Chosen: End Times Newsletter – Issue 90

 The Minister’s Corner
“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

The Physical & Spiritual Are One
By Regina

Take a look at the photo above. It says BELIEVE. Actually, it says BELIEVE twice. Yet, one BELIEVE is an actual structure with mass and the other BELIEVE is a mere shadow created by the sun. Does the one with actual structure and mass that you can pick up and hold exist? Is it real? Does the shadow which can be captured only by the human eye or in a photograph also exist? Is it real? Is one more real than the other or do they both exist in unison and in the same time and place yet in different forms?

How about the Physical Realm? You exist within it; you can see it; touch it, which makes it real. But how about the Spiritual Realm? Some can see it with the human eye and it has been captured in photographs, so does it exist? Is it real? Or, like the photo, do they exist in unison and in the same time and place yet in different forms?

The Sadducees were priestly and aristocratic families who interpreted the law more literally
than the Pharisees. They only recognized precepts derived directly from the Torah as binding and denied the concept of the immortality of the soul, the resurrection of the body, and the existence of angels.

After reading the above, would you be in agreement if I said that the Sadducees, based on their beliefs, would have discounted the existence of that shadow because it was not physical?

During Christ’s ministry, his teachings were not accepted by the Sadducees and Pharisees who were the religious authorities of the time. They confronted him and tested him because these things did not fit in with their own belief systems. And in turn, Christ himself warned his followers to beware of the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees because they were not of truth.

Their mindset towards Christ Jesus, who was truth in the flesh, and his teachings, was mainly because they were thinking in such a physical realm literal sense that they either couldn’t perceive of or understand the spiritual things Christ spoke of at all. Their hearts just weren't open to it or their minds either and Christ knew this. Therefore, they rejected the truth that stood before them both physically in their personal rejection of Christ and spiritually in the rejection of Christ’s teachings within their hearts.

As a minister of Christ’s ministry in these End Times I see this today all over again – history repeating itself as there is nothing new under the sun.

Not long ago, a friend of mine said to me that she did not believe that angels continued their work among mankind as they did in the Bible. And she, like many, cannot understand or accept that which is spiritual, things like the parts that Holy Angels and Holy Ghosts play in the Spiritual War and in bringing Father’s will into fruition, because they are so focused with that which is physical and literal. To not believe that that which resides in the Spirit Realm still play a large part in bringing into fruition Yahweh’s will today as they always have since the beginning of time, is to me, the same as the Sadducees who, while spoken of numerous times in the Old Testament, did not believe in the existence of angels. It is a repetition of what has happened before and it is taking and rejecting truth in favor of personal beliefs. This is not faith. Faith is believing in what one cannot yet see, perceive of, comprehend or even understand.

There are also those like my friend, who read and attempt to decipher prophecy on their own accord. But they are thinking in a physical realm literal sense just like the Sadducees were during Christ's ministry; so much so that if the truth of what occurs in the spirit realm is even brought up, it is to them, considered to be "New Age", "Heresy" or "Un-Christian". In essence they pick and choose what they believe and challenge the truth or dismiss the truth all together in the same way that the Sadducees and Pharisees tested and challenged Christ. Rather than taking the time listen, and then ponder or pray on anything new that they are exposed to, they instead make a snap decision not to believe because it doesn’t line up with what they’ve convinced themselves of, been taught or have believed up until then to be truth when in fact what they believe is only partial truth or even complete fallacy.

When Christ said to the Sadducees, "For the kingdom of God is among you" – I think of the many times that as a paranormal investigator I had been asked about the existence of the Spirit Realm and had attempted to explain its existence and how it is not in some far off place, but in fact right here with us and among us. Many have a hard time comprehending this because they are so accustomed to only that which is Physical. Some accepted what I had to say, others denied it – but all the same it was truth. The Spiritual exists right alongside the physical and literal in creation in the same way it exists in the Scriptures and one cannot deny or reject one in favor for the other because they are simultaneous and both parts of a whole. They are one.

Having this mindset or point of view when it comes to discarding the spiritual and favoring only the physical is the same as discarding the teachings found within the New Testament for those in the Old Testament or those in the New for those in the Old, or, a God of wrath for a God of love. It is all, in its entirety, truth and one cannot favor or choose to believe or accept one over the other because to do so is to choose to accept only parts of Truth rather than Truth in its entirety. It's like following a recipe. If you leave out one ingredient, it's not going to taste as it should. And substitutions of ingredients will change the entire essence and flavor and even make it something else entirely. And something else is not the whole and complete Truth.

In today’s day and age, there are countless different beliefs. So, what do you believe? Do you accept only that which is Physical and Literal? Or are you open to the Spiritual as well? If you’re unsure, pray to Father Yahweh. Open your heart. Meditate. Do not immediately dismiss based on your own personal beliefs, but instead be open to that which is new, yet in line with the Scriptures. Be a Believer of Truth. Be a Follower of Christ.

Psalm 25:5 "Guide me in Your truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation; I wait for You all day long."

God's Coffee
Submitted by Johanna

A group of alumni, highly established in their careers, got together to visit their old university professor. Conversation soon turned into complaints about stress in work and life.

Offering his guests coffee, the professor went to the kitchen and returned with a large pot of coffee and an assortment of cups – porcelain, plastic, glass, crystal, some plain looking, some expensive, some exquisite – telling them to help themselves to the coffee.

When all the students had a cup of coffee in hand, the professor said:

"If you noticed, all the nice looking expensive cups were taken up, leaving behind the plain and cheap ones. While it is normal for you to want only the best for yourselves, that is the source of your problems and stress.

Be assured that the cup itself adds no quality to the coffee. In most cases it is just more expensive and in some cases even hides what we drink.

What all of you really wanted was coffee, not the cup, but you consciously went for the best cups… And then you began eyeing each other's cups.

Now consider this: Life is the coffee; the jobs, money and position in society are the cups. They are just tools to hold and contain Life, and the type of cup we have does not define, nor change the quality of Life we live.

Sometimes, by concentrating only on the cup, we fail to enjoy the coffee God has provided us."

God brews the coffee, not the cups………. Enjoy your coffee!

"The happiest people don't have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything."

Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God.

Author unknown

Inspired Writings

Discerning the Heart's Feelings

It may be first best to note that everything that is ever said that is wise, especially anything that is said at all, has already been said in centuries passed, and that we are simply repeating what has already been said and done. Thus far, there hasn't been one thing that has been left to do that hasn't already been done on this planet, but yet, there is still so much more to do in Father's plan. Perhaps that is something to ponder, in that there isn't anything new under the sun, yet, there is still so much more to do in Father's Divine Plan that continues to progress throughout all of Creation.

Ecclesiastes 1:9 — What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done; there is nothing new under the sun.

Now, in this, one may be able to remember a piece of nourishment that was shared a very long time ago that stated that Father considers one who does not follow their heart to be a coward. Now, personally, this was a bit difficult to grasp. It is easy to understand and digest, but… This led to so many more questions that were not easy to ask, mostly due to the fear of what their answers may be. The first question that really came to mind in this fact, was the question of what if one's heart was not going down the right path, in which their heart would only lead that individual to their ultimate and eternal destruction?

I know that Father does not want anyone to die an eternal death. I also know that Father will not withhold judgment to those whom it is due, namely those whom were perfect that chose imperfection as their way of life. As such, it became a bit of a concern as to what my heart really had inside it. Truly, I am afraid of my own heart in many instances, because I am a sinner by nature. In this, I know that because of whatever desires I may have, it may undeniably result in eternal death. Now, if I am to follow my heart, in its sinful desires, I may easily find myself in the pit of oblivion. Yet, if I do not follow my heart, I would find myself a coward in Father's eyes. Either way, I am not in a good position. Here is the kicker:

Colossians 3:10 — and have put on the new man, who is being renewed in knowledge according to the image of his Creator.

Now, things that come down from Father go directly to the heart. Father's Spirit is in one's heart, and helps to guide one throughout their daily lives. Even in all that they do. As well, it has been learned in the past that one grows in wisdom, which saves one from continually performing evil works, first by knowledge, then by understanding, and then finally cultivating wisdom which is placed in one's heart by Father. In this, an evil act is considered to be acted out of the lack of wisdom. As wisdom is active in one's heart, it actively influences one's very own desires. Thus, Father has direct control over one's heart, from beginning to end; covering all surfaces and then some. This being said, one does not have anything to fear in what their heart desires if it is truly inspired by Father as to what they will be doing. At the same time, it can be considered that Father would not deny Her children anything it is that they are truly desiring:

Matthew 7:9-11 — What man among you, if his son asks him for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!

By this, the next question that came to mind is what kinds of things would Father place in my heart to desire? In this, one could then perhaps more easily determine what it is that Father is actually inspiring, and that which one is desiring out of a different source. Father surely wouldn't give to Her children anything that was evil, and more so, would never inspire their children to do evil things. But, would Father allow Her children to be involved in potentially dangerous situations? This is a very, very sensitive matter, because it, in part, is truly a particular detail. In this, one must consider what it is that Father has allowed in the War to be waged, and what role oneself plays in Father's grand plan for all things. Just as a parent will allow their child to be involved in Martial Arts, so would, as I believe, Father. And just as difficult as it may be to see one's child be involved in direct conflict where their own life is at stake, so too is it, I am sure, for Father to see Her own children be in such situations. Yet, a warrior for Father is not motivated by blood lust and outright belligerence for death of their enemies. Rather, it is for Father's own namesake and the continual purification of Her own body, amongst many other noble and pure reasons, does a warrior of Father fight. And of that, one may be able to see the inspiration and motivation that must come in and from one's heart to take such actions and be dedicated to those different areas of Father's plan.

So no matter where Father leads oneself, there Father will always be able to strengthen and inspire and protect. Even in the midst of battle, Father has the ability to reanimate anything and anyone back to full life. There is no wound She cannot cure, and no pain that She cannot comfort. Reliance and complete obedience, faith, loyalty, and love for Father and on Father will help to bring one closer to Father even in the midst of the most horrible times. And speaking of horrible times, it must be considered and understood further that there are still warning signs all about, not only in what one can observe around oneself, but also within oneself.

All around the world, there are continual signs of tribulation and change. There are storms and patterns of weather that are occurring that cannot be completely explained without all the intricate details and insight, all of which only come from Father. Down from above. There is news about the weather, in how there is global warming that is causing what were once large glaciers to dissolve, and yet, there is other news that there is global cooling that is causing irregular cold weather patterns to occur in unlikely places. Volcanoes and eruptions and quakes, no less. And at the same time, even within one's own self, there may be a ton of changes that are occurring that may even go unnoticed. The stress and pressure that the world gives off because of the different changes that are occurring definitely are having difficult impacts of different perceptions. Different people may grow more negative out of the changes, while others may grow more and more full of light. Where one person that was likely to help a homeless person may now be more so with all that is changing, another person may become less likely. And through all of this, there are still other signs, both warnings and otherwise. Different inspirations that cause a person to do different things, perhaps paint in a certain pattern, or eat their meal in a particular way, all of these things inspired by Father are signs not only to the person performing them, but also perhaps to others.

In this, when one is involved in a dangerous activity, whether they realize it is dangerous or not, Father provides warning signs that help to show what there is to be watchful for. Sometimes, one needs to stop. Other times, one must simply follow Father's guidance as to what must be done next. All of this, it might be good to remember, can happen in a matter of seconds, or even years. And so, returning to the title of this article, it is good to recall that one should be watchful for all that Father is inspiring and warning and showing, and keep one's eyes directed towards Father for further direction. By further learning to discern what it is that Father wants of them, they consecutively learn how to discern what it is Father is placing in their heart, and hence, their heart's feelings. There truly is no room for a slave to serve two masters, and in one's heart, there isn't enough room for Father's garden and for anything else that one may grow outside of the seeds that Father provides.

Fruitage of the Spirit – Part 7
This week we will start to look at attitudes to be cultivated. We will be sharing what has been given to us, but in groups of 3. Before our Ministry holds Bible Study each week, we pray to Father Yahweh for guidance and help in understanding Her Word. We pray the wisdom imparted will find its way to your heart where it may be written up on it. Amen. can be used as a reference tool with the Holman Christian Standard Bible as the recommended version.

Yahweh does not like a lazy person; therefore you must strive to be industrious as well as whole-souled in your commitment to Him.
Hebrews 6:11
Colossians 3:23
Ephesians 6:6

You must cultivate the spirit of joy. Your future is one of happiness, so think of that and be joyful even now.
Galatians 5:22
Philippians 3:1
Philippians 4:4

You should develop a keen interest in other people's welfare:
Philippians 2:4
1 Corinthians 10:24
1 Thessalonians 5:14-15

Nourishment From The Throne
“For the LORD gives wisdom. From His mouth come knowledge and understanding.” Proverbs 2:6

Cherubic Commander:

"1. A dark, obscure, or inexplicable saying; a riddle; a statement, the hidden meaning of which is to be discovered or guessed. "

Prince of Yahweh II is wrapped within Father's Revelation for your discovery of what opening the seals entails.

"2. An action, mode of action, or thing, which cannot be satisfactorily explained; a puzzle; as, his conduct is an enigma."

Prince of Yahweh II having been split just as Christ and Michael are split is part of the puzzle. His service to Father represents his conduct as an enigma just as Michael being split off from Christ is an enigma. Prince of Yahweh II split off from his human vessel, yet his vessel continues and is also in service to Father just as both Christ and Michael are. Both parts serving for the vindication of Father sovereign name.

The riddle of Christ and Michael being split is further revealed in the white and black horse. Christ is represented as the enthroned King that Father has put into place. Michael represents the one that must balance the scales of justice, and for a time he rides the black horse as his destroyer angels take the lead in laying the groundwork for the final cup of wrath to be poured out upon those that will not be salvaged.

Does everyone understand? Is the riddle now clear even though you had been previously taught about the split in our Christ's energy?

In the marked photo I posted, you see the split at the forehead, but you also see one total face in the overall photo. This represents that Prince of Yahweh II is acting in unity just as Michael and Christ are, and this is why Michael is referred to as the "Lamb" even though it is Christ's split energy that administers the wrath. Just as his earlier-time human vessel took on the sins of mankind, his split energy must act as an avenger in Father's King's name. It is what the "3" really means: That unity exists in all things connected to Father's family whether they be a single entity or a multitude of hosts. Like a beehive, the workers are there to serve the Queen in all the capacities they might represent.

Signs From Above
“He rescues and delivers, He performs signs and wonders in the heavens and on the earth, for He has rescued Daniel from the power of the lions.” Daniel 6:27

UFO Traffic Report: Silver disc UFO hovers over Georgia Highway 23
June 8, 2009

The UFO Traffic Report for Monday, June 8, 2009, includes 13 selected sightings over eight states, according to witness statements filed in the past 72 hours with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database. UFO traffic reports have picked up again after about a five-day decrease, with the more unusual cases coming in again now from across the country. Today's stories include: a silver disc that hovers over a Georgia highway; another disc-shaped UFO that shows up in an Arizona's man's photo taken outside of Phoenix; another disc-shaped craft over Colorado caught on film; a disc seen over Illinois near an odd-shaped cloud; a glowing ball of lights seen near Florida's Highway 71; more than a dozen V-shaped objects spotted in the skies over Illinois; two Arizona witnesses watched two Bright Lights after seeing a bright flash of light in the sky; an Arizona witness claims a meteor may have hit ground near Mohave County; a triangle UFO over Texas; a cigar-shaped object with an illustration over Texas; and odd Bright Light testimony from California, Georgia, and Indiana.

UFO Traffic Report: dark object hovers over South Carolina beach

June 10, 2009

The UFO Traffic Report for Wednesday, June 10, 2009, includes 14 selected sightings over 13 states, according to witness statements filed in the past 48 hours with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database. There was an increase in reported cigar or cylinder-shaped crafts in this report. Today's stories include: a "dark fuzzy" object hovering over a South Carolina beach that was video taped; an interesting video from New York state where the witness was shooting images of the moon when a vehicle passed by – most likely a jet, but interesting to watch; five cases of cigar or cylinder-shaped objects over Missouri, New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana; triangle UFOs over Louisiana and Illinois; the unusual cube-shaped object over California; a flash of light and then a disc spotted over Massachusetts; Amber-orange lights over North Carolina; a red ball of light moving over Kentucky; and a teal-colored fire ball over Oregon.

Boardman, Ohio, barbeque interrupted by triangle UFO
June 11, 2009

A group finishing up a barbeque in Applewood Acres, Boardman, Ohio, watched an object moving slowly above the treeline. The silent object hovered for about two minutes – a triangle-shaped with white/red lights, according to witness testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database. After watching for several minutes, a helcopter moved into the area and close to the strange craft. Then the triangle craft backed away from the helicopter and its "lights got dimmer until we couldn't see it anymore." Boardman is a sprawling suburb south of Youngstown – home of the first Arby's restaurant in 1964 – with a 2,000 census of 37,215.

Video: Pulsating UFO over Erlanger, Kentucky, June 6, 2009
June 12, 2009

An Erlanger, Kentucky, witness is reporting a pulsating Bright Light that under closer observation looked like "a dog bowl shaped disc," according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database. The witness submitted about three minutes of the best footage that he taped. Please keep in mind that most UFO reports can be explained as something natural or manmade. If Kentucky MUFON investigates and reports back on this case, I will update this page. The following report is unedited. You can read my selected cases by type of UFO report at the UFO Traffic Report index page. KY, June 6, 2009 – Beautiful pulsing plasma-like light, stationary, video proof, filmed 40 mins south of Wright Patterson AFB. I left a friends house in the early morning of June 6th, around 2:30am. On the way, I noticed an oddly bright light in the north sky. It appeared about 3-5x bigger than the brightest star in the sky. Just a little more than enough to clearly define that it was not a star. When you looked close with a naked eye, it seemed to be strobing through different colors. So I rushed home to get my camera. This was my 3rd time witnessing strange lights in the sky, none caught on camera, so I was very eager to get this one. I live about 45 mins south of Wright Patterson AFB located in Dayton, OH. I'm in Erlanger, KY. I believe this could explain my multiple sightings.

Badlands Radio host captures Texas 'missile' UFO on camera
June 13, 2009

A Texas radio show host may have photographed the same "missile" looking UFO that two commercial pilots have reported over Texas skies during the past year. "Captain" Jack Harris, host of the popular Badlands Radio show, photographed an object on November 25, 2008, in the skies over Lake Brownwood. Those photos were discussed on the radio show Friday, May 29, when I was a guest – unaware that another report of what may have been the same object had occurred earlier in the day. A "missile or rocket" was spotted just 150 feet below a Continental Express jet flying at 13,000 feet at 8:15 p.m., Friday, May 29, as it passed over Liberty County, Texas, according to a Houston Chronicle report.

Signs Down Below
"But know this: difficult times will come in the last days. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, without love for what is good, traitors, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to the form of religion but denying its power."  2 Timothy 3:1-5

America a weapons supermarket for terrorists, inquiry finds
by Daniel Nasaw
June 8, 2009

The US is a virtual supermarket for terrorists and foreign governments seeking high-end military technology, including components that can be used to build nuclear weapons and equip militants fighting US and British troops, the American government has found. Over the past year, government investigators posing as private buyers purchased military-grade body armour, technology to stabilise and steer guided missiles, a device that can be used to detonate nuclear weapons, and other munitions through legal means in the US. They evaded export controls and posted dummy versions of the gear to countries known as trans-shipment points for terrorist groups and foreign governments seeking arms and weapons components.

Threats, violence seen eroding U.S. abortion rights
by Carey Gillam
June 14, 2009

WICHITA, Kansas (Reuters) – The patients are gone and so are the protesters. Once the site of daily anti-abortion picketing, the Kansas clinic run by murdered doctor George Tiller is busy only with workers shutting down the facility. But as an uneasy peace settles over Wichita, abortion rights supporters say the fatal gunshot that closed Tiller's clinic is part of a wave of attacks threatening to and, in some cases, succeeding in stopping women's access to abortion. Tiller's murder on May 31, 2009, was one of more than 60 threats and incidents of violence so far this year, according to the National Abortion Federation, an association of North American abortion providers. "It's a reign of terror against abortion providers," said Vicki Saporta, the federation's chief executive.

84 indigenous people massacred in Peru’s “oil war”
by mattwilkerson
June 8, 2009

At least 84 indigenous people have been killed fighting to defend their traditional territories from oil exploration. As part of a free trade agreement with the US, Peru has altered their constitution and implemented new laws stripping indigenous tribes of their land rights and opening their lands to oil companies. In response there has been a massive uprising for the past month with tribes around the country shutting down major highways, rivers, oil installations, trains, and other critical infrastructure. To put it bluntly these new laws are a death sentence for the indigenous of the Peruvian Amazon. It is often easy to get caught up in the abstractions of climate change, with our parts per millions and international treaties. This is not an abstraction. This is life and death for thousands of people. And may I add it is death being fueled by our addiction to oil. If we are serious about climate justice we need to provide solidarity to those resisting genocide in Peru.

U.N. warns of catastrophe as hungry people top one billion
by Silvia Aloisi
June 12, 2009

ROME (Reuters) – High food prices have pushed another 105 million people into hunger in the first half of 2009, the head of the U.N. World Food Programme said on Friday, raising the total number of hungry people to over 1 billion. Urging rich nations at a meeting of G8 development ministers not to cut back on aid, Josette Sheeran said the world faced a human catastrophe as more people struggle to eat a decent meal. "This year we are clocking in on average four million new hungry people a week, urgently hungry," Sheeran told Reuters. "For the first six months of this year, 105 million people have been added," she said, citing figures to be released by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization next week that will raise the total number of undernourished people to over 1 billion.

June 11, 2009

According to Bloomberg, the purported securities were issued in 1934: Italy’s financial police said they asked the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to authenticate U.S. government bonds found in the false bottom of a suitcase carried by two Japanese travelers attempting to cross into Switzerland. The bonds, with a face value of more than $134 billion, are probably forgeries, Colonel Rodolfo Mecarelli of the Guardia di Finanza in Como, Italy, said today. If the notes are genuine, the pair would be the U.S. government’s fourth-biggest creditor, ahead of the U.K. with $128 billion of U.S. debt and just behind Russia, which is owed $138 billion. The seized notes include 249 securities with a face value of $500 million each and 10 additional bonds with a value of more than $1 billion, the police force said on its Web site. Such high denominations would not have existed in 1934, the purported issue date of the notes, Mecarelli said. Moreover, the “Kennedy” classification of the bonds doesn’t appear to exist, he said.

Crop Circle Watch

Torrechiara (PR). Reported 11th June

Field Report: he formation is found in a field under the castle: a greater circle that contains four circumferences that are intersected.

Monteiasi, Taranto, Puglia. Reported 5th June


Field Report: (The following is in Part as it was written in Italian) The circle, more than any other geometric figures, refers to a thousand feelings, a thousand and symbolic representations to endless readings. To me, just seen, recalled the angelic figure, four special angelic figure marked a sublime mosaic in the apse of the Cathedral of Cefalù: four Serafini. The Seraphim are the spirits of heaven in the highest degree of the angelic hierarchy. An expert of the subject, Elizabeth Prophet, he defined in his book, The angels of victory, a victory in support dell'arduo human journey that can lead to detachment from earthly concerns, the rise, for lighting. A comparison of some prosaic, we realize, but this is what those who love the circles in the grain ask the circles.

– Margherita Campaniolo

Bishop Cannings, nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 8th June

Field Report: An interesting formation on the ground with lay of crop varying from fairly cleanly flattened, to messy and mostly standing (sprung back up) at the crest of the hill, possibly due to wind. On my visit, between 5 and 6pm on the 8th, subtle energy was found around a few spirals and stems were mainly broken close to the ground. I didn't find any good examples of bent stems.

– Robert Armstrong

Yatesbury, nr Cherhill, Wiltshire. Reported 12th June

Field Report: So good to be back out in the fields after taking a few years rest. Back with much enthusiasm! I Heard about the Phoenix this afternoon (12th) and got there as soon as I could. It was quite amazing in many ways, not least because we were some of the first people to walk inside. The lay was stunning (as you can see from the photographs), flowing like a river, with many a swirl and a whirl. On entering the formation, it felt very energetic and exciting. It just looked so beautiful and fresh. The first thing that we noticed was the one standing stem of barley amongst all the flattened barley! (see photograph). We walked around the outside initially and felt compelled to walk with the flow of the lay. In fact, when we walked in the opposite direction it felt hard work. Every twist and turn caused us to gasp at the sheer beauty. As we explored further we entered the ‘crown’ or top circle. There was an amazing energy to be felt. This top circle is surrounded by three smaller circles. These didn’t appear to have any tracks into them. There are photographs of some of these but this was no straight forward task. As the evening was getting on I chose to use a flash. However, it took 6 or 7 attempts before I could get it to work! In between attempts I took other photos away from the small circle and the flash worked. I did this a few times and it was quite a while until I could take a shot! I use top quality kit and this is most unusual. I have also photographed interesting tufts and v-shaped inlets. On closer examination of the lay, it was clockwise and we couldn’t see any barley running the opposite way in the flow, as sometimes is the case. Occasionally, there was overlapping lay. Nor could we find any bent/elongated nodes as I have in the past. No signs of expulsion cavities. We checked under the lay in many places and the crop was broken. However this was ‘made’, we were in awe of this splendid and complex formation. It certainly had a powerful grounding and warm energy. We felt very comfortable as we looked around. When we lay down in the top circle I felt quite light headed. In fact, it was quite difficult to leave such a positive environment. What a wonderful way to spend a June evening!

– © Photographs and Report –‘Silburyman'

Below Milk Hill (2), nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. Reported 13th June

Field Report: YAY! A Rainbow appeared whilst I was here:) So, I went into this formation earlier this evening (13th June) points of interest include:~ The crop is flowing anticlockwise, fairly trodden in places, I guess from the visitors during the day, some of the stems have white chipped marks on them, again, possible from earlier visitors. the formation is quite explosive looking, as though' created at high speed and with the use of high energy, there is, or was whilst I was there, still a feeling of this high energy, some of the smaller 'linking' tracks, have grown together~ forming a sort of tunnel effect. The crop in the tunnels still have a covering of dusty bloom undisturbed. My pictures are taken either sitting or laying down.

– JIC (Rainbows)

Wayland's Smithy Long Barrow, nr Odstone Hill, Oxfordshire. Reported 12th June

Field Report: Not available at this time.

South Field, Alton Priors, Wiltshire. Reported 13th June

Field Report: Not available at this time.

Signs in Humanity

Officials: Ore. woman's baby cut out of her womb
USA Today
June 9, 2009

HILLSBORO, Ore. (AP) — A once-pregnant 21-year-old newcomer to Oregon who was found dead in a crawl space of a home had been cut open and her baby taken from her womb, investigators said Monday. It couldn't be determined if the infant son of Heather Snively died before or after he was removed, the Washington County sheriff's department said in a statement. A 27-year-old woman, Korena Roberts, has been charged with murder in Snively's death. She appeared in court Monday but did not enter a plea. A 911 call on Friday brought emergency workers to Roberts' house in the Portland suburb of Beaverton. Workers found blood on the floor and Roberts' boyfriend trying to revive the infant. Investigators said Roberts claimed the baby was hers. At the emergency room, doctors, who were unable to revive the baby, determined that Roberts had not given birth.

Frank McGarahan: Killing of a good samaritan
The Independent
by Mark Hughes
June 10, 2009

Frank McGarahan's trip to Norwich had a celebratory motive. Having travelled 80 miles from his home in the quiet Hertfordshire village of Much Hadham, he was in East Anglia for the baptism of his niece Thea, the first child of his youngest brother. So it was no surprise he was in a good mood. And, following a family meal on the eve of the christening, Mr McGarahan, his brother Kevin and their cousin Sean Ryan decided to carry on the festivities. After drinking at various city centre bars the three called it a night and made their way to the taxi rank on Guildhall Hill. It was at about 3am on Sunday 28 September 2008, while waiting for their carriage, that Mr McGarahan, whose job as a senior executive for Barclays Bank had made him a millionaire, spotted something that alarmed him: a gang of up to 12 young men attacking a homeless man. Rather than ignore it, Mr McGarahan, 45, walked 20 yards to remonstrate with the group. His concern cost him his life. When his back was turned Ben and Tom Cowles, two brothers who had trained as amateur boxers, attacked him.

Parents' 'disgust' over porn arrest at nursery
The Independent
by James Woodward
June 9, 2009

Parents spoke of their "disgust" today following the arrest of a nursery worker in connection with the distribution of indecent images of children. The 39-year-old woman, from Plymouth, in Devon, is being held following raids on her home and at the city's Little Teds nursery. The nursery is closed while Devon and Cornwall Police carry out investigations and the woman remains in custody tonight. Plymouth City Council's children's services department is helping police with the investigation. Both the Little Teds Day Care Unit in Laira and the woman's home address in Efford were searched "early this morning", the force confirmed.

Zimbabwe girls trade sex for food
by Mike Thomson
June 12, 2009

Growing numbers of children in Zimbabwe are turning to prostitution to survive, the charity Save the Children says. The aid agency says increasing poverty is leading girls as young as 12 to sell their bodies for as little as a packet of biscuits. It also claims that the coming football World Cup in neighbouring South Africa could soon make things worse. Unemployment in Zimbabwe is thought to top 90% and many cannot afford to pay for food, medical care or school fees. The deputy head teacher of a large school with 1,500 pupils east of Victoria Falls told the BBC that hundreds of her female students are now selling their bodies for whatever they can get. "It could be books, it could be biscuits, chips, some even just to be given a hug."

Foreigners 'kidnapped' in north Yemen
June 14, 2009

Nine foreign nationals, mostly women and children, have been kidnapped by Shia rebels in a mountainous area of northern Yemen, officials have said. The group of seven Germans, including three children, a Briton and a Korean, had been on a picnic on Friday in Saada, Yemen's interior ministry said. State-run media said the foreigners, among them two nurses, had been working at Jumhuri hospital in the region. The Huithi Zaidi rebel group denied any part in the kidnapping, AFP reported. A state-run Yemeni news agency cites an official source as saying the group also included two female German nurses, a German engineer and his wife, a British engineer and a Korean teacher. However, there has been no confirmation of the kidnapping from their native countries.

Arks of Safe Haven
"Is it not to share your bread with the hungry, to bring the poor and homeless into your house, to clothe the naked when you see him, and to not ignore your own flesh [and blood]?" Isaiah 58:7

The mission of Arks of Safe Haven is to connect via an extensive network and online message board forum, those individuals and families who have been affected by recent economic downfalls and are in need with those individuals who are ready, willing and capable of providing assistance to those in need with employment, shelter, work, food, clothing and other necessities.

Coupled with our primary mission of delivering the Kingdom Message of Salvation, the assistance of Arks of Safe Haven is available to all who are in need. Our purposeful intention is to follow in the footsteps of Christ as our example, by providing hope to the hopeless and answering the prayers of those who have been forced to live outside of society.

How You Can Help?

In order to provide for those whose outcry of prayers have reached our heavenly Father's ears, Arks of Safe Haven is seeking out those who are able to provide shelter, whether it be an extra bedroom, empty rental property or a work for room and board agreement. Additionally, we also act as a liaison in connecting those with tangible items to donate to those in need like Food, Water, Clothing, & Other Personal Items. We pray that your heart is motivated to make a contribution, no matter how small. Visit and view the many posts from those in need to see if you're able to help with advice, prayers or goods & services.

Mr church – My name is Jimmie White, a 56 year old veteran who has fallen through the cracks of the social service system. I am currently awaiting appeal of SSI claim filed around 10/2007 and being handled by the Makris law firm in Houston,Texas. I was injured on the job back on 10/29/2006 and suffered back injury which has limited my ability to work as tree laborer and warehouse specialist. I am also being treated for several medical problems at the VA medical center in Houston,Texas, which include hypertension, type I diabetes, have to take insulin shots four times daily, pain and numbness in legs and feet, chest pain associated with gerd, ptsd, and airway obstruction. I and my attorneys have medical records to document these medical conditions. But my main problem is trying to prevent becoming homeless while awaiting disability determination because even though I receive monthly food stams, I basically have no income and don't qualify for TANEF and have to pay rent and other utilities which is being paid by family and spouse, who only works 20-30 hours weekly as maid. I was wondering do you offer one time financial assistance or could offer any other programsor refferal that would help me in this time of extreme hardship. Now I have a notarized eviction letter from landlord for May and June rent because of major illness in immediate family in March which prevented my spouse from work. I can furnish documentation upon request. Have paid all of May rent. Need help with rent for June. Thanks in advance and hope everyone have a blessed day.

chell28 – Cincinatti, OH. – hello i am a mom of four asking from bottom of my heart for help i lost my job .i got hurt on the job and was on light duty the job was still working me part time so they did have to give me worker comp.i was preg at the time that i got hurt and did not know i had my tub tied 02-09-07 and it didnt work so as i was takeing pain med for my arm i had a rotater cuff tear not knowing i was 13 weeks and did not know so i had to stay on light duty for seven months job was not happy already .i had very bad pregany my baby was small and came 8 weeks early so i was off work with no pay as of 9-1-08 doc orders not due to baby trying to come early so the job really was not happy .so they let me go they said i didnt turn a paper in by my dead line i was to depressed to fight back behind on all my bills no income and no job no help and on bed rest .my baby is 7 month now he has a neck injury and trobule breathing on med .my 12 year old has adhd and we just found out been really hard for her.i am looking for a job but we are in need of prayer and help any help at all would be a blessing to me and my kids 1.prayer for kids 4.pampers baby with house holds microwave cleaning supply ect.5 bills water /cg&e /rent/phone please know i am not asking for everything on my list any help at all would be a blessing .if you can help a mother get back on her feet i dont want to be depressed but i cry my self to sleep every night because no matter how hard i try get get back on my feet . it breaks my heart that i cant provide for my kids please help me provide for my kids.god bless thank for reading.

nrosenbaum – Dayton, OH. – About 9 months ago, I was working 2 jobs and raising an 8yr old grandaughter. Things were going okay. Suddenly, a herniated low back disc stopped me in my tracks. Because I couldn't do the work required I was forced to give up both jobs. After about 12 weeks, my back was to the point that I thought I could work. I kissed my 8yr old grandaughter as I put her on the bus and said, "it's going to be a great day!" Before starting my job search I made a trip to the post office, slipped on ice and had to be taken out by ambulance. I not only reinjured my low back, but now have a herniated disc in my neck! I don't have insurance and can't seek medical care, and I can't get the post office to pay the bills from the fall. Because of not being able to work I've fallen behind on my mortgage. They now want like $8000 to pay the arrearage and their fees before I could even begin starting to just pay the payment again. In the 2 years that I've had my 8yr old grandaughter, she's only missed 2 days of school, her grades have exceeded expectations, and her self esteem is rising daily. She doesn't know anything about the house situation and I want to keep it that way so she can just concentrate on being a kid. This has been the most stability she's ever had in her entire life. So far I've depended on some of my kids to help us with groceries, and I'm babysitting for $300/mt. That keeps the bills at bay for the moment. I sold my good car and took the money to bring up the utility bills and such to date, to get the internet so I didn't have to drive (and because most places want you to apply online.), and with $1000 bought a little beater run-a-round car. I just started an online website in hopes that I can make some money from the advertising ( ) and I'm also a singer/entertainer ( ) so I try to do shows to bring in a little money. Nothing I've done so far has helped me to get the money I need for the arrearage, but I know God is working in this and in his time I will see the answer to my prayers. I'm usually the one who's full of vim and vigor, ready and willing to reach out and help others, but this time the mountain is mine and I really don't know how to climb it. My baby girl needs our home and if I lose it I could very well have to let her go live in a situation she doesn't need to go back in to. I need your prayers and any assistance I can get because time is running out. I'm sure the foreclosure has already begun, but I keep thanking God for placing a hedge around this house, and for saving this house because I know he has. I tell him that I don't know when or how, but I believe in His word and he says He will deliver us from trouble. I'm standing on His promises! My baby girl is going to Colorado for the summer to spend time with family, but my prayer is that when she returns she will still have her room and her safe haven. I almost cried when she was packing some of her clothes and she packed the pictures off the wall, as though she felt she was never coming back. May God Bless us All.



Signs in Natural Disasters
“You are going to hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, because these things must take place, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise up against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places.” Matthew 24:6-7

USGS reports 2.3 earthquake near Cleburne this morning
June 8, 2009
Dallas Morning news

An earthquake with a 2.3 magnitude was reported near Cleburne shortly after 8 a.m. today, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The quake struck about one mile west of Cleburne. It is the third earthquake reported in Johnson County in the past week. A 2.6 magnitude earthquake was reported about 6 p.m. Sunday in Parker and a 2.8 magnitude quake hit Cleburne on Tuesday. Cleburne city manager Chester Nolen said there were no reports of injuries or damages this morning. Cleburne and Parker are about 50 miles southwest of Dallas.

Floods hit transport and schools
10 June 2009
BBC News

Flash floods in the north of England have left schools closed, roads blocked and people needing to be rescued. Eleven factory workers were rescued in Dronfield, north Derbyshire, when floodwaters cut their building off. Sheffield's transport system has been disrupted and parts of the supertram service were suspended. South Yorkshire Fire Service received more than a dozen calls within half an hour late in the afternoon from people concerned about the flooding. There was also flash flooding in parts of north and mid Wales. “ The situation is difficult but we are coping. It is certainly not as bad as last time " South Yorkshire Fire Service spokeswoman

Jellyfish Invasion
By Science Illustrated Staff Posted 06.04.2008

Between massive swarms and habitat invasions, jellyfish are changing ecosystems, stinging beachgoers, and causing millions of dollars’ worth of damage. Using high-tech underwater gadgets, scientists are racing to understand one of the most common, mysterious—and destructive—sea creatures For most of us, jellyfish are nothing more than a nuisance. They drift toward beach shores and into our consciousness each summer near the end of their life cycle, making a refreshing dip in the water a bit less carefree for a few weeks. But that may be changing. Last November, a 10-mile-wide and 42-foot-thick swarm of baby mauve stingers (Pelagia noctiluca) decimated Northern Ireland’s farmed-salmon population. Overnight,120,000 fish were reduced to a floating mass of carcasses by billions of the small jellies native to warmer waters thousands of miles to the south. The salmon, which were killed by stings and oxygen deprivation, had a market value of $2 million.

Tadpole downpour stumps Japanese meteorologists
Jun 10, 2009
ABC News

The rainy season has just started in Tokyo, but residents in a small coastal town have reported a different phenomenon: tadpoles dropping out of the sky. An office clerk in Nanao first noticed the anomaly when he heard a dull thud in a parking lot last week, news reports said. Looking around, he saw about 100 dead tadpoles splattered on car windscreens and on the ground. More reports followed from bewildered residents in Nanao. "People speculate that a waterspout picked them up and dropped them from the air," an official at a local weather observatory said. "But from a meteorological point of view, I have to say it is most unlikely.

Tornado causes $1 million damage to 100 buildings
Jun. 10, 2009

The tornado that touched down Monday west of O'Fallon cut a 10-mile-long path and ended just south of Mascoutah, damaging 100 buildings and causing $1 million damage, St. Clair County Emergency Management Agency estimates. No injuries were reported. Of the 100 buildings damaged, 85 are in O'Fallon and Shiloh, and 15 are in Mascoutah, the agency estimates. The short, intense storm cell that blew through the area about 5:30 p.m. left behind a mess and a lot of scattered debris: Homes destroyed in Mascoutah, shingles torn off Fulton Junior High School in O'Fallon, a barn toppled near Shiloh and trees down all across the county. Personnel with the National Weather Service surveyed the damage and determined it was caused by a single tornado about a tenth-of-a-mile wide.

Natural Disaster Update


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6/5/09 –

6/4/09 –

BRITAIN – An earthquake that shook South Wales was the BIGGEST TO HIT THE REGION IN MORE THAN THREE DECADES. A tremor measuring 3.0 on the Richter scale shook houses and made lights flicker in the Bridgend area, prompting a flood of calls to the police. The epicentre of the quake, which happened shortly before 9pm on Friday has been identified by experts as Nantyffyllon, near Maesteg in Bridgend county. Some of the reports made by residents included, “the whole house creaked and it felt like it moved” and “the experience felt like a car had collided with the house”. Although the nearest boundary in the earth’s crust, or tectonic plates, is the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, quakes still occur when stresses within the tectonic plates are relieved by movement on fault planes.

VANUATU – A strong quake centered 25 miles (45 km) west of Vanuatu’s capital of Port-Vila injured four people on Wednesday and caused damage to buildings and a water supply system. Authorities on the small island of Tangoa said the 6.3 magnitude shaking left residents there without fresh water. “We have a problem with water, because here we live with rainwater that's collected into the crown well, so when the crown well is destroyed or damaged from the earthquake we have a big problem." Some landslides were triggered by the quake, and cracks appeared in walls. Powerful undersea earthquakes often occur near Vanuatu, but few ever cause damage or are even noticed by those living in the archipelago. (map)

GREECE – Property damage was reported Sunday in Greece following an undersea earthquake at midday that measured 4.2 on the open-ended Richter scale. Seismologists at the Athens Observatory put the epicenter of the quake, which struck at 0900 GMT, at a point 150 kilometers west of Athens in the Corinthian Gulf, off the city of Aigio. The tremor was felt throughout the north of the Peloponnese, with property damage reported notably at a coastal hotel. Greece is the European nation most exposed to earthquakes, accounting for half of all tremors recorded on the continent. Europe's most recently deadly earthquake struck April 6 in Italy, killing 295 people in and around L'Aquila city with a magnitude of 5.8 on the Richter scale.


Supervolcano may be brewing beneath Mount St Helens  – Peering under the volcano has revealed what may be an extraordinarily large zone of semi-molten rock, which would be capable of feeding a giant eruption. The measurements revealed a column of conductive material that extends downward from the volcano. About 15 kilometres below the surface, the relatively narrow column appears to connect to a much bigger zone of conductive material. This larger zone was first identified in the 1980s, and was found to extend all the way to beneath Mount Rainier 70 kilometres to the north-east, and Mount Adams 50 kilometres to the east. The new measurements show an apparent conduit connecting this conductive zone to Mount St Helens. If the structure beneath the three volcanoes is indeed a vast bubble of partially molten rock, it would be comparable in size to the biggest magma chambers ever discovered, such as the one below Yellowstone National Park. Every few hundred thousand years, such chambers can erupt as so-called supervolcanoes – the Yellowstone one did so about 640,000 years ago. These enormous eruptions can spew enough sunlight-blocking ash into the atmosphere to cool the climate by several degrees Celsius. Could Mount St Helens erupt like this? "A really big, big eruption is possible if it is one of those big systems like Yellowstone. I don't think it will be tomorrow, but I couldn't try to predict when it would happen."

HAWAII – Kilauea Volcano – Swirling, churning, bubbling, and brewing – a rare look directly below the surface of Halemaumau crater reveals the first active lava lake seen in years. And park rangers say it's creating the biggest and brightest glow at the volcano's summit since October of 2008. "Not only is it a sight to behold, but at times, when you're at Jagger museum, the earth shudders. We actually hear the gas bubbles burst and the rock fall into the lava lake." What makes this latest activity different, is that after years of oozing lava from its side, Kilauea is now spewing from the top. This latest activity also leaves many wondering – will the lava come bubbling up from the crater? Right now, the molten lava is not bubbling up to the surface. Scientists say the molten lava is about 300 feet below the crater floor. The vent is expanding. While no lava has boiled over yet, the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park already considers this an eruption.

INDONESIA – Mount Sangiang, a volvano in Bima Regency, West Nusa Tenggara has been closed for hiking. There have been sounds of eruption since last Thursday. The mountain's status is on alert. Since last month, 13 quakes occur every day with white smoke coming out from the mountain.

COLUMBIA – Colombia's Galeras volcano erupted on Monday for the second time in 24 hours, showering villages in the surrounding area with ash, but causing no damage or injuries. Authorities ordered 8,000 residents to evacuate the area. No immediate impact was reported on the country's coffee crops. Galeras, which has registered minor eruptions in recent years, is closely observed because of the threat it poses to nearby populations. Eight eruptions have rattled the volcano so far this year.

ALASKA – The Alaska Volcano Observatory in Anchorage says the lava dome within the volcano's crater appears unstable and could fail with little or no warning.

HAWAII – The summit of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano is glowing brightly as molten lava swirls 300 feet below its crater's floor, bubbling near the surface after years of spewing from the volcano's side. The expanding vent of Halemaumau crater helps confirm scientists' belief that the lava is close to the surface of the summit. Kilauea has been erupting for more than 25 years, with its lava creating a plume of steam as it spills into the Pacific Ocean. But this recent activity is coming from the top of the volcano, not its sea-level side. This is the strongest glow coming from the crater since October, but scientists don't know if lava will ever erupt in a fountain from within the crater. The changes in the crater have not created any increased risk to visitors. Volcanic smog — known as vog — regularly emits from the crater, spreading a haze of toxic sulfur dioxide over the island. Sometimes, it has been thick enough to cause illnesses, kill crops and force school closures. Measurements taken earlier this week showed that sulfur dioxide emissions remain similar to recent elevated levels.


INDIA – With the water level beginning to rise in the Sunderbans, nearly one lakh people have fled the delta by Friday. The region, which bore the brunt of Cyclone Aila, is now facing threat of fresh inundation from Bhora Kotal or Spring Tide. With a low pressure zone already forming in the Bay of Bengal, any fresh tropical storm could make the situation, already fragile, worse. The Spring Tide would result in more inundation in the areas where embankments were breached during Aila. Overall, 70 per cent breaches have been repaired, however. Water level will continue to rise till June 8. “The water level is likely to rise more than 0.5 metre from the normal sea level. In creeks or in the river of the Sunderbans, it may be more than 0.7 metre." Since the tide is being caused by Full Moon, the rise in water level would be more. The district administration had alerted the residents of the impending rise in the water level and asked the people not to stay in villages near river or sea side. “Thousands of people are thronging the Godeghat point with their belongings and leaving the area." For the past few days, locals were engaged in repairing 226 breaches in the embankments. The state government has already requisitioned 147 speed boats and one hovercraft for rescue operation in case the tide causes fresh flooding in the area.


Typhoons trigger "imperceptible" earthquakes, and potentially reduce the number of more powerful ones.
In a seismically active zone in Taiwan, pressure changes caused by typhoons "unclamp" the fault. This gentle release causes an earthquake that dissipates its energy over several hours rather than a few potentially devastating seconds. The researchers believe this could explain why there are relatively few large earthquakes in this region. Instruments picked up 20 "slow earthquakes", each lasting from several hours to more than a day. Of these, 11 co-incided exactly with typhoons. The authors described the possibility that this coincident timing was by chance as "vanishingly small". In Taiwan, the colliding plates move so rapidly that they build mountains at a rate of almost 4mm per year. In geological terms that is almost like "growing mushrooms". The fault "dips steeply" westward from near the east coast so that it is under the land area. So the landward side is under constant strain to move upward. When a typhoon passes over the land, the air pressure on the land is lowered. That slight change in force "unclamps" the fault and allows it to move. "But this change is quite small. So for the typhoon to be a trigger, the fault must be precariously close to failure."


BRITAIN – On Sunday, Suffolk was saturated by the heaviest rainfall since early February and a string of BIZARRE WEATHER PHENOMENA, which included twisters, hailstorms and lightning strikes. The weekend's weird weather stood in stark contrast to the weekend before, where residents enjoyed near uninterrupted sunshine and temperatures which soared up to 27 degrees Celsius. “The remainder of this week is going to be changeable with more raining coming…It won't improve until the end of the week when a small cyclone will form over the UK, which will give us good weather." The bad weather was caused by a depression which moved across East Anglia on its way from Plymouth to the Humber estuary.

CHINA – Heavy storms have caused serious damage in China. 27 people were killed when the storms swept through five provinces in central and eastern China over the past few days. Nearly four-and-a-half million people's homes have been damaged or destroyed by gales, hail and heavy rain, especially in the Henan and Anhui provinces. More than 341,000 hectares of crops have been damaged. The storms have already caused an estimated 2.2 billion yuan in losses, that’s over 300 million USD. Winds reached 104 kilometers per hour in Yongcheng City, Henan – the FASTEST RECORDED SPEED SINCE 1957. Meteorologists also say the extreme weather is RARE in these areas.

The El Nino weather pattern, which can bring global weather chaos such as droughts and floods, could develop within weeks, the Climate Prediction Centre in the United States said. El Nino is driven by an abnormal warming of the eastern Pacific and the forecaster said conditions were favourable for a switch to El Nino conditions during June to August 2009. The forecast is the latest warning of the increased chances of El Nino developing after months of rising ocean temperatures in the tropical Pacific. El Nino leaves drier weather in the western Pacific and Australia and puts crops at risk of failure. The most devastating El Nino was in 1997/98, when it caused drought in Australia and Indonesia and floods in Peru and Ecuador. El Nino can also bring wetter weather to parts of the United States and can affect the monsoon in India.


CALIFORNIA – Friday’s UNUSUAL RAIN caught many Southern Californians off-guard during what is normally a gloomy, but otherwise dry month. “This is some pretty unusual weather,” said a climatologist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The county usually sees about one-tenth of an inch of rain the entire month of June, but Friday’s storm dumped about a quarter of an inch. It was the FIRST TIME IN AT LEAST 20 YEARS that it rained on June 5.

CALIFORNIA – Yuba-Sutter residents blacked out by a RARE, dramatic thunderstorm had their power restored Thursday, hours after a wave of lightning lit up the nighttime sky and left thousands of buildings in the dark. An UNUSUAL MIX of moist low-pressure air entering from over the Pacific Ocean, warm inland temperatures and cooler skies produced lightning and as much as a half-inch of overnight rain from the Central Valley to Southern Oregon. The combination — UNUSUAL FOR LATE SPRING in the valley — was expected to spawn a second wave of storms that could add to the estimated 2,800 lightning strikes Thursday between Shasta and Calaveras counties. "This lightning, it's TOTALLY UNUSUAL. This episode was so intense, we had people calling in to say the sky was lit up every second.


MINNESOTA – A RECORD June chill – Highs were below 60 for 3 days in a row last week, the first time that's happened in June since 1951. There have been only 3 other years since 1872 where the temperature has stayed below 60 degree for 3 straight days in June — 1917, 1935 and 1937.

NORTH DAKOTA – While many throughout the country were enjoying summer-like weather this past Saturday, the residents of Dickinson, N.D. had snow. At least 2 inches of the white stuff fell from the skies and surprised the residents of Dickinson. It was THE FIRST TIME IN 60 YEARS that Dickinson had seen snow past May. It is UNUSUAL that North Dakota has seen snow beyond June.The last time area residents of the North Dakota town saw snow at this time of year was in 1951.

BRITAIN – Great British summer goes from sweltering to shivering in just a week. Five days earlier they were flocking to the beach, queueing for ice-creams and slathering on the sunscreen. Tuesday, they were shivering in summer's first dusting of snow. Yes, snow. After the hottest spell of the year so far, sleet and snow swept in across northern parts of Britain while the rest of the country also cooled down considerably. The Cairngorms in Scotland were the chilliest, with temperatures falling to zero while the Pennines and Cumbrian fells managed a mere 3c (37f). Even by British summer standards, that is a remarkable weather turnaround. On Monday, temperatures soared to 80.6f (27c) and beyond, with the highest reported at Port Solent, Hampshire, which sweltered at 27.2c. Amateur weather watchers in Brampton, Cumbria, were astonished at the unseasonal snow. 'This is very late in the season for snow even on Cross Fell. For it to fall and lie in the early afternoon in June is remarkable…Those early afternoon temperatures in Penrith are VERY UNUSUAL. To think it was only four days ago that it reached 26c.'


Chalk up another casualty of climate change: Wind speeds in many parts of the U.S. seem to be decreasing, which could make life tougher for the wind industry. A study to be published later this summer says that climate change has led to lower average wind speeds in the Midwest and eastern part of the U.S. If true – and the study goes against what most computer models predict will happen – it seems to be because rising temperatures at the poles change pressure patterns around the globe, which leads to less wind. "It’s a very large effect." In some places in the Midwest, the trend shows a 10 percent drop or more over a decade. That adds up when the average wind speed in the region is about 10 to 12 miles per hour. There’s been a jump in the number of low or no wind days in the Midwest. States such as Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Kansas, Virginia, Louisiana, Georgia, northern Maine and western Montana show some of the biggest drop in wind speeds. The study’s authors say it’s too early to draw definitive conclusions, though there is evidence that climate change is leading to shifting wind patterns elsewhere, too. In England, there are signs climate change is leading to higher wind speeds in the English Channel.

CANADA – An unseasonable heat wave has been BREAKING RECORDS ACROSS BRITISH COLUMBIA. Twenty-one record temperatures were smashed around the province Thursday.

WASHINGTON – Seattle hit RECORD TEMPERATURES Wednesday. Temperatures climbed to 89 degrees by 5 pm, two degrees higher than the previous June 3 record, set in 1978.

MINNESOTA – 45% of Minnesota is now considered "abnormally dry." "Many locations are 5 to 6 inches below normal for the calendar year." The current US Drought Monitor categorizes east central and southeastern Minnesota in a moderate to severe drought.

CANADA – A heat wave is baking British Columbia, triggering fire bans and fueling the Tyaughton Lake blaze firefighters are struggling to contain. Several B.C. cities saw TEMPERATURE RECORDS SHATTERED Tuesday, including the capital. Temperatures reached 30.4 degrees in Victoria, breaking the 31-year record of 27.3 degrees. Records were set in White Rock, Pitt Meadows and Squamish – where temperatures hit 33 degress – and more records could fall as the heat wave continues.

INDIA – Heat wave is back and on Wednesday it pounded large tracts of the Northern belt as the mercury climbed up appreciably across the region with the holy city Amritsar sizzling at 44.4 degree Celsius.Temperatures shot up by two to five degrees in Punjab and Haryana where mercury breached the 43-degree mark at several places confining people indoors. The maximum in Amritsar settled five degree celsius above normal as elsewhere in Punjab, Patiala baked at 43.5 degrees and Ludhiana at 43, both up by four notches.


U.S. – CORN & SOYBEANS – Cooler summer to impact acres, health and yields of US corn and soybeans. Lack of sun spot activity, volcano eruption in Alaska in March and the return of an El Niño all paint a cooler than normal summer for the major crop areas in the US. It is been colder than normal so far this Spring in most of the Plains and in addition it has been very wet in the Corn Belt east of the Mississippi. This has delayed corn and soybean seeding to the extent that US corn crop yields are projected to be down. The ocean surface temperatures in the South Pacific are rising quickly, which could mean we will not have a normal neutral period and could move into an El Niño later this summer. That would have an even more severe impact on rains in Australia and the major Palm areas of Indonesia and Malaysia resulting in drought. Once again world stocks of soybeans will be critically low at the end of the 2008/2009 crop year. Corn inventories are projected to drop in the 2009/2010 crop year and if we have further weather and related crop issue in North America this summer, prices could pop once again. At the same time, good weather and moisture with improved seeds and farm management could result in a bumper soybean crop and a decent corn crop yet. Keep your eyes to the skies.

INDIA – SHRIMP – Cyclone Aila causes heavy damages to Shrimp farms. The recent Cyclone Aila has caused widespread damaged to fishery resources of patuakhali district. The tidal surge that engulfed most part of the district washed out 1717 shrimp farms of the districts and submerged about 50,000 ponds of the district. 8000 fishermen lost their fishing nets, trawlers and fishing boats. The tidal waves of 8-9 feet flooded the district and the surge waters lasted for seven hours. Over 2,214 metric tons of Shrimps were washed out.


The US's number of novel H1N1 cases rose to 11,468, up 414 from yesterday. The number of deaths reported grew by 2 to 19. The number of hospitalizations climbed to 770, about 2.5% of the cases. Rates were highest in the 5 to 24 age-group and among children younger than 5.

Five states report new novel flu deaths – Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan, New York, and Wisconsin are reporting new novel H1N1 deaths.

The New York City Department of Health yesterday detailed risk factors that were present among the 152 residents who were hospitalized for novel influenza. At least 85% had one or more underlying health condition. The most common ones were asthma (41%), being younger than 2 years old (18%), having a compromised immune system (13%), and heart disease (12%). Pregnancy, diabetes, and chronic organ system disorders were also reported among those who were hospitalized.

The Caribbean countries of Barbados and Trinidad reported their first novel flu cases.

The global count of novel flu cases jumped to 21,940, including 125 deaths, from 69 countries. The count was up 2,667 since the last report 2 days ago. Appearing on the list for the first time are Barbados, Luxembourg, and Saudi Arabia. Besides the United States, Mexico, and Canada, countries reporting more than 300 cases are Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Chile.

The number of confirmed and probable novel flu cases in the United States reached 13,217, 27 of them fatal.
The death toll rose by 10 since the CDC's Jun 3 count. Wisconsin has the most cases (2,217), followed by Texas (1,670), Illinois (1,357), California (973), and New York (858).

Australia's tally of novel H1N1 cases reached 1,006, up by 130. The government expects the virus to spread nationwide. The total is the most of any country outside North America. The state of Victoria added 122 cases today for a total of 874. Australian officials said earlier this week that they were seeing sustained community transmission. But the cases are mild and travel restrictions are not warranted.

International novel flu isolates show little genetic change – Influenza experts at the CDC who have been analyzing genetic sequences of novel H1N1 isolates from a wide geographic area have seen little variation. Global health officials have voiced concern that the new strain could mutate as it spreads to other regions, including the southern hemisphere, where the flu season is just starting.

The world tally of novel H1N1 cases rose to 25,288, including 139 deaths, in 73 countries. The list includes the first cases from the Cayman Islands, Dominica, Trinidad and Tobago, and the United Arab Emirates.

Proposal to divert BioShield money into flu effort draws fire – The leaders of a bipartisan commission on weapons of mass destruction criticized President Obama's proposal to use $3 billion in Project BioShield money to battle novel H1N1 influenza. Leaders of the commission asserted that using the BioShield funds for the flu threat would reduce US preparedness for WMD attacks.

– The World Health Organization has declared a global flu pandemic after holding an emergency meeting. It means the swine flu virus is spreading in at least two regions of the world with rising cases being seen in the UK, Australia, Japan and Chile. The move does not mean the virus is causing more severe illness or more deaths. The swine flu (H1N1) virus first emerged in Mexico in April and has since spread to 74 countries. There have been nearly 30,000 cases globally and 141 deaths, with figures rising daily. Hong Kong said it was closing all its nurseries and primary schools for two weeks following 12 school cases. The current pandemic seems to be moderate and causing mild illness in most people. But most cases are occurring in young working age adults and a third to a half of complications are presenting in otherwise healthy people. It is the FIRST FLU PANDEMIC IN 40 YEARS – the last in 1968 killed about one million people. This one is a new version of the H1N1 strain which caused the 1918 flu pandemic. The WHO does not recommend closure of borders or any restrictions on the movement of people, goods or services. But the picture could change very quickly. "No other pandemic has been detected so early or watched so closely." "Let me stress: this is a formal statement about the geographical spread of the disease … It is not in itself a cause for alarm." One factor which has prompted the move to a level six pandemic was that in the southern hemisphere, the virus seems to be crowding out normal seasonal influenza. "There is concern that the virus might mutate in the southern hemisphere over its winter and become more virulent, but there's no sign of that yet."

"The scientific criteria for a pandemic have been met. The world is now at the start of the 2009 influenza pandemic." Most cases have been mild and the epidemic has been moderate in relatively well-off countries, but a "bleaker picture" may emerge as it spreads in poor countries.

The latest case count for novel H1N1 influenza worldwide: 28,774 cases and 144 deaths in 74 countries, up 1,037 cases and 3 deaths from yesterday's numbers. Countries reporting the greatest increase in laboratory-confirmed cases since yesterday were Mexico (524 new cases), Britain (156), Australia (83), Japan (33), and China (32).

Researchers say H1N1 virus jumped to humans months ago – the novel H1N1 virus responsible has been circulating undetected in humans for months – and its components have been present in pigs for at least a decade. The findings demonstrate the critical need to ramp up disease-detection efforts in animals: "Despite widespread influenza surveillance in humans, the lack of systematic swine surveillance allowed for the undetected persistence and evolution of this potentially pandemic strain for many years." If better surveillance had existed, the first flu pandemic in 41 years might have been detected much earlier – because the novel H1N1 strain's evolution tracks with the emergence of earlier and (as yet) more destructive pandemic strains. "All three pandemics of the 20th century seem to have been generated by a series of multiple reassortment events in swine or humans, and to have emerged over a period of years before pandemic recognition." The eight genomic segments of the novel H1N1 have been circulating in swine populations for a number of years, from 9.24 years at the shortest to 17.15 years at the outside. The complete virus, they estimate, has been circulating in humans since approximately January 2009, and may have emerged as early as August 2008. Movement of live pigs between Eurasia and North America is likely to have facilitated viral reassortment.

UTAH – wet weather over the past several weeks means there is potential for an increased mosquito population across the state. Some districts found more mosquitoes with the virus during this same time period last year, but it's UNUSUAL to have mosquitoes test positive across the state this early in the year. Finding that much West Nile now could lead to a frightening scenario later. "We don't have a large database to draw from, I think this is about the 6th year we've seen it in the state. But those years when we found it very early in June or the last of May have been years that in local areas we've had our worst West Nile virus human cases."

Signs in False Shepherds & False Religion
"For among them are those who worm their way into households and capture idle women burdened down with sins, led along by a variety of passions, always learning and never able to come to a knowledge of the truth. Just as Jannes and Jambres resisted Moses, so these also resist the truth, men who are corrupt in mind, worthless in regard to the faith. But they will not make further progress, for their lack of understanding will be clear to all, as theirs was also." 2 Timothy 3:6-9

Megachurch-goers younger, wealthier — and stingier
Associated Press – 6/10/2009

Despite their reputation as symbols of baby-boomer America, Protestant megachurches attract a younger crowd and more singles than the average Protestant church, according to large-scale study released Tuesday. The survey also found distressing news for a movement that took off in the 1980s and remains influential in evangelical Christianity: megachurch-goers volunteer less and give less money than other churchgoers. Conducted by the Hartford Institute for Religion Research at Hartford Seminary and Leadership Network, the survey of nearly 25,000 people who attend 12 U.S. megachurches was conducted from January through August 2008. It is billed as the largest representative national study of that religious demographic to date. An estimated 5 million Americans a week attend roughly 1,300 U.S. megachurches, defined in the study as Protestant churches with attendance of 2,000 or more. To compare the megachurch data to Protestant churches of all sizes, the study relied on the U.S. Congregational Life Study of 2001.

Colour changing frog worshipped as god in India
A frog that constantly changes colour is being worshipped as a god in India.
08 Jun 2009

The creature was discovered in a flower bed and now draws hundreds of followers to the home where it is kept in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Now one of India's top zoologists has decided he will study the unusual creature – provided it can be kept alive. Reji Kumar, 35, a lift worker, said he is doing its best but the frog has lost its appetite. "My one problem is that this frog does not appear to eat. I keep trying to feed it but it doesn't eat anything. I don't know what else to give it," he said.

Evangelical editor picks a quarrel with his cohorts
By Tim Funk
Posted: Saturday, Jun. 06, 2009

Evangelical Protestants – born-again, Bible-believing and ever-ready to spread the Word – make up the country's biggest religious group, with 26 percent of all U.S. adults. Marching under that banner are some of America's most prominent figures of faith, from Rick Warren to Franklin Graham. And who is most closely identified with mega-churches, contemporary Christian music, mass-rally evangelism and best-selling, purpose-driven Christian books? That's right: Evangelicals. Sounds like a golden age for the evangelical church, right? Wrong, says Warren Cole Smith, an evangelical journalist and longtime editor of The Charlotte World.

'Orthodox child abuse' claim by Reform rabbi
Jewish Telegraph
Manchester News

REFORM rabbi Brian Fox has made allegations of child abuse in Orthodox Jewish institutions.

After having qualified remarks he made in a recent sermon that Jewish society was "worse" in this respect than others, he said at Menorah Synagogue's Ethics Seminar on Tuesday: "What we do know is the more we look, the more we find. "It seems that institutions run by the Catholic Brothers in Ireland are by no means alone." He claimed that the head of a North Manchester yeshiva used to use a strap to beat his pupils and said that even his own grandfather used his sewing machine strap during the Pesach seder. Rabbi Fox, formerly of Australia, said that the chairman of the Melbourne Jewish community had been proud of the fact that he had "beaten to a pulp" his child for breaking Shabbat. The child had had to be hospitalised. Rabbi Fox added: "There is a cabinet in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem which displays instruments used for discipline in East European yeshivot."

China creates spectre of duelling Dalai Lamas
The New York Times, June 7, 2009

DHARAMSALA, India — For centuries, the selection of the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama has been steeped in the mysticism of a bygone world. On the windswept Tibetan plateau, his closest aides look for divinations in a sacred lake. A mountain god transmits oracular messages by possessing a high lama. Monks scour villages for boys precocious in their spiritual attunement. All that is about to change, as the current Dalai Lama and his followers in exile here in India compete with the Chinese government for control of how the 15th Dalai Lama will be chosen. The issue is urgent for the Tibetans because the current Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of all Tibetans and the charismatic face of the exile movement, has had recent bouts of ill health. He turns 74 in July.

Faith under Fire
“Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and falsely say every kind of evil against you because of me. Be glad and rejoice, because your reward is great in heaven. For that is how they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”  Matthew 5:11-12

“You will be hated by everyone because of my name. But the one who endured to the end will be delivered.” Matthew 10:22

UCLA student told she can't say 'Jesus'
Adviser edits senior's statement, cites, 'This is department policy'
June 05, 2009
By Bob Unruh

An adviser on the campus of UCLA has edited a student's personal graduation statement to remove her reference to "my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ," citing policy in the Department of Molecular, Cell & Development Biology. Word of the situation came from an Internet posting by Gordon Klingenschmitt, the former Navy chaplain who was removed from the military in a dispute over the use of Jesus' name in his prayers. "This is another example of the improper application of separation of church and state," he told WND. "As a government school, UCLA cannot prohibit religious expression. They're the ones crossing the line here."

Court to government: OK to diss Catholics
San Francisco officials say calling church 'hateful,' 'callous' serves 'secular' purpose
June 05, 2009
By Bob Unruh

Authorities in San Francisco who called the beliefs of the Catholic Church "hateful," "callous," and an "insult," – and urged members to disobey them – have been given the go-ahead by a panel of judges on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to express such hate because it serves a "secular" purpose. "It is not a stretch to compare the San Francisco Board's actions to that of the Nazi Germany policy of 'Gleichschaltung:' vilifying Jews as an auxiliary to and laying the groundwork for more repressive policies, including the final solution of extermination," said Richard Thompson, the president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Law Center, which represented the Catholic League and several individuals in the church in their complaint against the city. "The policy of San Francisco is one of totalitarian intolerance of Christians of all denominations who oppose homosexual conduct," Thompson continued. "My concern is that if this ruling is allowed to stand, it will further embolden anti-Christian attacks."

Evangelical Group Banned From Tulsa Housing Projects, Chapter Leader Says
Monday , June 08, 2009
By James Osborne

A Christian evangelical group that works to improve the lives of underprivileged children says it has been prohibited from conducting Bible study classes in public housing projects in Tulsa, Okla., potentially violating a Supreme Court ruling that upheld religious groups' right to the use of public institutions. For more than 70 years, the Missouri-based Child Evangelism Fellowship has worked with underprivileged kids, not only to convert them to Christianity, but to improve their lives through education and after-school activities. In one program, fellowship missionaries visit prisons and sign up inmates' children for Bible study programs in an effort to keep them from winding up in jail themselves. And for more than two decades, the fellowship has hosted a religious-themed summer program in Tulsa's tough housing projects, designed to keep children from falling victim to the temptations of drugs and crime. But recently, the fellowship was told that it was in violation of a long-standing policy prohibiting religious instruction on public housing property, said Larry Koehn, who heads the organization's chapter in the city. "They said they have a policy now whereby we can't come in and talk about God or Christ," Koehn said. "We can come in and play games and talk about moral things, but we can't mention the name of God."

Christian Man Raped, Murdered for Refusing to Convert to Islam, Family Says
Saturday, June 13, 2009
By Nora Zimmett

A young Christian man was raped and brutally murdered in Pakistan for refusing to convert to Islam, and police are doing nothing about it, the victim's brother and minister told Pakistani police reportedly found the body of Tariq "Litto" Mashi Ghauri — a 28-year-old university student in Sargodha, Pakistan — lying dead in a canal outside a rural village in Punjab Province on May 15. He had been raped and stabbed at least five times. "They have sexually abuse him, torture him with a knife on his testicle and genitals," Ghauri's brother, 24-year-old Salman Nabil Ghauri, said. "They have tortured him very badly, and after that they have stabbed five times with a knife and killed him." The family believes Litto Ghauri was murdered by the brothers of his Muslim girlfriend, Shazi Cheema, after they found him in a compromising sexual position with their sister.

Secret Chinese document to suppress Christians
A secret Communist Party document from Hubei indicates a nationwide campaign to 'normalize'- suppress underground Christian churches.
Friday, June 12, 2009
By Asia News

A secret Communist Party document from Hubei province has reached the West that indicates that a nationwide campaign is underway to “normalise" underground Protestant Churches by giving them two options: either join the Three Self-Patriotic Movement—the set of government-sanctioned patriotic Christian organisations—or be suppressed. Either way, the campaign is in clear violation of United Nations resolutions on religious freedom which ban any distinction between lawful (government-controlled) and unlawful religions activities. The secret document is titled Secret Document Reveals Chinese Government’s Campaign against Unregistered Churches. It was translated and published last Tuesday by the US-based China Aid Association (CAA), an organisation devoted to counter religious persecution in China. The original document was issued on July 24, 2007 by the Duodao District Committee Office of Jingmen Municipality of the Communist Party of China, Hubei province. In order to protect the source, the CAA omitted the document’s specific number. But copies of the paper were printed, each with its serial number, on the understanding that its “content must not be disclosed."

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