t see His hand doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

Several years ago I was in a very deep depression. I didn’t go anywhere. I sat at home and cried a lot. I would clean house and care for my niece and nephew while my sister worked. I was always asked to go along with them if they went anywhere but of course when you are that depressed you don’t want to do anything. One day they were all gone and I was at home alone. I remember I was cleaning up the kitchen and had just picked up a knife. At that very moment I wanted to die and not go on. So I took the knife and laid it on my wrist. When I was about to slice my wrist an image popped into my head. It was of my two children. I laid the knife down and cried even harder because I couldn’t bare to kill myself and leave them behind. Another image found its way into my head. It was of my sister walking in and finding me dead on her kitchen floor. During this period of my life I believed in God but my belief wasn’t that strong. Now that I look back on that time I realize that God had placed those images in my head. That was His way of putting His hand out for me to grab for. That is exactly what I did. God didn’t let me go either. He pulled me out of my depression.

Psalm 55:22 Cast your burden on the LORD, and He will support you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.

Psalm 91:15 When he calls out to Me, I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble. I will rescue him and give him honor.

Psalm 94:18 If I say, "My foot is slipping," Your faithful love will support me, LORD.

God’s hand may be unseen but I promise you that it is felt. I may not feel it with my hand but I can sure feel it with my heart. Have you ever felt God in your heart? Felt His love for you in your heart? I have many times through out my life. In Proverbs 4:23 Guard your heart above all else, for it is the source of life. What does that scripture mean to you? To me it has a physical and symbolic meaning. The physical meaning would be that if you don’t guard your heart against things then you will die a physical death. The symbolic meaning is that if you don’t guard your heart against negativity you will lose your ETERNAL LIFE.

Psalms 28:7 The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and I am helped. Therefore my heart rejoices, and I praise Him with my song.

Psalms 56:3 When I am afraid, I will trust in You.

Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding;

Life isn’t always easy for us. Things happen sometimes that we have no control over. We may lose a loved one or something drastic may happen to us like losing a limb for example. Sometimes we can’t duck the blows that happen to our loved ones or ourselves. We have to take them head on. They may hurt but He knows all that. He not only knows, but He cares. He doesn’t ask from us that we understand or even like what we face, but just that we face it and do what we know to be right, regardless of the fact that it goes against us sometimes. I know that God can help us do the right thing even though it seems impossible. But only God, through His love and grace can take a crushed and broken soul and restore it again.

1 Peter 5:10 Now the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ Jesus, will personally restore, establish, strengthen, and support you after you have suffered a little.

Psalm 23:4 Even when I go through the darkest valley, I fear [no] danger, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff —they comfort me

Psalm 9:10 Those who know Your name trust in You because You have not abandoned those who seek You, LORD.

Psalm 94:12-14 LORD, happy is the man You discipline and teach from Your law to give him relief from troubled times until a pit is dug for the wicked. The LORD will not forsake His people or abandon His heritage,

By Deborah

Philippians 4:6-7  Don't worry about anything, but in everything, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses every thought, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

The Definition of the word "Peace"

Middle English pees, from Anglo-French pes, pees, from Latin pac-, pax; akin to Latin pacisci to agree — more at PACT
12th century
1: a state of tranquillity or quiet: as a: freedom from civil disturbance b: a state of security or order within a community provided for by law or custom <a breach of the peace>
2: freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions
3: harmony in personal relations
4 a: a state or period of mutual concord between governments
b: a pact or agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity
5—used interjectionally to ask for silence or calm or as a greeting or farewell
— at peace
: in a state of concord or tranquillity

The peace of God. Everything that comes from our God is greater than anything we could do on our own. So the peace of God brings more quiet, more content, more serenity, more relaxation and is more lasting than any form of peace brought about by man. In fact, there is no real peace without Yahweh.

Peace can come in the form of planning ahead, being prepared, accepting Father’s counsel that speaks to our hearts. It can come from accepting that others have the free will right to choose their own paths. It can also come from accepting that the current world and its conditions are far from the perfection Father had in mind when She put into place Her plans for Her people. That the earthly riches we so often seek pale in comparison to the wealth we are given in the form of wisdom from above.

in the mind body and heart
in the marriage, family and home
in our friendships, work, and reaching out
in our relationship with Father and Christ
in our hope for the future
May peace be with you
now and forever

Inspired Writings

Precious Gems and Jewels

What may first come to mind about gems and jewels are the shiny stones that are attached to shaped metals that may be attached or hung on various body parts. While these gems and jewels are what they are, it may be important to consider how they can also have their spiritual counterparts. In this, I do not speak of precious stones that are vibrating at higher frequencies, like those found in the Astral Plane. Rather, I mean the precious wisdom and insight that comes down from above that cannot be replaced, and cannot be bought or sold for any price, because wisdom is not something one sells. One may sell their services of wisdom, yet, with all that true wisdom implies, wisdom comes freely, but one also works for wisdom, with wisdom, and towards wisdom.

Physical jewels and gems are polished products of the planet. As this is a known fact, it is also known that the same gems are cut, polished and can be applied in a variety of ways. The same stones that make gems and jewels can also be destroyed or flawed on purpose. This is no different for spiritual gems. Spiritual gems take eons to prepare, from the development under pressure and heat, all the way through to cutting, polishing, and attachment. The interesting thing about physical gems that they have in common with spiritual ones is that they both also must come naturally, or they are simply lesser fakes that have little to no real value.

Now, what is really interesting about gems and their development and treatment is how very similar people can also go through processes. Precious stones are developed naturally through the application of extreme heat and pressure, which may or may not develop pure minerals that are pleasing to look at. A person's body, if placed under rigorous stress and pressure, and even physical heat (perhaps like tanning), can also result in similar results. A person's heart, if also placed under stress and pressure, can be made into a pure and beautiful item, too. Although people may not be able to see a person's heart, Father can. It is very, very, very interesting how similar all these items are that are so different, yet so very alike in concept.

I believe it was shared with others in a distant past that angel's bodies are made with a variety of gems and jewels. There was quite a picture of Dawn that exposed his very likeness in every respect, and it shows how the physical items are of no value where there lacks the heart. And it was also shared that all of Father's angels were vatted in thousands to also make up the angelic orders and each individual personality. Taking into account how many angels that means, along with all the gems to go with each of them, the spiritual wisdom applied and reflected in each still only shows a mere fraction of what Father shares, much more, continuously grows.

Furthermore about gems, as they are so rare to find sometimes in some places on the planet, that same concept may be reflected in spiritual terms. Just as diamonds and other precious stones are destroyed in the countless numbers that they are just to keep the price due to supply and demand up, so can they be all the time. Individuals are constantly hurt, bibles burned, and the wisdom in children's hearts corrupted. Is it not sad to see a treasure lost? How very sad Father must really be, beyond depression! Yet, She still fights forward and onward towards a better and stronger future, the future with Her Son, Kingdom, and Holy Family. Talk about unmatched endurance and long suffering.

There are some other factors that must be considered that are not reflected in physical gems, though. For instance, spiritual gems are much more enduring and stronger, and have a greater impact, having much more weight. On a side note about one's heart, the heart can be put through a furnace to draw out the impurities, and with what is left, the heart can be molded, shaped, and formed to allow sockets to hold spiritual gems. Yet, without Father's Spirit, it does not make an ounce of difference how big or small, or what it is made of, the gems or the heart.

Something that I do not have a complete understanding about, though, is how gems came to be so sought. Precious stones can be used to cut and grind, but of the stones' other capabilities, I am not quite aware of. Gems and jewels seem to be most expensive as jewelery and décor, rather than in tools. This I know for sure though, there is no price that can be placed on spiritual wisdom that is true and comes from Father.

Now, just like physical gems, and how they may fall out of sockets and jewelery, so can spiritual wisdom come off of one's heart, or leave their memory. For good. This is probably one of the worst happenings for a person, possibly likened to losing a valuable coin, or for a shepherd, losing one of their flock. To lose a spiritual gem is to not only lose a gift given directly from Father, but also to lose a part of Father, Herself. And to corrupt one's wisdom is to corrupt a part of Father. None of it is any good. How does one regain the gem that they lost? It goes back to Father, and it is Father's to return, if She is willing, but for one to lose something so precious and it to be found in the hands of the one who gave the gift is not just embarrassing…it is utterly humiliating to the One who gave the gem. Of all things, humiliating Father must be of the worst.

So what does all of this boil down to? It is not just simply that it is in with one's heart that gems reside, but it is within Father that they all come from, and dutifully belong to Father. One's heart cannot be made beautiful without Father, nor pure, and without Father's wise activities, we wouldn't know the difference between a precious stone and a piece of glass. We are totally at Father's grace and goodness when it comes to life in all aspects, whether it be physical or spiritual, and because we are made with the potential of these and more, only Father can determine how far or how much is left, if there should be any limit, and/or what must continue to be done in order to further intensify life's purpose, which is to fulfill all of Her Will, all of it.

The Way – Part 9
This week we continue looking at Wrong Attitudes to be Avoided. We will be sharing what has been given to us, but in groups of 3. Before our Ministry holds Bible Study each week, we pray to Father Yahweh for guidance and help in understanding Her Word. We pray the wisdom imparted will find its way to your heart where it may be written up on it. Amen. can be used as a reference tool with the Holman Christian Standard Bible as the recommended version.

Avoid unreasonableness:
1 Peter 2:15

Avoid wicked suspicions:
1 Timothy 6:4 

Nourishment From The Throne
“For the LORD gives wisdom. From His mouth come knowledge and understanding.” Proverbs 2:6

Cherubic Commander: Last Sunday a very powerful demon engaged Prince of Yahweh II in a fierce battle. It is a sign of Satan's recouped powers and his ability to endow his chosen ones that do individual battles with Father's elite. Prince of Yahweh II was fatally injured but he successfully struck the demon with a burst of white fire before he expired that was of such a magnitude that by the time the demon was sent hurling down to the planets surface there was nothing left to discard in spent energy. He was completely obliterated out of existence upon impact. As the veil continues to be lifted there comes the visibility of the spiritual war that is raging. Just as Satan and his demons left a sign long ago when they were cast out of Father's heavenly home and down to earth, so to was a sign left as Prince of Yahweh II defeated Satan's pick to challenge Father's authority over this planet's destiny. The battle occurred above our headquarters perimeter just outside the earth's atmosphere.

Signs From Above
“He rescues and delivers, He performs signs and wonders in the heavens and on the earth, for He has rescued Daniel from the power of the lions.” Daniel 6:27

Texans report fireball in sky, sonic booms
Feb 16, 2009

Sonic booms and at least one fireball in the sky were reported in Texas on Sunday, less than a week after two satellites collided in space and a day after the Federal Aviation Administration asked U.S. pilots to watch for "falling space debris," authorities said. There were no reports of ground strikes or interference with aircraft in flight, FAA spokesman Roland Herwig said. Herwig told CNN the FAA received no reports from pilots in the air of any sightings but the agency recieved "numerous" calls from people on the ground from Dallas, Texas, south to Austin, Texas.

Keep your evil sk-eyes off me!
The Sun
Feb 22, 2009

IS this someone looking down on us with their head in the clouds? This evil face stares from the sky through a bizarre cloud formation. Captured early morning, the blue sky adds a sinister look to its huge eyes. The footage was caught by Mehmet Candar, 18, on his mobile phone in the Bozkir town of Konya, Turkey. Mehmet said that he and his uncle woke up early in the morning to capture a special dove on camera, which is usually seen at dawn. “We were passing by the mosque when we realised this unusual image was in the sky,” he said. “I was scared while filming it and my uncle went on shooting because the image was so amazing and surprising.”

Hugegamma-ray blast spotted 12.2 bln light-years from earth
Berean Watchmen
Feb 19, 2009

WASHINGTON (AFP) – The US space agency's Fermi telescope has detected a massive explosion in space which scientists say is the biggest gamma-ray burst ever detected, a report published Thursday in Science Express said. The spectacular blast, which occurred in September in the Carina constellation, produced energies ranging from 3,000 to more than five billion times that of visible light, astrophysicists said. "Visible light has an energy range of between two and three electron volts and these were in the millions to billions of electron volts," astrophysicist Frank Reddy of US space agency NASA told AFP. "If you think about it in terms of energy, X-rays are more energetic because they penetrate matter. These things don't stop for anything — they just bore through and that's why we can see them from enormous distances," Reddy said.

Alleged UFO Sighted Over L.A.
UFO Digest
Feb 21, 2009

Received the following report and sketch from Jody yesterday, Friday, February 20, 2009. According to Jody she was driving on the freeway when she spotted what she believes to be a UFO. She followed it for about 7 minutes before it disappeared. She did not have a camera or camera phone with her. She was hoping someone in the L.A. area saw the same object and managed to capture a picture of it. Jody used the submission form in the left column to make his report. The following is what Jody reported: First Email Hi, I saw UFO last night and has been searching whether other people saw that object. I wrote an e-mail to LA Times but haven't heard anything. I'm forwarding the e-mail to you and hopefully, I can find out what I saw. I used powerpoint to draw the draft and so it's not a perfect presentation. I hope you could understand.

Siberian UFO Sighted: Many Photos Taken
Inventor Spot
Feb 22, 2009

According to news sources, the Siberian sighting of an unidentified flying object the size of a Boeing 747 on February 15 about 6pm was marked by many witnesses and photos snapped from mobile phones. Observers noted that whatever it was, the entity in the sky had an odd blurriness about it and was gray-black in color. The craft was of a triangular shape with smoothed-over edges, and was completely dark and silent. “Nothing on earth,” were the words used to describe it by Ms. Anna Kotchetkova, one shaken witness. The mysterious craft appeared to be flying between 500 and 1,000 meters (about 1,750 feet) above ground level and moving at an estimated 7 meters (about 25 feet) per second.

Signs Down Below
"But know this: difficult times will come in the last days. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, without love for what is good, traitors, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to the form of religion but denying its power."  2 Timothy 3:1-5

Japan economy in biggest dive since 1974
by Yuzo Saeki
February 15, 2009

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan's economy shrank in the last quarter by its most since the first oil crisis in 1974, hit by an unprecedented slump in exports, which is likely to lead to more calls for extra stimulus. Japan has not suffered much directly from the bursting of bubbles in U.S. credit and housing markets, but its heavy dependence on exports and persistently soft domestic consumption has led to a sharper contraction than other major economies. As the rich world faces its worst downturn in decades, the Group of Seven (G7) policymakers pledged at the weekend to do all they could to combat recession. Japan's economy shrank 3.3 percent, or an annualized 12.7 percent in the fourth quarter of 2008 — three times the fall in gross domestic product in the same quarter in the United States, at the epicenter of the current global crisis. With exporters cutting production and laying off staff and many retailers reporting sharp falls in sales, economists saw little hope of a bounce back for Japan. "The data showed a severe picture of the Japanese economy and highlighted the weakness in exports," said Takeshi Minami, chief economist at Norinchukin Research Institute.

Obama to lift ban on stem cell research soon: aide
February 15, 2009

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama will soon issue an executive order lifting an eight-year ban embryonic stem cell research imposed by his predecessor, President George W. Bush, a senior adviser said on Sunday. "We're going to be doing something on that soon, I think. The president is considering that right now," Obama adviser David Axelrod said on "Fox News Sunday." In 2001, Bush limited federal funding for stem cell research only to human embryonic stem cell lines that already existed. It was a gesture to his conservative Christian supporters who regard embryonic stem cell research as destroying potential life, because the cells must be extracted from human embryos.

Race for 'God particle' heats up
by James Morgan
Febrary 17, 2009

Europe's particle physics lab, Cern, is losing ground rapidly in the race to discover the elusive Higgs boson, or "God particle", its US rival claims. The particle, whose existence has been predicted by theoreticians, would help to explain why matter has mass. Finding the Higgs is a major goal of Cern's Large Hadron Collider (LHC). But the US Fermilab says the odds of its Tevatron accelerator detecting the famed particle first are now 50-50 at worst, and up to 96% at best. Both machines hope to see evidence of the Higgs by colliding sub-atomic matter at very high speeds. If it exists, the Higgs should emerge from the debris.

Global stock markets tumble on more bad news
The Independent
by David Prosser and Stephen Foley
February 21, 2009

Investors in global stock markets suffered another damaging day amid further economic gloom and mounting fears that the US government’s attempts to stabilise the financial system may ultimately lead to the nationalisation of the country’s biggest banks. In the UK, the FTSE 100 index fell 3.22 per cent to close at 3,889, the first time it has slipped below 4,000 this year. The market took its lead from the Far East, where Japanese shares slipped by 2 per cent overnight, and the US, where share prices fell sharply on Thursday. The US stock market extended its losses for the week, with the Dow Jones closing down 100 points at 7,366, another six-year low. The New York trading rout had threatened to be even worse before the White House spokesman said the administration continued to believe that “a privately held banking system is the correct way to go”.

Wal-Mart's glow-in-the-dark mystery
The Star
by Tyler Hamilton
February 15, 2009

It began in late 2007 as a routine audit. Retail giant Wal-Mart noticed that some exit signs at the company's stores and warehouses had gone missing. As the audit spread across Wal-Mart's U.S. operations, the mystery thickened. Stores from Arkansas to Washington began reporting missing signs. They numbered in the hundreds at first, then the thousands. Last month Wal-Mart disclosed that about 15,800 of its exit signs – a stunning 20 per cent of its total inventory – are lost, missing, or otherwise unaccounted for at 4,500 facilities in the United States and Puerto Rico. Poor housekeeping, certainly, but what's the big deal? In a word: radiation. The signs contain tritium gas, a radioactive form of hydrogen. Tritium glows when it interacts with phosphor particles, a phenomenon that has led to the creation of glow-in-the-dark emergency exit signs. It's estimated there are more than 2 million tritium-based exit signs in use across North America.

Signs in Humanity

Rental crisis sees online advertisements offer free rooms in exchange for sex
By Lisa Mayoh
The Sunday Telegraph
February 15, 2009

SLEAZY men are taking advantage of Sydney's rental crisis by placing online advertisements offering women free rooms in exchange for sex. The zero-rent ads, targeting desperate women looking for somewhere to live, are becoming increasingly common on popular "share house'' rental websites. Although there have been numerous complaints about the ads, which some website users have dubbed "offensive'', they do not breach policy guidelines for sites such as A statement on says that if the site were to impose a ban, the ads would merely go underground, making the process unsafe for women. One advertisement offering free rent for a female to "share a room'' was placed by a 32-year-old Auburn man calling himself Atiq. Atiq told The Sunday Telegraph he was looking for a relationship with a woman in a "clean'' one-bedroom unit. "Yes, I am alone and the rent would be free. I am looking for a girl to share my room and, yes, in the same bed,'' he said.

Poll: Obama beats Jesus as American 'hero'
Citizens name president before Christ, Martin Luther King, Ronald Reagan
February 20, 2009
By Chelsea Schilling

When Americans were asked whom they admired enough to call their No. 1 hero, the majority of respondents answered "President Obama." In the new online Harris poll, citizens chose Jesus Christ as No. 2, followed by Martin Luther King. Others in the top ten, in descending order, were Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Abraham Lincoln, John McCain, John F. Kennedy, Chesley Sullenberger and Mother Teresa, according to Harris Interactive. The 2,634 respondents were not provided a list of names. Americans named their heroes spontaneously.

When asked to explain their choice of heroes, most responded with the following:

Doing what's right regardless of personal consequences: 89 percent
Not giving up until the goal is accomplished: 83 percent
Doing more than what other people expect of them: 82 percent
Overcoming adversity: 81 percent
Staying level-headed in a crisis: 81 percent

The same question was also asked in 2001 – except, in that year, Jesus Christ was the No. 1 answer. He was most often followed by Martin Luther King, Colin Powell, John F. Kennedy and Mother Teresa.

Newly poor swell lines at U.S. food banks
By Julie Bosman
Published: February 19, 2009

MORRISTOWN, New Jersey: Cindy Dreeszen and her husband live in one of the wealthiest counties in the United States. They have steady jobs, his at a movie theater and hers at a government office. Together, they earn about $55,000 a year. But with a 17-month-old son, another baby on the way, and, as Dreeszen put it, "the cost of everything going up and up," the couple went to a food pantry this month to ask for some free groceries. "I didn't think we'd even be allowed to come here," said Dreeszen, 41, glancing around at the shelves of fruit, whole-wheat pasta and baby food. "This is totally something that I never expected to happen, to have to resort to this."

Americans skeptical about end of world
Baptist Press
Posted on Feb 16, 2009 | by Staff

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Despite any popular doomsday predictions, most Americans aren't concerned that the end of the world will occur in their lifetimes, according to a new study by LifeWay Research. Only 11 percent of 1,600 people who participated in a survey on the topic said they agree with statement, "I believe that the world will end in my lifetime," the division of LifeWay Christian Resources said in the LifeWay Research Insights newsletter Feb. 3. "Many religions predict a time when the world will end, be recreated or experience some cataclysmic transition," Ed Stetzer, president of LifeWay Research, said. "For others, that is not a religious issue but based on concerns from the environment to nuclear war. However, the belief that 'the end is near' is not that widespread, with a strong majority disagreeing with the statement." The study found that Americans with higher incomes are less likely to believe the world will end soon: 71 percent of people making $100,000 or more disagree that the world will end in their lifetimes. Meanwhile, 53 percent of those making $25,000 or less disagree with the scenario, while 15 percent agree.

Boy Shoots Dad's Pregnant Fiancee Before School, Police Say
Sunday, February 22, 2009

WAMPUM, Pa. — Fifth-grader Jordan Brown boarded the bus and headed to school like he did most other mornings in this rural western Pennsylvania community. But before he left home on Friday, authorities say, the 11-year-old boy had shot his father's pregnant fiancee in the back of the head as she lay in bed. He then put his youth model 20-gauge shotgun back in his room before going out to catch his bus, police say. Brown was charged Saturday as an adult in the death of 26-year-old Kenzie Marie Houk, who was eight months pregnant, Lawrence County District Attorney John Bongivengo said. Houk's fetus died within minutes due to a lack of oxygen, Lawrence County Coroner Russell Noga said. Houk's family and friends, who gathered at her parents' house Saturday night, told The Associated Press that there had been past problems with the boy. "He actually told my son that he wanted to do that to her," said Houk's brother-in-law, Jason Kraner. "There was an issue with jealousy."

Arks of Safe Haven
"Is it not to share your bread with the hungry, to bring the poor and homeless into your house, to clothe the naked when you see him, and to not ignore your own flesh [and blood]?" Isaiah 58:7

The mission of Arks of Safe Haven is to connect via an extensive network and online message board forum, those individuals and families who have been affected by recent economic downfalls and are in need with those individuals who are ready, willing and capable of providing assistance to those in need with employment, shelter, work, food, clothing and other necessities.

Coupled with our primary mission of delivering the Kingdom Message of Salvation, the assistance of Arks of Safe Haven is available to all who are in need. Our purposeful intention is to follow in the footsteps of Christ as our example, by providing hope to the hopeless and answering the prayers of those who have been forced to live outside of society.

How You Can Help?

In order to provide for those whose outcry of prayers have reached our heavenly Father's ears, Arks of Safe Haven is seeking out those who are able to provide shelter, whether it be an extra bedroom, empty rental property or a work for room and board agreement. Additionally, we also act as a liaison in connecting those with tangible items to donate to those in need like Food, Water, Clothing, & Other Personal Items. We pray that your heart is motivated to make a contribution, no matter how small.


robertsbaby27 – Clayton, NC. – I am a mother of four small children aged 8,7,6, and 4. My husband was laid off from his job 3 months ago and things have been really hard. We got evicted out of our home and when his taxes came in we were finally able to obtain a new house but that's about as much as we were able to do so now I'm seeking help help with rent for here for next month which will be $550. I am also seeking help with gas for the car since I'm taking the kids back and forth to school and to the doctor and things like that, also we live in Clayton and we attend church in Morrisville so it's a little bit of a drive. I hate to change churches when the kids are adjusted to there. I am also seeking help with food. I have plenty of can goods but I'm in need of things like bread, milk, meat, cheese, trash bags, toilet paper, paper towels, and things like that. If you would be able to help me then please let me know and I really appreciate you taking the time to read this. Also if anyone could pray for my family and keep your eyes open for any electrician jobs we would appreciate it. Thanks Teresa

my3sons1 – Granvile co., N.C. – family of five mother on pending disability and father just got laid off with 3 boys are in need of any help you can help them with.They are way behind on
bills and in need of some summer clothes for the kids. Food will be great or any help you can offer thank you so much, and I pray what you bless God will bless twice as much to you. If there anything we can do to earn plz let us car just went bad the head gasket messed up if anyone can please donate time or even help us it the only car we have and im a really sick lady that needs a car for the doctors/kids to school/ church please help us thank you so much. Ann

heathersweet37Wilmington, N.C. – My family is need of help with electric bill, rent , so much more, I lost my job a few month ago and I have an 11 month old baby boy, the only reason we are able to keep food on the table and diapers is because my husband still has his job but only brings home less than 1200 a month.I have tried to get food stamps, and other help but govt looks at his gross pay and does not care that when all said and done is not enough to barely survive.I have tried and still am trying to find a job, I am a nanny and I take my son to work with me which appears to be a hindrance but we chose to not put our son in daycare and have someone else raise beside what I would make working a job in retail or some other job would just pay for daycare.So now I am looking for some help to get by till we can figure out what the next step is. I am almost 2 months past due on electric, car payment, rent is due soon and we have nothing for that.I love my life and my family but I just cannot believe how bad things can be I never saw myself here in a million years!. Thanks Heather McDaniels-Wilmington ,NC

candysweet – Springfield, Missouri – My name is Candy and I am needing help with getting our gas turned on-we just moved from Arkansas and we were on our first load of things from our house and our landlord took all of our belongings and needless to say he is in prison now but we lost all of our furniture,clothes, Ect.-we had to use all of our money because after we got to Springfield our fuel pump went out on our van so that was $200 we have 2 boys 9 and 10 and we are all sleeping in 1 room of the house because it is so cold -we are needing more blankets-we have no pots and pans to cook with and we need to get our water turned on -we found a really nice man on Craigslist and we are going to buy this house from him on payments and we only had $1 so he took that as a down payment but as you see from the ad we have nothing and we are in need of help.

youngs – Milford, OH. – Hello everyone, I have been unable to work due to the NON EXISTENT CHILDCARE for my 7yr little boy who is disabled. We (myself and 3 children under 7) live on his small SSI and an additional small amount from the State every month to make our grand monthly income $1100 for the 4 of us.. THINGS ARE VERY TIGHT. As they are all over. My biggest need right now is for the extra funds to have brakes put on my car and to purchase an oil pan. I have a church locally that will provide the time and labor I just need the funds to provide the parts. I interviewed at an AWESOME organization today, I am praying I get the position. The hours will work within my time contraints for my oldests school hours. 10-2 M-F the position pays fairly decent, but it is a catch 22. The more income into the house the more I put out for rent and electric and the less available in FOOD STAMPS. BUT I feel like I have to do something I just can't sit at home. My oldest is developmentally delayed and suffers from Epilepsy. He was scheduled to under go brain surgery early Feb. but the doctors didn't take him off one of his anti-convulsants in time so it was either go ahead with the surgery and risk severe bleeding or post-pone the surgery until the DOCTORS could get their act together. WE are currently seeking a 2nd opinion. THANKS so much for your time. Sincerely, Casandra

Signs in Natural Disasters
“You are going to hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, because these things must take place, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise up against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places.” Matthew 24:6-7

Third Earthquake In Three Weeks Strikes New Jersey
Feb 18, 2009

Morristown, NJ (AHN) – For the third time in three weeks, a small earthquake has shaken New Jersey. The most recent quake is the third to hit Morris County since Feb. 2. No damage or injuries were reported from the 2.3 magnitude quake which was recorded in north-central New Jersey shortly before 1:42 a.m. Wednesday. A spokesman for the county's office of emergency management said the epicenter was just over a mile outside of Dover, New Jersey, and was felt hardest by people in Denville and Randolph. The first earthquake was a 3.0 magnitude that hit Rockaway, Dover and Morris Plains on Feb. 2, followed by a 2.2 magnitude quake on Valentine's Day that struck Boonton and nearby Montville.

Georgia Thunderstorms Kill 1, Injure at Least 16
Berean Watchmen
Feb 19, 2009

ATLANTA — One person was killed and at least 16 were injured when fierce thunderstorms swept Georgia and Alabama with tornadoes, hail and lightning, downing trees and power lines, authorities said Thursday. At least three tornadoes touched down in central Georgia, according to National Weather Service teams who rolled out after daylight to determine if twisters had hit based on the damage from the overnight storm. Kent McMullen, a meteorologist with the weather service in Peachtree City, said one confirmed tornado cut a 7-mile swath through rural Jasper County with winds of up to 100 mph. At least 10 people were injured and as many as 100 structures were damaged in Jasper County, emergency managers said.

Chile Volcano Erupts Again, Forces Evacuation of Patagonia Town
Feb 19, 2009

Feb. 19 (Bloomberg) — Chilean police evacuated 160 people as a volcano near the Patagonian town of Chaiten belched out a column of ash, the National Emergency Office said on its Web site. Chile’s National Geology and Mining Service warned on Feb. 11 that the one of the volcano’s two domes may be becoming unstable as lava builds up on the peak. Chaiten is about 661 miles (1,064 kilometers) south of the capital, Santiago. More than 4,000 people were evacuated from the town in May after the volcano erupted for the first time in 9,000 years. Floods and volcanic ash later destroyed at least 120 houses in the town, which the Interior Ministry now plans to relocate to an area 8 kilometers to the north.

Snowstorm cuts power to more than 140K in New England
USA Today
Feb 23, 2009

PORTLAND, Maine — More than 140,000 homes and businesses were without power Monday after a winter storm dumped wet, heavy snow on northern New England, canceling classes at hundreds of schools and creating a mess of the morning commute. In Maine and New Hampshire, the storm arrived late Sunday and dumped heavy wet snow overnight, snapping tree limbs, utility lines and utility poles. The deepest totals were recorded in western Maine, where several towns reported getting 2 feet or more. Maine utilities said at least 142,200 homes and businesses were without power Monday morning. About 18,500 Public Service Company of New Hampshire customers lost power, but it had been restored to all but about 3,200 homes and businesses by early morning. The numbers are expected to increase as the storm makes its way across Maine.

3.2-magnitude quake hits in East Bay
SF Gate
Feb 23, 2009

A minor earthquake shook up a corner of the East Bay on Saturday evening with ripples felt across at least 70 ZIP codes. The magnitude 3.2 quake hit at 7:01 p.m. and was centered about 5 miles southwest of Pleasanton and 7 miles below the surface. It wasn't strong enough to cause much, if any, damage, but nearly 1,000 people from as far north as Forestville and south as Santa Cruz reported feeling the tremor, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Such minor earthquakes are common across California. A 3.2-magnitude quake is about large enough for local residents to feel the shaking, but even then only if they are quiet and still, said USGS spokeswoman Leslie Gordon.

Natural Disaster Update


2/16/09 –

2/17/09 –
5.0 WESTERN TURKEY (plus tons of small aftershocks)

2/18/09 –

2/19/09 –

2/20/09 –

2/21/09 –

2/22/09 –

TURKEY – An earthquake measuring 5.0 on the open-ended Richter scale jolted western Turkey yesterday, causing the death of a woman. A separate earthquake measuring 5.4 on the same scale occurred beneath the Ionian Sea east of Greece several hours earlier, but there were no reports of damage or injury. The Turkish tremor struck at 7:28 am, with its epicenter in the town of Simav, in Kütahya province. The earthquake, which sent residents fleeing their homes in panic, caused minor damage. "There are cracks on the walls of some buildings and furniture fell over in some houses with the quake."

NEW JERSEY – A small earthquake has rattled Morris County — the second in less than a week and the third to strike the area this month.

JAPAN – A strong earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale shook northern Japan early Thursday, injuring more than a dozen people as the force shattered windows and set off fires. The earthquake struck as most people were asleep in the north of the main Japanese island of Honshu, near where a deadly tremor hit just a month ago. "I’ve never felt such a big tremor in my life." At least 13 people in the city were taken to hospital after the earthquake. The government set up an emergency office to handle the impact of the quake, which was strong enough to shake buildings in the heart of the capital, some 500 kilometres to the south. "It was shaking a little at first and then suddenly we felt a big rolling feeling. It continued rolling for a while. I walked to the office and saw glass windows shattered at some houses along the way." Television footage showed office floors covered in paper that had been shaken from the desks.


COLUMBIA – Authorities in the south of Colombia are on high alert after the Galeras volcano Friday erupted again. A loud explosion caused by the eruption that shook the Nariño capital of Pasto occurred just minutes after 7AM. Authorities immediately raised the level of alert to red and again called on people living in the vicinity of the volcano to evacuate. During the eruption of the same volcano last week, locals refused to leave their farms, not wanting to leave their crops and animals unattended. There have been no reports of injuries, even though the eruption caused rocks and ashes to fall from the sky.

CHILE – Chile has evacuated more than 150 people who had returned to the southern town of Chaiten after it was destroyed by a volcanic eruption last year. Authorities decided to take action after the Chaiten volcano erupted again on Thursday, sending a stream of lava down its slopes. Authorities say no one will be allowed to stay in the area, in Patagonia. "Our security team has observed an increase in the size of a column of ash and smoke, with a deformation to one side. That leads us to presume that there is a collapse of one of the cones. This is more proof of the imminent risk in the area. It is a time-bomb." About 20 of Chile's more than 100 active volcanoes are in danger of erupting at any time.

ALASKA – Redoubt volcano in Alaska still rumbling as eruption watch continues. If Alaska's Mount Redoubt is going to blow its top, will it hurry up already? For weeks, the volcano has rumbled and grumbled and scientists remain reasonably sure an eruption — the first since a long series of them in 1989-90 — will occur. But the tempestuous 10,200-foot peak 100 miles southwest of Anchorage, towering above the Cook Inlet across from the Kenai Peninsula, is keeping scientists and Alaskans guessing. On Monday there was "elevated seismicity dominated by ongoing volcanic tremor and occasional small earthquakes." A 3.6-magnitude earthquake 45 miles northwest of Anchorage was "clearly seen on Redoubt webicorders." In the 1989 eruption: "There was an intense swarm of repeating long-period earthquakes for about 24 hours prior to the first explosion" on Dec. 14. Three more ash-rich explosions occurred the following day, with the last blast generating a flow of hot gas and rock down the Drift Glacier. So far at Redoubt, there has not been the long series of earthquakes. The latest AVO update: "Unrest at Redoubt Volcano continues. Volcanic tremor is ongoing and remains elevated since yesterday morning." Stay tuned. The big bang could happen later today … next week … or perhaps not at all.


NEW ZEALAND – Strong winds and rain are forecast for much of the country on Friday as a low, fed by tropical Cyclone Innis, moves onto the country. The small tropical cyclone is expected to merge with a trough over Australia, and move over the Tasman Sea, while an associated front, accompanied by very warm and humid air, sweeps across the North Island and much of the South Island. Heavy rain is forecast for the central North Island, including Coromandel and as far south as Taihape.

Winds associated with Tropical Cyclone "Innis" are not too strong at this stage. The tropical cyclone is moving southwest and away from New Caledonia. “It's now not near any islands but it is moving towards the southwest with around 40 knots near the centre and 34 knots upto 150 nautical miles away from the centre.” The largest land mass in line is Norfolk Islands.


AUSTRALIA – Townsville in north Queensland has recorded its WETTEST SUMMER ON RECORD, with 1725 millimetres of rain falling during the December, January and February.

CALIFORNIA – In the past week, Mount Shasta received double the normal amount of precipitation for the entire month of February.

AUSTRALIA – Raw sugar output in Australia, the world’s second-largest exporter, may drop 10 to 15 percent because of flooding in Queensland state.
More than 3000 Bellingen residents remain isolated by floodwaters after downpours of more than 375 millimetres in the last 48 hours.

BRITAIN – The swollen Thames River hit LEVELS NOT SEEN HERE IN 30 YEARS, visiting a watery headache on Chatham for the second time this year. The region’s water authority says the river crested early yesterday, soaking downtown businesses and washing out streets in what experts call a ONCE-IN-15-YEAR flood. The water peaked about five metres above normal — similar to the high-water mark reached in 1977. But what makes the river’s rise even more noteworthy is the fact it was just early last month that it last swelled significantly, to about five metres above normal. “It’s VERY UNUSUAL. (This) was a significant event. It’s one you would expect to happen every 15 years. But the weird thing is we had one six weeks ago.”

PAPUA NEW GUINEA – More than 700 people in Papua New Guinea's Western Highlands province have been left homeless after a river burst its banks following weeks of heavy rain.

AUSTRALIA – A natural disaster was yesterday declared in Bourke almost 200mm of rain – more than two-thirds the average ANNUAL rainfall – flooded the town. Emergency services are bracing for further evacuations on the Mid-North Coast today, with the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting another bout of severe weather. "There is another pulse coming down from the north and that will hit the Mid-North Coast through the morning or into the afternoon. It's debatable as to whether it will be same intensity as before but there is definitely the potential for heavy rainfall." The rain and floods caused havoc on the Pacific Highway between Kempsey and Coffs Harbour, where traffic was reduced to a crawl for much of the day. Airline commuters fared no better, with flights from Sydney to Port Macquarie turned back due to bad weather. Only 5mm fell in Sydney in the 30 hours to 3pm but even moderate falls today could be enough to inundate parts of the Mid-North Coast saturated by record downpours. The floods are also threatening thousands of head of cattle in what is one of the state's prime pastoral regions. The rain started falling on Friday until 5pm yesterday. Bellingen received 300mm of rain in the 24 hours to 9am yesterday – the highest in the region. Further south, almost 500mm has been dumped on Kempsey since Friday, making it the town's WETTEST FIVE DAYS IN 35 YEARS. The storms have made it Port Macquarie's wettest month since April, 1988, while Smoky Cape near Kempsey has received 463mm so far this month – the HIGHEST RAINFALL ON RECORD at the site. Rains hit Western Australia’s mineral-rich Pilbara region, causing floods and damage to a fresh-water pipeline, threatening supplies. Flood warnings are in place for the Fortescue and Maitland river catchment, Onslow coastal streams and the Ashburton River. Some 353 millimeters (13.9 inches) of rain has fallen in the northwestern town of Pannawonica in the past four days. “The low pressure system is still present and isolated falls between 50 millimeters and 100 millimeters are still possible over the next 24 hours.”


TURKEY – An avalanche in northeastern Turkey engulfed and killed 11 climbers Sunday with six others from the group making a miraculous escape. Two of the climbers who escaped death on the mountain's slopes were hospitalised, but one of them, a woman, was not breathing on arrival at hospital and could not be revived despite a two-hour effort by staff. Authorities launched a rescue operation after receiving news around 11:00 am (0900 GMT) that an avalanche hit 17 climbers in the Zigana mountains in Gumushane province, close to the Black Sea. One of the climbers who was rescued form under snow by a team member said that they had been walking in a single line in deep snow when a big block of snow fell on them from above. Officials said the avalanche may have been caused by UNUSUALLY WARM temperatures loosening the snow on the ground.

AUSTRIA – The authorities have issued avalanche warnings for the Alps. The recent heavy snowfall has increased the risk of avalanches greatly, especially in the north and west of the country. The risks are greatest in locations above 1,400 metres. Following the deaths of five skiers in the past few days, winter sports fans have been urged never to leave secure skiing slopes. The snow is also making life difficult for drivers. Many roads in Austria, as well as in southern Germany and Switzerland, are now impassable, while many others are choked with long traffic jams. The severe weather will continue to cause drivers problems in the coming days.


AUSTRALIA – Dozens of communities – including many already ravaged by bushfires – are on alert once again as dangerous bushfire weather grips Victoria.

MORE EXTREME WEATHER MAY BE IN STORE FOR AT LEAST ANOTHER 35 YEARS – Since mid-1967, we have seen more long-standing weather records broken worldwide for both temperature and precipitation than we did from the end of the Civil War until the late 20th Century. Based on long-term weather charts that date back to 600 B.C., we may be only halfway through a long-term 70-YEAR GLOBAL CYCLE OF WIDE WEATHER "EXTREMES" that began in the late 1960s and probably won't end until at least the late 2030s. The weather has a number of cycles that range from nearly 7 days to 6 weeks and much longer. This particular global cycle of wide weather EXTREMES seems to occur about every 500 years. Since this cycle began, we've seen at least 70,000 WORLDWIDE RECORDS fall that once stood for over 200 years. Since the early 1990s, we've experienced the WARMEST period overall since the last cycle of global warming about 1,000 years ago. During that time, it was warm enough that the Vikings were farming parts of southwestern Greenland. But, 200 years later, the climate drastically changed and the so-called LITTLE ICE AGE brought bitter cold and snow to that region forcing the Vikings to evacuate. In early 2008, global temperatures dropped approximately seven-tenths of a degree Fahrenheit since August of 2007. Sunspot activity has noticeably quiet in early 2008. We eventually see more sudden shifts in the fast-moving upper-level jet stream winds that help steer weather systems around the planet. These global shifts in climate tend to occur with the arrival of the virtually every El Nino, the abnormal warming of ocean waters, or La Nina, the abnormal cooling of sea-surface temperatures in the South-Central Pacific Ocean along the Equatorial regions near the West Coast of South America. Within the last several years, we've seen dramatic warming and cooling of ocean temperatures within very short periods of time. So when will we finally get out of this Cycle of Wide Weather Extremes that's the strongest in about 1,000 years? Since it started around 1967, it probably will not peak until at least 2038 and possibly will become the worst such climatological cycle in at least 6,000 years. Until then, expect more long-standing weather records to fall.

CHINA – Beijing enjoyed its third day of artificially induced snow on Thursday after its longest drought in 38 years. The four-month drought ended on Tuesday when snow fell after iodide sticks had been fired into the sky to seed clouds. Hundreds of sticks were also blasted on Wednesday to increase the snowfall over northern China. "The snow has brought moisture to the soil, which may help end the drought." The Chinese authorities have used cloud-seeding methods in the past – including to prevent rain in the run-up to the Beijing Olympics – although there is little scientific evidence of their effectiveness. The snow led to the closure on Thursday of 12 main roads around Beijing.

GUAM – The National Weather Service has put out a fire weather watch for Guam which will remain in effect until next week. And officials have determined the coming days to be THE HOTTEST IN THE PAST DECADE. Weather watchers say the season is RARE this year as it is only February, and apparently we're having an exceptionally very dry season. The last time Guam has seen such severe dry weather was in 1998, that's over a decade ago. And the heat making the ground brittle is just the recipe for a potential large grass fire. They've already spotted a couple of fires in the last 24 hours. The dry season normally runs until the end of May. And while the island experiences little chance of rainfall, any fires which do get started in these conditions will be more difficult to control, especially during the afternoon hours. The fire watch will remain from Thursday morning through Monday afternoon.

NORTHERN AUSTRALIA is facing a fresh wave of potentially catastrophic mammal extinctions, experts warn. Extinction looms as 1500 species in danger. Australia has the worst mammal extinction record in the world, with 22 mammals becoming extinct in the last 200 years. Scientists now say the evidence suggests Australia is on the cusp of another wave. "What we are seeing is a reduction both in the abundance of mammals but also for some species really catastrophic declines across their range. They've shrunk down to 10 per cent of their former distribution (and) the frightening thing about it is the rate at which it's happening. Some species have already disappeared from more than 90% of their past range across the north." Scientists believe a cocktail of feral cat predation, inappropriate fire regimes and over-grazing is responsible for declines. "It's quite likely (Australia will lose a large number of species) and we've got to act soon, in the next year or so."

AUSTRALIA – Firefighters in Victoria are working to consolidate control lines around five major blazes, under the threat of a return to hot, windy conditions.

Firestorms and Deep Freeze: Climate Change May Bring Both – Global warming deniers keep pointing to snowstorms as proof that climatologists are wrong. But both extreme heat and cold are on tap. Last week, the heaviest snowfall since the '90s blanketed the U.K., disrupting bus, rail and air transportation and costing areas like London a cool billion in lost revenue. Meanwhile, in Australia, a punishing, record drought was worsened by the nation's worst heat wave and worst wildfires, wherein over 400 conflagrations killed over 200 people (and counting), torched a thousand homes. Those who would argue that these are isolated events do so at their own peril. The more time passes, the more both examples of extreme weather resemble two sides of the same fearsome coin known as catastrophic climate change. And depending on how the science plays out, it could get much worse indeed, and fast. Everything is worsening beyond what Earth's greatest scientists have concluded in their "state-of-the-art climate models."

INDIA – Kashmir valley is witnessing warm weather in last few days, an UNUSUAL feature for this time of the year, which experts view as a "serious threat" to agriculture and horticulture. The minimum temperature in Jammu and Kashmir's summer capital rose three notches above normal to settle at 3.5 degrees on Tuesday morning. The maximum temperature also remained five degrees above normal on Monday to hover around 13.2 degree Celsius. Places such as Kokernag, Qazigund, Pahalgam and Kupwara recorded a low of 3.0, 2.6, 1.2 and 0.7 degree Celsius respectively. This unusual feature has worried the experts, who say that such a change in weather is a "serious threat" to agriculture and horticulture in the valley. "The increase in temperature will lead to decline in agricultural and horticulture products this season." Almonds, apples, mustard and other products are likely to germinate before the scheduled time, leading to decline of nearly 25 per cent of the productivity. Earlier, Action Aid, an international agency, in its annual report had said that climatic change is devastating for food production in Kashmir. The agency had attributed the decline in agricultural productivity to the melting glaciers, changing rainfall and snow patterns, and drying springs in the state.

NYC can expect big storms more frequently – New York City's average temperature could rise by as much as 7.5 degrees Fahrenheit this century, and once-in-a-century storms may occur as often as every 15 years, a climate change panel said on Tuesday. "The climate change projections developed by our expert panel put numbers to what we already know — climate change is real and could have serious consequences for New York if we don't take action. We cannot wait until after our infrastructure has been compromised to begin to plan for the effects of climate change," said Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The report predicts average annual temperatures will increase by 4 to 7.5 degrees Fahrenheit and extreme events such as heat waves, intense rain, droughts and coastal flooding will become more frequent and more intense. Coastal floods that are now expected occur once every 10 years could occur once every three years and floods that occur once in a century could begin to occur once in every 15 to 35 years


ANTARCTICA – More than 100 people are trapped on board a cruise ship which ran aground in Antarctica are to be evacuated. The ship carrying 74 passengers and 39 crew members became trapped near an Argentine navy base on Tuesday. The tour company is sending another ship to take on the stranded passengers and deliver them to the southern city of Ushuaia. High winds pushed the vessel into craggy rocks. The ship should be able to break free on its own as the tide rises, but high winds prevented two attempts so far.


RECORD-SETTING gamma-ray burst detected with the GREATEST TOTAL ENERGY AND FASTEST MOTIONS EVER SEEN. Gamma-ray bursts are the universe's most luminous explosions. Astronomers believe most occur when exotic massive stars run out of nuclear fuel. As a star's core collapses into a black hole, jets of material — powered by processes not yet fully understood — blast outward at nearly the speed of light. The jets bore all the way through the collapsing star and continue into space, where they interact with gas previously shed by the star and generate bright afterglows that fade with time. This explosion, designated GRB 080916C, occurred at 7:13 p.m. EDT on Sept. 15, 2008, in the constellation Carina. The explosion took place 12.2 billion light-years away. "Already, this was an exciting burst. But with the GROND team's distance, it went from exciting to extraordinary." The blast exceeded the power of approximately 9,000 ordinary supernovae, if the energy was emitted equally in all directions. This is a standard way for astronomers to compare events even though gamma-ray bursts emit most of their energy in tight jets. Within the jet of this burst, gas bullets must have moved at least 99.9999 percent the speed of light. This burst's tremendous power and speed make it the most extreme recorded to date.

Comet Lulin is approaching Earth and brightening rapidly. It is now visible to the naked eye as a faint gassy patch in the constellation Virgo before dawn. Even city dwellers have seen it. Backyard telescopes reveal a vivid green comet in obvious motion. Just yesterday, amateur astronomers watched as a solar wind gust tore away part of the comet's tail, the second time this month such a thing has happened. Lulin's closest approach to Earth (38 million miles) is on Feb. 24th; at that time the comet could be two or three times brighter than it is now.

The sky is falling, but it's meteors, not satellite debris, that lit up the sky in Kentucky, Texas and Italy on Friday, 2-13-09. Three fireball meteors were seen over Italy just hours before the lights began streaking across Kentucky. The Kentucky light and sound show was seen over a large area of the state, with some people saying it shook houses and briefly turned night into day. Then, on Sunday, 2-15-09, runners in a marathon in Austin, Texas, saw a fireball so bright that it was visible in daylight. "Meteors are seen all the time. Occasionally they are very bright and lead to a sonic boom-type noise." A spokeswoman with the North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command, which tracks man-made objects entering the Earth's atmosphere over North America from Colorado Springs, Colo., said she was not aware of Friday's reports from Kentucky. But they sounded similar to what was coming out of Texas on Sunday. NORAD saw nothing on its radar on Friday night or over the weekend and there was "definitely nothing" from last week's satellites hurtling through the sky. "If something was re-entering the Earth's atmosphere, we'd track it."


Mental health planning for pandemic – Each state has a disaster mental health coordinator. From stigmatization of people exposed to the virus to maintaining methadone treatment facilities, public health officials need to plan for a wide spectrum of mental health challenges that would likely emerge during an influenza pandemic. Public perceptions and conclusions will affect their decision-making and behavior, which will be especially important when public health officials need their compliance with social distancing measures and other pandemic-related actions. "The more an individual knows what to expect, the more mitigation of fear and panic." Pandemic planners can use prepandemic stages to identify credible and trustworthy leaders who can address the public during a pandemic. The experts singled out children as a vulnerable group. "It's vital to limit what they watch on television. They don't need to be overwhelmed by the trauma." After a pandemic ends, mental health services will gravitate back to face-to-face interventions focusing on those who were most impacted and suffered multiple losses. However, they urged planners to consider public ways to make a mental health connection after the pandemic, such as convening a community memorial on a pandemic anniversary date.

Peanut Recall Expanded To "All Ingredients" – Peanut Corp. advises customers not to use any products from its plants. The large number of products and brands recalled already, and the large quantities of some products recalled, makes this ONE OF THE LARGEST FOOD RECALLS EVER in the United States. More than 650 people in 44 states have gotten sick after eating the peanut butter and the Centers for Disease Control has linked eight deaths to the outbreak. In Texas, state health officials said they have taken control of the recall of products from PCA's Plainview plant, describing the company as "unresponsive." Texas inspectors said they closed the Plainview plant after finding what they labeled as filthy conditions in the production area. To date, more than 2,100 products in 17 categories have been voluntarily recalled by more than 200 companies, and the list continues to grow.

Signs in False Shepherds & False Religion
"For among them are those who worm their way into households and capture idle women burdened down with sins, led along by a variety of passions, always learning and never able to come to a knowledge of the truth. Just as Jannes and Jambres resisted Moses, so these also resist the truth, men who are corrupt in mind, worthless in regard to the faith. But they will not make further progress, for their lack of understanding will be clear to all, as theirs was also." 2 Timothy 3:6-9

Beheader hubby was hero to U.S. Muslim activists
TV network founder got award from controversial group CAIR
February 17, 2009
By Chelsea Schilling

A Muslim TV network founder who has been charged with beheading his wife was the recipient of an award from the controversial Council on American-Islamic Relations, the self-described Muslim civil rights group that boasts of its influence on U.S. government policy. Muzzammil Hassan, 44, and his wife, Aasiya Hassan, 37, founded Bridges TV in November 2004. They described it as a satellite news and opinion channel aimed at portraying Muslims in a positive light following the Sept. 11 attacks. Hassan is accused of cutting off his wife's head at his Buffalo, N.Y., station Feb. 12. He received an award April 7, 2007, from CAIR-Pennsylvania at its first annual banquet, a fundraiser at the Hilton Philadelphia. CAIR-PA Chairman Iftekhar Hussain and CAIR National Chairman Parvez Ahmed presented the award to Hassan. The organization website does not specify a reason for the honor. Pennsylvania's Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell and Rep. Joseph Sestak of Pennsylvania's 7th District were special guests at the event. Sestak was the keynote speaker. "The American-Muslim community is a wonderful community and they have my strong support," Sestak said in a statement. "They are among our District's leaders, and among other things, have contributed to the success of businesses, educational institutions, interfaith circles and the health sector. Their participation in civic life is indicative of the great diversity and tolerance of this nation."

Making a monkey out of Christians
Posted: February 17, 2009
By Dave Welch

I recall being somewhat taken aback some years ago as I sat with a group of pastors in a large Midwest city, after a pastor of a large "conservative" evangelical church shared an experience. He had preached against abortion, special rights for sexual behavior and other "controversial" topics, but he said by far the largest negative reaction he ever had from within his congregation was when he took on Darwinian evolution. He knew he had many in the government education field attending his church, but he did not realize that he had a large block of "theistic evolutionists" as part of that package. This was in the same state, by the way, that has had two nationally visible battles on their state board of education over allowing something besides the theory of evolution to be taught. While the scientific, media and politically liberal classes gush over the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin, as always I think it vital that focus be placed on those who should not so easily fall for the increasingly discredited postulations of a pseudo scientist. That, of course, is none other than those of the Jewish and Christian adherents in particular who claim to believe in the orthodox teachings of our respective faiths. However, as we well know, there are those in both faith groups who have departed from that and many other traditional beliefs. "I am not ashamed to have a monkey as an ancestor," declared Senior Pastor Henry Brinton of Fairfax Presbyterian Church in a recent radio debate with author, speaker and evangelist Ray Comfort.

Boy marries dog to ward off tiger attacks
By Jatindra Dash
Wed Feb 18, 2009

BHUBANESWAR, India (Reuters) – An infant boy was married off to his neighbors' dog in eastern India by villagers, who said it will stop the groom from being killed by wild animals, officials and witnesses said on Wednesday. Around 150 tribespeople performed the ritual recently in a hamlet in the state of Orissa's Jajpur district after the boy, who is under two years old, grew a tooth on his upper gum. The Munda tribe see such a growth in young children as a bad omen and believe it makes them prone to attacks by tigers and other animals. The tribal god will bless the child and ward off evil spirits after the marriage. "We performed the marriage because it will overcome any curse that might fall on the child as well on us," the boy's father, Sanarumala Munda, was quoted as saying by a local newspaper.

Satanist inmate sues county
Of The Gazette Staff

A Billings man in prison for drug possession has filed a $10 million federal lawsuit against Yellowstone County for alleged civil-rights violations, including interference with his satanic religious practices. Jason Paul Indreland claims in the U.S. District Court lawsuit that county jail staff took from him a religious medallion, denied him access to religious material and ridiculed and punished him for his religious beliefs. The lawsuit also alleges that Indreland was denied medical care for his drug addiction, that he was placed in situations where violence was expected and that he suffered harassment and retaliation while incarcerated. Indreland said he has been a practicing Satanist for the past decade and the confiscated medallion was a "protective symbol" in his religion. The lawsuit claims jail staff refused to return the medallion or allow Indreland access to a "Satanic Bible or Book of Satanic Rituals."

In China, A Different Brand of Buddhism
Ethnic Han Turning To Tibetan Doctrine For Guidance
By Maureen Fan
Washington Post Foreign Service
Thursday, February 19, 2009

HUANGSONGYU RESERVOIR, China — The Buddhists came by the busload to this partially frozen reservoir about 55 miles north of Beijing. In the morning, they released 53,000 fish into holes cut in the ice. In the afternoon, they walked clockwise around a bonfire in the courtyard of a windswept rural hotel, chanting incantations against evil as volunteers threw cooking oil, beans, fruit and cigarettes onto the flames. The participants were 200 Han Chinese, the ethnic designation of most people on the mainland, but their teachers, or "masters," were Tibetan monks, including Yixi, a lama, or senior monk, from Shigatse, Tibet, who presided over the unusual and unofficial ceremony last week from between two enormous vases of tulips.

Faith under Fire
“Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and falsely say every kind of evil against you because of me. Be glad and rejoice, because your reward is great in heaven. For that is how they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”  Matthew 5:11-12

“You will be hated by everyone because of my name. But the one who endured to the end will be delivered.” Matthew 10:22

Counselor suspended after teens hear Christian music
Accused of 'exposing children to unapproved religious activities'
February 19, 2009

A Southern California counselor with nearly two decades of experience with foster children is challenging a decision that she be punished after four teens she took on an approved day-long outing encountered a beach festival – and heard Christian music. The 18-year employee, according to the lawsuit, took four teen girls from the Orangewood Children's Home, which was launched as a private facility but now is owned and run by Orange County. "What happened to this counselor was insane and unjust," said Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute, who is defending the counselor. "Allowing teenagers to overhear a few minutes of Christian music while at the beach should not result in a six-week suspension," insisted Dacus, who said the counselor's name is not being released.

Prof calls Christian student 'fascist b——'
Lawsuit filed after speech met with: 'Ask God what your grade is'
Posted: February 13, 2009
By Bob Unruh

A student at Los Angeles City College has filed a lawsuit against the institution after a professor called him a "fascist b——" and told him to "Ask God what your grade is" following the student's speech about morality. The case has been filed by the Alliance Defense Fund on behalf of Jonathan Lopez after his encounter with Professor John Matteson in a speech class. The lawsuit alleges Lopez was participating in a class assignment to give a speech on "any topic" from six to eight minutes. "During the November, 24, 2008 class, Mr. Lopez delivered an informative speech on God and the ways in which Mr. Lopez has seen God act both in his life and in the lives of others through miracles. In the middle of the speech, he addressed the issues of God and morality; thus, he referred to the dictionary definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman and also read a passage from the Bible discussing marriage," the ADF explained. At that point, the professor interrupted him and refused to allow him to finish his speech, ADF said. Matteson then called Lopez a 'fascist b——" and dismissed the class.

Ban on Christian speech outlawed, again
City had used unconstitutional restriction against evangelist
February 13, 2009

Officials in Ithaca, N.Y., have agreed again not to enforce an ordinance limiting the speech rights of Christians after they were caught ignoring a court order that banned the restriction. The Alliance Defense Fund, which won the previous case against the city, said the new development came this week in the form of a consent judgment signed by U.S. District Judge Glenn T. Suddaby. The issue was litigated a second time because the city ignored the court order banning the ordinance and applied the rule against the plaintiff in the latest case, Jim Deferio. City police officers last summer told Deferio he would not be allowed to talk about his Christian faith at Ithaca Commons, even after they were presented with a court order that prohibited then from enforcing the unconstitutional "noise" limit. "Police officers cannot overstep their authority, defy a court order, and illegally suppress Christian speech," said ADF Senior Counsel Nate Kellum. "An ordinance already declared to be unconstitutional cannot continue to be enforced by city officials, and we are pleased this is recognized by the court."

China blocks Christian and pornographic websites
Under the pretext of filtering porn, China is also blocking Christian websites. Sites that actually provide information are increasingly monitored. There are 253 million Chinese internet users.
Tuesday, February 17, 2009
By Asia News

The Chinese authorities continue to block many Catholic websites, like Radio Veritas of Asia, the website of the Chinese Regional Bishops' Conference, all of the Catholic sites of Taiwan, and those of the diocese of Hong Kong. The government says that it wants to fight pornography on the internet, but it is systematically taking measures against sites with no pornographic content, which however present information not entirely in harmony with the version of the Communist Party. The systematic censorship of Catholic sites in Taiwan even goes "against the tide" with respect to the tremendous improvement underway in relations between Beijing and Taipei. The website AsiaNews has been blocked on an on-again, off-again basis for years, and was not made visible even during the Olympic grace period. The website Reporters Without Borders, very critical of China during the Olympics, was also blocked for months.

Standing For Jesus In Orissa

"Nothing will happen to me. They know and respect me. Nobody will harm me." Those were the last words Pastor Kantheswar Digal spoke to his son Rajendra and his wife, Karpul. A Christian for more than 50 years, Pastor Digal was one of the few believers living in the small village of Sankarakhole, in Orissa state, India. He was well-known by the Hindus who shared his neighborhood. Yet, his son says, the family lived there in relative peace. "We had no enemies there," Rajendra told our VOM workers about his small hometown. "We could practice our faith in Christ comfortably with no problems with anybody locally." Nonetheless, on Aug. 24, 2008, when Hindu radicals began violent attacks against Christians throughout Orissa, venomous threats by agitators forced the Digal family to leave their village. "They told my husband you better leave," says Karpul. "He should leave his house and go away if he wanted to stay a Christian because they were not going to allow any Christians to stay in our village."

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