CHOSEN: End Times Newsletter – Issue 126

The Minister's Corner
You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32

Show Me What I'm Looking For
Song by Carolina Liar
Submitted by Johanna
This week I have decided to share a song I heard. It really speaks to my heart. I think it is something that we have struggled with at one point or another in our lives.
Wait, I'm wrong
Should've done better than this
Please, I'll be strong
I'm finding it hard to resist
So show me what I'm looking for
Save me, I'm lost
Oh Lord I've been waiting for you
I'll pay any cost
Save me from being confused
Show me what I'm looking for
Show me what I'm looking for
Oh Lord
Don't let go
I've wanted this far too long
Mistakes become regrets
I've learned to love abuse
Please show me what I'm looking for
Save me, I'm lost
Oh Lord I've been waiting for you
I'll pay any cost
Save me from being confused
Show me what I'm looking for
Show me what I'm looking for
Oh Lord
Show me what I'm looking for
Show me what I'm looking for
Show me what I'm looking for
Save me, I'm lost
Oh Lord I've been waiting for you
I'll pay any cost
To save me from being confused
Wait, I'm wrong
I can't do better than this
I'll pay any cost
Save me from being confused
Show me what I'm looking for
Show me what I'm looking for
Show me what I'm looking for
Show me what I'm looking for
Oh Lord

Just Wait
By Regina
There once was a man who had a horse. It was all he owned in the world and one day it ran away. When he told his neighbor the neighbor said, "Oh! That's terrible! It's the worst thing that could have happened!" To which the man replied, "Just wait." A week later the horse came back and brought with it a whole herd of wild horses. The neighbor said, "Oh that's great! It's the best thing that could have happened!" The man again replied, "Just wait." The following day the man's son was riding one of the horses, fell off and broke his leg. The neighbor said, "Oh! That's terrible! It's the worst thing that could have happened!" The man yet again replied, "Just wait." A week later the Army came through recruiting and because the son had a broken leg he was allowed to stay home. Again the neighbor said, "Oh! That's great! It's the best thing that could have happened!" And again the man replied, "Just wait."
In the above story who is it that you most identify with? The man, or the neighbor? I think for most of us it would be the neighbor because in this world anything unexpected can seem to be the worst thing that ever happened until the next perceived worst thing occurs. It takes a concerted effort to learn, yes learn, how to wait on God and how to place our hope in Her and Her son Christ Jesus.
As I write each week to all of you, I realize that truly I can only share with you the things that I have learned. The lessons that Yahweh has taught me and helped me to learn. And for each of us, our learning comes in stages of growth. Even at this time in my life and in this period of growth am I learning each day how to wait on the LORD. Just wait. 
Psalm 39:7 "Now, Lord, what do I wait for? My hope is in You."
Psalm 130:5 "I wait for the LORD; I wait, and put my hope in His word."
And what is it that we wait for? It can be many things…an answer to a prayer perhaps? A resolution to a difficult circumstance? Our deliverance? Salvation? Or maybe even we wait for the lesson that is meant to be learned. If we could all be like the man in the story, calmly waiting for what might come next, can you imagine how much easier life would be? For some of us it might turn a roller coaster into a leisurely walk through the park. But truly it"s not only about ease, but growing, maturing in our faith, our trust and our hope. These things are like flowers that must be tended to daily so that they might flourish and bloom. 
Psalm 27:14 "Wait for the LORD; be courageous and let your heart be strong. Wait for the LORD."
We must be courageous with hearts that are strong. In these End Times we see a rehashing of events that have occurred from time to time over many decades. We see people struggling to survive, to find work, food, keep a roof over their heads and provide for their families as a result of the declining economy worldwide. We see those who suffer and endure through natural disasters, pestilence and plagues. We see those who meet with accidents and disease and lose loved ones, friends, coworkers. And we see those who lose hope completely and commit heinous crimes in the taking of others's lives as well as their own. It is hope lost. And not only that, it is love lost as well.
Psalm 25:5 "Guide me in Your truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation; I wait for You all day long."
A day is a thousand years to Yahweh. Can you imagine waiting a thousand years? There are those who have and who do. Those who exist as a part of the invisible spirit realm who are in union with Father and Christ and have been fighting the Spiritual War and working with mankind for literally thousands of years. They have learned how to wait, have faith and trust and hope in our Creator. For them it's been a much longer time period and they serve as examples to us all but it's also important to put things into perspective. Our lifespan here on this earth is much shorter. So we only have to wait the amount of time that we are given on this earth and sometimes much shorter than that. A few days, a few weeks, a few months or a few years. When we seek and wait on the LORD, with patience and hope we can be assured that all our needs, all our problems, will be taken care of for She is good to those who wait, to the people who seek. Can any of us honestly say we cannot wait, when there are those who have waited more generations than we can even imagine?
Lamentations 3:25 "The LORD is good to those who wait for Him, to the person who seeks Him."
In seeking we do not forget. In seeking we know we are not alone. In seeking we realize what is important and what is not – what is unnecessary or unimportant and what can wait. In doing this we learn that in all things no matter how urgent the need may seem, we can wait. 
In a time of fast food, quick weight loss, power lunches, satellite communications, microwaves, Googling, and in which 30 seconds is too long to wait for a download… we must learn how to wait. How to be patient. How to seek what is good and righteous and pay closest attention to the lessons we learn that make us grow stronger and closer to God in love and understanding.
Psalm 33:20 "We wait for the LORD; He is our help and shield."
As a final word, remember this: When confronted with any situation that causes your heart to feel heavy with worries and anxieties, take a deep breath, turn your eyes to heaven, pray, rely, seek Yahweh and never, ever give up hope. Then… just wait. Just wait.
Romans 8: 18-25 "For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is going to be revealed to us. For the creation eagerly waits with anticipation for God's sons to be revealed. For the creation was subjected to futility – not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it – in the hope that the creation itself will also be set free from the bondage of corruption into the glorious freedom of God's children. For we know that the whole creation has been growing together with labor pains until now. And not only that, but we ourselves who have the Spirit as firstfruits – we also groan within ourselves, eagerly waiting for adoption, the redemption of our bodies. Now in this hope we were saved, yet hope that is seen is not hope, because who hopes for what he sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we eagerly wait for it with patience.

A Poem by Deborah
You never know the full impact of what you say or do
For all we come in contact with creates a ripple effect
Each look, each word, each action, each plan
The final destination of that energy cannot be seen by anyone…
But Father.
Is your intention to create or to destroy?
Is your motivation love or hate?
Can we undo what we regret?
Can we…
They say tomorrow is another day
In fact, the second after you read this is another moment in time
Another opportunity 
Another chance
Reflected by the Grace of God and the sacrifice of Her Son Christ Jesus.
Will you accept what is being offered to you?
Will you take a step toward what is good?
Can you cling to what you've learned?
Or will you slide back…
To darkness.

The Impact of Perspective
By Jeshaiah
Had an interesting occurrence that spurned a bit of thinking about the way a person looks. It is recalled how horribly immigrants and their children have been treated in the past, and how that sort of racism is still very prevalent in America, today. There have been quite some horrendous acts taken against Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanics, Orientals, and much more…and perhaps the word "horrendous" isn't quite the right word to describe how really horrible the acts were. And the motives behind the persecutions varied, but couldn't be substantiated with good reasoning, just as one may not be right for having certain emotions. In a way, the persecutions all linked to some form of perspective that one person or a group has against/for a whole other person or group.
For instance, an employee begins working at a workplace with a specific uniform that designates them as a particular worker. This could be a doctor versus a nurse, a mechanic versus a manager, a tech support versus a sales representative. Because of that uniform, there are different perspectives that the other employees have of the individual, ranging from different expectations of knowledge, to stereotypes of attitude and personality. The way the uniform looks on the employee could even alter such perspectives other employees have. And then, one day, the employee gets a shift from one position to another, and suddenly their whole uniform changes, and everything everyone sees about them changes, too. A student in college might be able to relate to this when they move from an internship to a full job with different, or just larger, responsibilities.
The point of this is simply that the looks of a person on the outside seem to perhaps alter the way people see them, regardless of what has been said, done, or anything at all. More so, the moment a person speaks a few words, secondary impressions can be made, as the very way a person walks can be the first impressions that are given. And these things can occur without even thinking, and that can be an unfortunate shame, considering the following:
Proverbs 15:28 — The mind of the righteous person thinks before answering, but the mouth of the wicked blurts out evil things. 
Proverbs 18:13 — The one who gives an answer before he listens‚Äî this is foolishness and disgrace for him. 
In this, forming opinions or attitudes and/or views of a person before fully getting a glimpse or an idea for something or anything can be a total disgrace and dishonor, which leads all the way up to Father Yahweh. Further, there are things that might be overlooked, things that might not be understood, and things that might even further be more difficult to search through, in order to truly start seeing anything. To this extent, there would be so little formulating of opinions as much as there would be stopping and looking and waiting.
Proverbs 19:11 — A person's insight gives him patience, and his virtue is to overlook an offense. 
There is a time and place for action, yet, being too hasty to take action before Father's Spirit spurns one forward will cause oneself to commit a sin.
Proverbs 19:2 — Even zeal is not good without knowledge,
and the one who acts hastily sins. 
At the same time, though, a person's perspective can cause them to be too hasty, and something can trigger them to do something wrong. This may not be something anticipated, but in the occurrence of something that is too difficult for an individual to handle, Father must be sought immediately to avoid an incorrect discernment that would not go well for anyone.
Just as Christ had related in Matthew 6:22 ("The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light."), a person's perspectives can shed light on their motives, and even play an active role in their decision making process because of what one sees and thus begins to reason with. If a small change in perspective could make a huge difference in the outcome of an event, then, amongst the combat that is occurring around Creation, perspective would be a huge consideration. Further:
Matthew 25:34-36 — Then the King will say to those on His right, 'Come, you who are blessed by My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.
 For I was hungry
 and you gave Me something to eat;
 I was thirsty
 and you gave Me something to drink;
 I was a stranger and you took Me in;
 I was naked and you clothed Me;
 I was sick and you took care of Me;
 I was in prison and you visited Me.
Helps to consider how perspective plays a role in the light that oneself may shed in another person's life, and even where that light may come from. It's not something to take lightly, as perspective also changes how one views the Great Tribulation, Rapture, and Armageddon. Perspective even changes how one expresses their love. Thus, even in reflecting, perspective alters one's reflecting, and requires Father's help to bring something very good about. Accepting and taking on Father's call is makes a huge difference not only in being able to see Father's call in a true perspective, but also in furthering Her Truth in one's perspective. And with this, oneself is better equipped to perform all good works that Father Yahweh has for oneself, with every good reason to to take action.

Nourishment From The Throne
Cherubic Commander: Put the clues together to learn the secret of Orion and Pleiades in Father's grand scheme of things.
Revelation 1:16 "In His right hand He had seven stars; from His mouth came a sharp two-edged sword; and His face was shining like the sun at midday." Father's right hand is Her what? It reveals Her Power and might. Psalm 89:13 "You have a mighty arm; Your hand is powerful; Your right hand is lifted high."Joshua 4:24 "This is so that all the people of the earth may know that the LORD's hand is mighty, and so that you may always fear the LORD your God."
Where does Christ sit? Hebrews 1:3 "He is the radiance of His glory, the exact expression of His nature, and He sustains all things by His powerful word. After making purification for sins, He sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high."
So ministers, where do the seven stars originate from? Where did the Lion's of Zion form up at for special duty? What is the duty? 
Joel 2:11 "The LORD raises His voice in the presence of His army. His camp is very large; Those who carry out His command are powerful. Indeed, the Day of the LORD is terrible and dreadful – who can endure it?" 
And, in what likeness or similarity is our enemy to our LOZ? 
Joel 1:6 "For a nation has invaded My land, powerful and without number; its teeth are the teeth of a lion, and it has the fangs of a lioness." 
The "nation" that invaded Father's land is who? It is the nation of wickedness that spawn forth at the fall from perfection by both angelic and human kind.
Concerning the belt of Orion: 
Psalm 109:19 "Let it be like a robe he wraps around himself, like a belt he always wears." 
Isaiah 11:5 "Righteousness and faithfulness will be a belt around His waist." 
Who can loosen Christ's belt of righteousness and faithfulness? No one. So, where did the LOZ warriors originally storm forth from? Where then is our base of operation if not Mount Zion? And if not from Mount Zion, why Orion and Pleiades? Three stars represent what? Unity. Concerning the origination point of the LOZ not being directed from Mount Zion. It is the same reason Michael substitutes for Christ. The answer is within the Word: 
Deuteronomy 21:9 "You must purge from yourselves the guilt of shedding innocent blood, for you will be doing what is right in the LORD's sight." 
Remember when the Israelite army exterminated entire cities from adults to babies? Because they might have had feelings of shedding innocent blood, Father helped them to purge those thoughts away. It is a cleansing of the soul and heart that the acts were wrongful in one's own heart. This is because it is Father's will. Right in Her sight. With bloodshed comes guilt: 
Psalm 51:14 "Save me from the guilt of bloodshed, God, the God of my salvation, and my tongue will sing of Your righteousness." 
But Father saves Her righteous children from the anguish. 
Deuteronomy 7:16 "You must destroy all the peoples the LORD your God is delivering over to you and not look on them with pity. Do not worship their gods, for that will be a snare to you."
Psalm 106:7 "Our fathers in Egypt did not grasp [the significance of] Your wonderful works or remember Your many acts of faithful love; instead, they rebelled by the sea-the Red Sea."
What does the Red Sea signify? The blood of Christ. What provided safe passage to the wilderness for the Israelites? Passage through the Red Sea. Whose blood must you symbolically pass through in order to receive salvation? Christ Jesus. What was created by his sacrifice of red blood for atonement of sins? A WAY back to Father. What happened at the Red Sea crossing that would otherwise had it not, would have prevented the Israelites from reaching the wilderness. Have halted a Way to safehaven? 
Psalm 136:13 "He divided the Red Sea His love is eternal." 
Father divided the waters. In kind, Father divided the shed blood of Christ and places it upon all those that are worthy of salvation. Father created an opening that leads to Her in pursuance of salvation by holding fast to Her WAY. What happened to those Israelites that made it to the wilderness ? Those that did not continue to obey Her commands were killed over a period of time in the wilderness. This same conditional hope for salvation carries over into the Millennium and on into eternity. Walking in Her Way requires absolute obedience to Her every command.
Jeshaiah: The seven stars originate from Father. Her wrath… As the Pleiades also resemble the little dipper, it is like Her wrath being poured out…erupted out much like the image given on the previous page. There is a volcano that is currently erupting that is getting quite a bit of news. Actually, there were quite a few volcanoes.
Something else that also came to mind about the image that I think Deborah touched on was that it also looked like a pyramid, and in this case, the pyramid has a fiery capstone.
The enemy has a likeness to the LOZ in power. What came to mind that was shared with Regina and Deborah on Saturday night was also that the puzzle pieces concerning the LOZ show a more holy power, where the sons of darkness' power is more related to those of the physical earth. That brings to mind the event when Samson was attacked by a young lion, Father's Spirit overtook him, and Samson tore the lion apart.
The constellations being the base of operations and origin of gathering for special duty also make sense, in that Michael is the archangel. They were still placed there by Father, and assigned.
What also comes to mind is about when Christ and Michael will not be split energies anymore. I am not sure exactly how it ties into what is being shared, here, but it is something that keeps coming to mind. Perhaps it is in a culmination of all the work that Christ and Michael have done and will do, so as to pull together all that is also being shared here.
I am going to keep pondering this, because I do not feel that I have really dug down to the core of what was initially stated concerning Father's grand scheme that is shared by Orion and Pleiades. 
Regina: Some thoughts…
Like Deborah and Jeshaiah, my first thought in regards to the photo was also of a volcano – but then also of the parallel of it signifying Father's wrath and how through Her long-suffering it's much like a volcano, simmering, boiling, then bubbling up to the service before finally erupting.
Further contemplation brought to mind the thought of a furnace – and seeing so many casts within the picture as well as a cast of a Lion made me think of Orion and Pleiades. But then as I looked more closely at the photo, I pondered as to why there are three bright lights. Were they three volcanoes? Or perhaps, the three stars in Orion's belt… only these three aren't aligned and the stars in Orion's belt are. (See photo below – which, additionally, reminds me of the shape of an hourglass.)
Also, the adult male lion cast that I marked in the photo (below) looks to another cast of an H/A with what looked to me to be an M on his head (Michael) – which makes me think of the LOZ looking to Michael for direction and command. There's a hand above his head which makes me think of him being under Father's hand, or, direction. Then again, the light at the top of the photo makes me think of Father's light and Michael's close proximity to it.
So, where did the LOZ warriors originally storm forth from? Where then is our base of operation if not Mount Zion And if not from Mount Zion, why Orion and Pleiades?
Not Mount Zion because it is where Father resides and Holy – and as we purge ourselves of the guilt of blood that is shed via others' own free will via delivering the Judgment Message and in reminding ourselves that we've done the best we can do, so does Father as it is not Father's wish that Her children should perish and there is no joy in it for Her or for anyone, but it is necessary to bring the scales back into balance.
The three stars signifying Unity also signify that the operation is in Union with Father's will and the LOZ are acting upon Father's will. The seven stars of Pleiades could signify the completion of Her will being done (that will be done). Interestingly, if you add the two together you get 10…
Psalm 106:7 "Our fathers in Egypt did not grasp [the significance of] Your wonderful works or remember Your many acts of faithful love; instead, they rebelled by the sea-the Red Sea."
This scripture makes me think of how close those who rebelled were to finding salvation and the parallel of the End Times and the behavior of people today if you look at it in regards to a timeline. We're all so close…and yet so many are so far away due to their disbelief and/or disobedience. 
Johanna: The three stars represent Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost which we all know are separate but represent Unity. The three could also mean that it is from Father and not the unholy side. Just a thought.
Cherubic Commander: "the pyramid has a fiery capstone." True. And what was missing the mark on the Great Pyramid? Now you have located the capstone.
There will be much sky activity in that region of Egypt in the near future. Specifically over the Great Pyramid. Can you understand why? Ponder and meditate with prayer to Father. That which missed the mark will be corrected by Her on high. The cap stone is about to make his appearance.

Signs From Above
"He rescues and delivers, He performs signs and wonders in the heavens and on the earth, for He has rescued Daniel from the power of the lions." Daniel 6:27
Daytime UFO formation over Sao Gabriel
Latest UFO Sightings
February 19, 2010
Two lights in the sky during the day over S√£o Gabriel, Brazil. This footage was recorded this Thursday – February 18, 2010 at 8:20 pm. 
2 Orbs over Orange County, California
Latest UFO Sightings
February 19, 2010
Two orbs spotted over Orange County near mission Viejo, California this Wednesday – February 17, 2010
Blue UFO over North Carolina, US
Latest UFO Sightings
February 19, 2010
Strange blue unknown object recorded over North Carolina this Thursday – February 18, 2010.
Orange UFO/Orbs over Geneva, Texas
Latest UFO Sightings
February 18, 2010
Orange UFO/Orbs recorded over Geneva Texas on February 16, 2010 between 7 pm and 10 pm. Walked outside of our home and saw an orange looking orb to the east from HWY 21 in Geneva TX…went back in and got my camera and my wife and got some video. This thing would fade out for a long time and then the light might be 1 or 2 and then fade again. I waited and filmed what I could from about 7 pm until about 10 pm. The videos are shaky because I am free holding the cam and not on a tripod.
Triangle formation over Oxford, UK
Latest UFO Sightings
February 21, 2010
Lights in the sky in triangle formation recorded over Oxford, UK this Saturday – February 20, 2010 at 10:35 pm. "I saw these strange lights in the sky at 22.35 this evening, the 20th February 2010. They were orange or amber in color and flew in a loose formation of 8 or 10 northeast over Oxford, England. After a minute or two they slowed down, flickered and went out. Were they Chinese Lanterns? If so why did they fly so fast; theres almost no wind, and how did they slow down? Also the little wind around is a south-easterly."

Signs Down Below
But know this: difficult times will come in the last days. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, without love for what is good, traitors, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to the form of religion but denying its power. 2 Timothy 3:1-5
British Gas profits surge 50% as cash-strapped elderly freeze
Daily Mail
by Sean Poulter
February 20, 2010
British Gas faces a backlash as it prepares to announce a 50 per cent surge in profits on the back of a winter of crippling energy bills. The UK's largest supplier, with 15.7 million customers, has made profits of more than £550 million in the past year. Thousands of elderly, meanwhile, have been unable to afford to keep warm during the coldest winter in 30 years.
Iraq war to be rebranded 'Operation New Dawn' 
February 19, 2010
WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama's administration plans to rebrand its military operation in Iraq "Operation New Dawn," beginning September 1, a Pentagon memorandum shows. The memo, signed by US Defense Secretary Robert Gates, shows the Pentagon approving a request to switch the name of the US military effort in Iraq from its current designation — "Operation Iraqi Freedom." "The request… is approved to take effect 1 September 2010, coinciding with the change of mission for US forces in Iraq. "Aligning the name change with the change of mission sends a strong signal that Operation Iraqi Freedom has ended and our forces are operating under a new mission," Gates wrote in the memo, first reported by ABC News.
Military coup ousts Niger president Mamadou Tandja 
February 19, 2010
A coup has taken place in Niger and the president has been captured after a gun battle in the capital, Niamey. In a televised announcement, a spokesman for the plotters said Niger's constitution had been suspended and all state institutions dissolved. The junta imposed a curfew and closed the country's borders. President Mamadou Tandja, in power for more than a decade in the uranium-rich nation, is believed to be in captivity at a military barracks.
Sharp rise in inflation forces Bank of England to explain itself
The Independent
by Sean O'Grady
February 17, 2010
A hike in VAT, higher petrol prices and bad weather helped push inflation to a 14-month high in January, the Office for National Statistics said yesterday. Prices rose by 3.5 per cent on the year, up from 2.9 per cent in the twelve months to December. The Governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King, has had to write a further open letter of explanation to the Chancellor explaining why the rate of inflation has strayed by more than 1 per cent from its official target of 2 per cent. It is the sixth such letter in three years. As recently as last September, annual price rises were down to 1.1 per cent. 
Jurors don't understand judge's directions, study finds
The Independent
by Matt Dickinson
February 17, 2010
Less than a third of trial jurors fully understand a judge's legal directions, a ground-breaking study suggested today. Jury members also looked on the internet for information about their case, despite being told not to by the judge, the research showed. Other findings show that all-white juries do not discriminate against black defendants and juries convict more often than they acquit in rape cases, contrary to public perception.

Signs in Humanity
Several dead in Ivory Coast clashes  
February 19, 2010
Several people have been killed in Ivory Coast during clashes between security forces and demonstrators. Security forces fired live bullets into the crowd of thousands of protesters, a demonstrator told the BBC. The violence in the town of Gagnoa is the latest in a series of protests against President Laurent Gbagbo.
Afghanistan Taliban 'using human shields' – general 
February 17, 2010
Taliban militants are increasingly using civilians as "human shields" as they battle against a joint Afghan-Nato offensive, an Afghan general has said. Gen Mohiudin Ghori said his soldiers had seen Taliban fighters placing women and children on the roofs of buildings and firing from behind them. The joint offensive in southern Helmand province has entered its fifth day. US Marines fighting to take the Taliban haven of Marjah have had to call in air support as they come under heavy fire.
Homeland Security reports losing guns
USA Today
by Thomas Frank
February 18, 2010
WASHINGTON – The nation's Homeland Security officers lost nearly 200 guns in bowling alleys, public restrooms, unlocked cars and other unsecure areas, with some ending up in the hands of felons. The problem, outlined in a new federal report, has prompted disciplinary actions and extra training. Most of the misplaced weapons – including handguns, shotguns and military rifles – were never found. "Most losses occurred because officers did not properly secure firearms," says the Homeland Security inspector general report.
Former richest man of China is charged with financial crimes
The Independent
by James Moore
February 16, 2010
A tycoon who was once the richest man in China was charged yesterday with bribery, insider trading and illegal business dealings. The trial of Huang Guangyu, the founder of China's largest consumer electronics chain, Gome Electrical Appliances, will be the highest-profile case yet involving a private entrepreneur in the country. It will be watched closely by China's business community because it highlights the risks of operating in the Communist state.
26 Trident protesters held
The Independent
by Alan Jones and Lauren Turner
February 16, 2010
Twenty-six people were arrested yesterday as demonstrators tried to blockade a nuclear weapons factory. About 400 people gathered before 7am at entrances to the Atomic Weapons Establishment in Aldermaston, Berkshire, in an attempt to stop work at the site. They sat down and some glued themselves together in protest against Trident submarine-based nuclear weapons. The Government is expected to decide on replacing the Trident system later this year.

Arks of Safe Haven
The mission of Arks of Safe Haven is to connect via an extensive network and online message board forum, those individuals and families who have been affected by recent economic downfalls and are in need with those individuals who are ready, willing and capable of providing assistance to those in need with employment, shelter, work, food, clothing and other necessities.
Coupled with our primary mission of delivering the Kingdom Message of Salvation, the assistance of Arks of Safe Haven is available to all who are in need. Our purposeful intention is to follow in the footsteps of Christ as our example, by providing hope to the hopeless and answering the prayers of those who have been forced to live outside of society.
How You Can Help?
In order to provide for those whose outcry of prayers have reached our heavenly Father's ears, Arks of Safe Haven is seeking out those who are able to provide shelter, whether it be an extra bedroom, empty rental property or a work for room and board agreement. Additionally, we also act as a liaison in connecting those with tangible items to donate to those in need like Food, Water, Clothing, & Other Personal Items. We pray that your heart is motivated to make a contribution, no matter how small. Visit and view the many posts from those in need to see if you're able to help with advice, prayers or goods & services.

Signs in Natural Disasters
"You are going to hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, because these things must take place, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise up against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places." Matthew 24:6-7
2/13/10 - 
6.1 TONGA 2/12/10 - 
2/14/10 - 
2/15/10 - 
2/16/10 - 
2/17/10 - 
2/18/10 - 
2/19/10 –
CALIFORNIA – A magnitude 4.1 earthquake rattled San Bernardino County but there are no reports of damage or injury. The quake struck at 1:39 p.m. Saturday about three miles south of Redlands. It was followed by two aftershocks within eight minutes, a magnitude 1.5 and a 1.4. Earlier Saturday a magnitude 3.4 earthquake shook a desert area about 170 miles to the south in San Diego County.
HAITI – Hundreds of houses that survived Haiti's killer quake still stand empty even as quake victims desperate for shelter crowd the streets. The reason is fear: Nobody is quite sure they can withstand another quake. At least 54 aftershocks have shuddered through Haiti's shattered capital since the Jan. 12 quake killed more than 200,000 people. At least 15 of the aftershocks near the original epicenter have registered at least magnitude-5. They have toppled weakened buildings faster than demolition crews can get to them, sending up new clouds of choking dust. On Monday, three children were killed when a school collapsed in the northern city of Cap-Haitien. It wasn't clear what caused the collapse, which occurred after a late-night tremor and heavy rains. Seismologists say more damaging aftershocks are likely and there's even a chance of another large quake following quickly after the initial catastrophe. The U.S. Geological Survey estimated at the end of January that there was a 90-percent likelihood of at least one more magnitude-5 quake in the coming month, a 15 percent likelihood of one of magnitude-6 or greater, and a 2 percent possibility of a shock as great, or bigger, than the Jan. 12 quake. A magnitude-5.8 earthquake struck off the Cayman Islands two days after the Haiti quake. Last week, a magnitude-5.4 quake jolted eastern Cuba. And Montserrat's volcano, more than 1,000 kilometers (600 miles) to the east, shot ash some 15 kilometers (nine miles) into the sky during one of its most dramatic events since a 1997 eruption that drove away half the Caribbean island's population. "These events we're seeing might be because of the passage of seismic waves – what we call dynamic triggering – that shake already damaged fault lines in places like Cuba. The same type of thing could be happening in Montserrat, but it's very difficult to tell." Strong quakes relieve stress along fault lines, but that stress is often shifted elsewhere. There is a heightened risk of quakes for some time because strong temblors force the Earth to rearrange itself. Last month's earthquake occurred along the east-west Enriquillo Fault, where two pieces of earth's crust slide by each other in opposite directions like a zipper. Surprisingly, aftershocks haven't clustered on the Enriquillo, but along what appears to be a previously unidentified separate fault.
AUSTRALIA – A 6.1 earthquake far off the northwest Australian coast rattled walls, windows and crockery in Darwin on Tuesday morning but caused no damage. The earthquake occurred in the Banda Sea at a distance which would normally make it pass unnoticed on the Australian mainland. But the tremor was felt in northern Australia because of the UNSUAL UNDERSEA GEOLOGY of the region. Scientists believe the orientation of the fault-lines under the Banda Sea allows seismic waves to travel very efficiently towards Australia.
A magnitude 6.5 earthquake jolted the border region between China and Russia this morning. The quake struck at 9.13 am at a depth of 540 km. The northeastern province of Jilin had not received any reports of casualties. There were also no immediate reports of damages or casualties from the neighbouring Heilongjiang province which also borders Russia. The epicentre of the quake was located 110 km south-west of Russia's Vladivostok. Officials in Vladivostok said there had been no casualties or damage on Russian territory. No information was available from North Korea. The quake's epicentre was located 111 kilometres north-east of Chongjin. The US Geological Survey put the magnitude at 6.7, adding that it occurred at a depth of 562 km.
NEW YORK – Regulator warns of N.Y.C. quake danger – The New York Insurance Department has put out an advisory warning consumers that some scientists believe there is a greater earthquake risk for New York City than previously believed. Reacting to the Haiti quake, the department announced that the city is exposed to quake danger from "a series of subtle but active faults in the region." While New York has significantly less frequent damaging earthquakes compared to California, "it is considered a region at high risk because of the city's dense population and its concentration of buildings and infrastructure." The department noted that dozens of small quakes have been felt in the city with a magnitude 2.4 earthquake, believed to have been caused by a fault under 125th Street, occurring in 2001. Magnitude 5 earthquakes occur in New York about every century. New York City is ranked among the top-40 high-loss potential urban areas in the country by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Unlike California, where residential property insurers must offer their customers the opportunity to buy earthquake coverage, property insurers in New York are not required to offer it. The department advised that if preparedness includes having a home or business property insured against an earthquake, the answer is that New York is probably not prepared.
NEW HAMPSHIRE – 2/2010 – There is a mystery in the air in Pelham. A startling sound has been waking some residents from a sound sleep, and other times it's heard in the afternoon. Police reports have come in from neighborhoods around Mammoth and Nashua roads. Callers said it sounds like an enormous bang, a sonic boom, or a transformer explosion — and no one seems to know what's making the noise. The Department of Transportation said it is not their blasting. The National Guard reports no training missions, and area businesses said they aren't making the mystery sound. Police said they'll continue to investigate calls from concerned residents.
MONTSERRAT – Flights have been disrupted across the Caribbean after the volcanic eruption on the British overseas territory of Montserrat. The Soufriere Hills volcano, which first erupted in 1995, returned to life on Thursday, spewing ash up to 6 miles (10km) into the sky. On the French archipelago of Guadeloupe, about 50 miles south of Montserrat, the airport remained closed yesterday and fire engines were used to try to clear a thick layer of ash from runways. About 300 travellers were reported to be stranded in Guadeloupe. The continued presence of airborne ash clouds over Dominica and Guadeloupe forced the airline to suspend all remaining flights to both destinations. Flights to other islands, including Anguilla, St Kitts and Nevis and St Martin were also disrupted. Until the eruption in 1995 Soufriere Hills had been dormant through recorded history. 
INDONESIA – A new analysis shows that a deadly mud volcano in Indonesia may not have been a natural disaster after all, but was caused by drilling operations as suspected. 
CALIFORNIA – Pocket of sulfuric acids prompts Hazmat response. A Hazmat team was called out to an area in Clearlake earlier this week for a natural occurrence that heightened concern of residents. A pocket of sulfuric gases erupted causing extreme emanation of what smelled like rotten eggs. "We've lived here 14 years and this time it was worse. The water was bubbling off the ground. Hopefully what they've done here works because it's been terrible living with this all these years." Staff found with testing that the gas coming out of the soil in a vacant lot has hydrogen sulfide at levels capable of causing adverse health affects. This is a natural occurrence, a pocket of natural gases, that has been endured in the area for years. The increase in geothermal gas release was caused by the saturation of the soil by recent heavy rains, causing gases that are normally present in low concentrations in the soil to collect in pockets and release to the surface through any available channel. The Hazmat team spent the past few days installing a mitigation device and monitoring effects. There is an added concern for methane gases, which present explosion hazards. Hydrogen sulfide levels were found to be significantly elevated at the source, with levels that would be expected to cause eye and respiratory tract irritation and potentially more serious effects with prolonged exposure over hours. Residents in the immediate vicinity of the gas release were notified and advised to consider precautionary evacuation on a voluntary basis. A Public Health advisory was distributed to residents in the areas impacted by the geothermal gas release. Multiple agencies continue to monitor the area and, though the initial vent area has been capped, additional vents may be present. Additional measures may be necessary if significant vents or large areas of gas release occur. County staff said the seasonal release of naturally occurring gases is temporary that is expected to resolve once the soil is no longer saturated with water.
CHILE – Steam seen from Llaima Volcano. Video surveillance confirms volcano is producing steam, sometimes gas and could be set to erupt, experts say. Llaima Volcano, one of the largest and most active volcanoes in Chile, is located 663 kilometers southeast of Santiago. The volcanic alert level has been raised to Yellow Alert Level 3, with ongoing monitoring of the volcano for 24 hours a day. A report indicated there was fluid within the ducts of the volcano and intense volcanic activity, which could indicate Llaima Volcano is approaching a state of imbalance. The last major eruption occurred in 1994, but an eruption in January 2008 forced hundreds of villagers to evacuate the area with ash falling as far as Argentina. 
DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO – Perched on a hillside, the volcano observatory in Goma commands a great view of nearby Nyiragongo mountain. "Goma faces the highest risk any city in the world could face. We don't just have volcanoes; we have gas emissions, acid rain, polluted water and endemic fluorosis. People are asphyxiated in this region every year, because there are fractures emitting carbon dioxide all over the rift." "It is difficult to estimate the number of people who are dying. People who live around here know where the gas is, so they avoid it. But there were more deaths when IDPs [internally displaced people] came to this region because they did not know where the gas is." Nyiragongo is one of the two active volcanoes in North Kivu. The other, Nyamulagira, erupted on 2 January, spewing lava 10km away and threatening the town of Sake and the Sake-Goma road. Sake is a major source of Goma's fresh food. That eruption was Nyamulagira's 35th since 1882. Little damage occurred because the lava mainly flowed into Virunga National Park. Two days later, the lava movement increased, flowing 500m within 24 hours. Then it slowed down. By the time it stopped, rainwater collected for drinking in Sake, Kingi and Rusayo villages was polluted. Residents reported the deaths of livestock.
JAPAN – Sakurajima volcano erupted more than 400 times during 2009, and activity is increasing. Ashfall is a regular occurence at the daikon and mandarin farms surrounding the volcano, as well as the nearby cities of Kagoshima and Kirishima. 
CHILE – Chaiten volcano has been placed under red alert due to an increase in seismic activity for three weeks. The volcano in southern Chile became active in May 2008 after being dormant for more than 9,000 years. Volcanic activity was on the decline in the past few months until picking back up January 21. The red alert, which indicates activity is above normal levels and an eruption could be imminent, was enacted in large part to protect tourists in the area. Underground seismic rumblings 1.2 to 5 miles (2 to 8 kilometers) deep in the area around the volcano and constant gas eruptions in the dome indicate "a high grade of instability".
RUSSIA – NASA satellites have captured images of a RARE event – two neighboring volcanoes erupting at the same time. Images taken on February 13th clearly show plumes coming from snow-covered Klyuchevskaya Volcano in the north and Bezymianny Volcano to the south. The volcanoes reside on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia. Klyuchevskaya erupted more than 80 times in the last 300 years. In the fall of 1994 it shot a plume of ash more than one mile high and was easily seen by astronauts on the Space Shuttle Endeavor. Bezymianny was imaged by NASA back in November during a prior eruption. It was thought to be extinct until it erupted from 1955 to 1956. Prior to that, it had experienced a period of 1,000 years of dormancy. The 1956 eruption was comparable in size to the Mount Saint Helens eruption in 1980 and resulted in a horseshoe shaped crater that has since been filled by other, smaller eruptions and pyroclastic flows.
CALIFORNIA – 2/13/10 – Spectators hurt by rogue wave at surfing event – Water 'came out of nowhere,' causing broken bones, other injuries. Unexpected waves breaking on shore Saturday swept dozens of spectators of the Mavericks Surf Contest from their perches on the man-made jetty at the southern tip of Mavericks beach. Most escaped with minor injuries but three people were hospitalized with broken bones. Others needed plucking from the water. The near-tragedy stood as a reminder of how dangerous the sea can be. Two surprise waves knocked out barricades, a spectator platform and a large scaffold holding speakers broadcasting the contest, held 25 miles (40 kilometers) south of San Francisco. Afterwards, authorities closed off vast portions of the beach, ushered people from the edges of nearby cliffs and shook their heads at what might have been. Attendees and some competitors questioned the wisdom of allowing people so close to the waterline when high tides and epic surf were predicted. Others said that no one could have predicted that several waves would have jumped over the jetty and injured people. Competitors voted to schedule the competition because forecasts called for record-breaking waves, despite warnings that strong winds could make those breakers dangerously unpredictable. Only after the unexpected large waves swept in during high tide did the National Weather Service post a high surf warning, valid until 10 p.m. Saturday. The agency previously posted a less severe high surf advisory. (photo)
CYCLONE RENE slammed into northern Tonga early this morning, after causing widespread damage in which one man in American Samoa died over the weekend. The category four cyclone was about 15km southeast of the northern island of Vava'u at 6am local time and about 285km northeast of the capital Nuku'alofa. The cyclone was estimated to have average winds of 90 knots at its centre 167km an hour and gusts of up to 125 knots. There were few signs of major damage as the eye of the cyclone passed over the island. There appeared to be only relatively minor damage to property in the main town of Neiafu after violent winds blew for two hours. Cyclone Rene is expected to move southwest towards the Ha'apai island group and the capital Nuku'alofa on the main island of Tongatapu during the day.
Cyclone Rene slammed into Tonga today with powerful winds ripping off roofs, tearing down trees and downing power lines in the South Pacific island nation. There were no immediate reports of casualties or severe damage, but the central islands group of Ha'apai faced "very destructive hurricane force winds" with gusts of 143 miles (228 kilometers) an hour. Heavy rain, thunderstorms, sea swells and flooding were expected. In the northern Vavau islands group, contact was lost shortly after midnight as Rene hit, sparking coastal flooding as roiling seas surged ashore. The biggest impact so far was on crops. The cyclone cut power supplies in Nuku'alofa, and communications from the capital to other islands were also severed. The storm missed both American Samoa, a U.S. territory, and the neighboring island nation of Samoa on Saturday, though it caused heavy rains, high winds and large sea swells. Both areas were spared more devastation after being battered by a tsunami that killed 226 people last year. 
The Nadi Weather Office predicts another Tropical Cyclone to form later this week which is expected to pass East of the Fiji group. Weather conditions between Samoa and Northern Cook Islands is such that a tropical cyclone is expected to form by Friday and move closer to Fiji. The cyclone may have some indirect effects on the East of the country.
The French Polynesia Government says up to 1000 people are still not able to return home 12 days after Cyclone Oli hit the territory. 
200,000 Bangladesh cyclone victims still homeless – Cyclone Aila tore through southern Bangladesh in May last year, killing 300 people and destroying 2500 miles of roads and embankments.
TONGA – Cyclone Rene – Officials on the Tongan island groups of Vava‚Äôu and Haa‚Äôapai are warning of possible food shortages after Cyclone Rene devastated crops. The two island groups were hit by Rene at its peak when it was a Category Four cyclone. Significant damage has been sustained to crops in the island group and this could cause major problems within a couple of months. "The fruit trees, for example like the breadfruit, the mangoes, the banana family, they are 95-100 percent all damaged." They are currently relying on sweet potato for food. Tonga's Disaster Management Office says the government will act if there is a threat of food shortages, but says it will decide how to respond once an assessment of cyclone damage is completed by the end of the week. 
COOK ISLANDS – Cyclone Pat – The New Zealand Defence Force says it's amazing there were no injuries during the cyclone which slammed Aitutaki in the Cook Islands last week. Hardly a home was left intact, after Tropical Cyclone Pat hit the holiday island on February 11. Aid arrived at a crucial time and fresh water, food and temporary shelters are providing relief. "The island has been hit pretty hard. There is a lot of work to do restore essential services before they begin the rebuilding process but the work has begun." 68 homes were totally destroyed and "pretty much 90% of the houses have some form of damage". 
HAWAII – Storm south of Hawaii has potential to become 'RARE' tropical cyclone. The National Weather Service is watching an area of thunderstorms more than 1,300 miles south-southwest of Honolulu that could develop into a tropical cyclone in the next two days. But the probability of that happening is less than 30 percent. The weather service and the Central Pacific Hurricane Center in Honolulu are issuing "special tropical weather outlooks" and will continue monitoring the situation. "While rare, we have had tropical cyclones develop outside of the hurricane season in the Central Pacific Basin in the past, with similar El Nino conditions in place." Hurricane season for the Central Pacific runs from June 1 through Nov. 30. Hurricane Ekeka and Tropical Storm Hali formed near Christmas Island in January and March 1992, an El Nino year.
HAWAII – Forecasters in Honolulu are watching a cluster of thunderstorms near the equator on the off chance the weather system could coalesce into a tropical cyclone. "We're still looking at it. We still think that there is a very slim chance that it would develop into a tropical cyclone." The cluster of thunderstorms, 1,375 miles south of Honolulu, could just be a low-pressure trough or just a "low." It is traveling east at 25 mph. "It hasn't got its act together. It's still unorganized. It's still a cluster of thunderstorms. They're persistent. There's something there that's keeping them going. But it's not a tropical storm and certainly not a hurricane."
AUSTRALIA – Parts of the Princes Highway on the NSW south coast have been closed after days of rain that is now being COMPARED TO RECORD FLOODS IN 1991. The highway runs down the east coast linking Sydney with Melbourne. Flooding has shut the road at several locations where the waters have been threatening the road for several days. "Up to 155 millimetres has fallen over the Moruya Valley in the past 51 hours to midday today. Further heavy rain is expected over the next 12 hours, which could result in further river level rises." An average of 110 millimetres of rain has fallen over the Bega River Valley during the past 48 hours to 1pm today.
AUSTRALIA – Severe thunderstorms have swept across Queensland's southeast, with flash-flooding washing away hundreds of cars down Brisbane roads. The storms struck at about noon (AEST) today, producing thousands of lightning strikes, strong winds and heavy rain. Strathpine, Brisbane and Logan were among the hardest hit areas. Brisbane received more than 92mm of rain since 10am (AEST), leaving some of the city's roads under water and bringing traffic to a standstill. The city received its HEAVIEST 10-MINUTE DOWNPOUR OF RAIN IN AT LEAST EIGHT YEARS, receiving 25mm just after 11:40am (AEST). Other suburbs that experienced heavy downfalls included Rochedale (105mm), Priestdale (99mm) and Carbrook (93mm). In the Brisbane westside suburb of Milton, localised flooding carried cars down streets, with reports of over 200 cars being washed away between Milton and Windsor. Vehicles in Woolloongabba and East Brisbane were also swamped and the Department of Transport's computer systems in Spring Hill were flooded, forcing the evacuation of the building's two lowest levels. Meanwhile, the lower levels of the Bank of Queensland and Vodafone businesses in the CBD were also flooded. More than 70,000 homes and businesses were at one stage affected by power outages. They have also recorded thousands of lightning strikes. Meanwhile the weather bureau is warning that severe thunderstorms are on the way for areas between Gympie near the Sunshine Coast and Beaudesert west of the Gold Coast this evening. Very heavy rainfall and flash flooding are likely.
SOUTH AFRICA – KwaZulu-Natal was on high alert following storms that killed three people and destroyed homes in Escourt, Pietermartizburg and Kokstad on Tuesday night. "The province [is] on high alert following a warning from the weather service that UNUSUAL WEATHER PATTERNS can be expected in the over the next three days." The three people who died in Mid-Illovo were struck by lightning. All disaster management centres across the province have been activated to assess the extent of the damage and to help the victims.
CHINA has experienced an especially harsh winter this year, with record-breaking blizzards in China's western regions of Xinjiang and Tibet and to the north in Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang province. The cold front, which will bring snowstorms to northern China, will continue for one to two days. Rain is expected throughout southern China. In 2008, heavy snowfalls and cold weather badly hampered travel during this Lunar New Year period, stranding millions of people at train stations. The snow that year was the worst in China in five decades, caused billions of dollars in economic losses and led to the deaths of 100 people. 
U.S. – There was snow on the ground in 49 out of 50 states on Friday. Hawaii was the holdout. It was the United States of Snow, thanks to an UNUSUAL COMBINATION OF WEATHER PATTERNS that dusted the U.S., including the skyscrapers of Dallas, the peach trees of Atlanta and the Florida Panhandle, where hurricanes are more common than snowflakes. More than two-thirds of the nation's land mass had snow on the ground when the day dawned, and then it snowed ever so slightly in Florida to make it 49 states out of 50. At the same time, those WEIRD weather forces are turning Canada's Winter Olympics into the bring-your-own-snow games. "I'm calling it the upside-down winter." Snow paralyzed and fascinated the Deep South on Friday. Snowball fights broke out at Southern Mississippi University, snow delayed flights at the busy Atlanta airport, and Louisiana hardware stores ran out of snow supplies. Andalusia, Alabama, shut down its streets because of snow. And yet, Portland, Maine, where snow is usually a given, had to cancel its winter festival for lack of the stuff. Hawaii's 13,800-foot Mauna Kea volcano, which often gets snow much of the year at its higher elevations, is the most likely place in the 50th state to have snow, but there "is nothing right now." The idea of 50 states with snow is SO STRANGE THAT THE FEDERAL OFFICE THAT COLLECTS WEATHER STATISTICS DOESN'T KEEP TRACK OF THAT NUMBER and can't say whether it has ever happened. The office can't even say whether 49 out of 50 has ever taken place before. This is after a month that saw the most snow cover for any December in North America in the 43 years that records have been kept. 
MARYLAND – Of the ten heaviest snow storms ever recorded in Baltimore since 1870, three have occurred in the last seven weeks. Before this winter, the city had never gotten even two storms of 19-plus inches in a single season, much less a trio. And they've SHATTERED THE OLD RECORD FOR SNOWIEST CUMULATIVE WINTER EVER, 62.5 inches, set in 1995-96. Philadelphia and D.C. have posted very similar snow statistics. No wonder people say it everywhere you go: "I never saw that before." Collapsed roofs throughout the region. Kids in danger of going to school till July. Even snow plows shut down at one point because of wind and snow too fierce for safety. They've had "Snowmaggedon" I, II and III this winter not because of record cold weather. The temperatures in the region have been only moderately colder than normal for the Mid-Atlantic winter. No, it's because of record amounts of moisture, pushed into the region by repeated Nor'easters. This historic wetness from the south has met cold-enough temperatures to produce snow levels that neither science nor old-timers can recall. So global warming is driving this pattern – a warmer atmosphere holds more water. Plus, warmer surface temperatures are triggering more evaporation of ocean water worldwide. That water goes up, up, up into that atmosphere. And what goes up must sooner or later come down. This is precisely what scientific studies are now documenting. Water vapor in the global atmosphere jumped by about 5 percent in the 20th century, as reported in 2004. This while there has been an observed, significant uptick in heavy winter precipitation events in the Northeastern U.S., according to a 2006 study. And all the while, global temperatures have risen sharply, including an average warming of 4 degrees Fahrenheit in the Northeastern U.S. "Strong cold season storms are likely to become stronger and more frequent, with greater wind speeds and more extreme wave heights." What about El NIno's influence? This otherwise normal and ancient planetary weather phenomenon is itself changing. There's good evidence that El Ninos are becoming more frequent and lasting longer as the planet warms, thus conforming to the overall pattern of increasingly extreme weather. 
El Nino this year split the traditional air flow from Canada into two separate streams, both bypassing the Midwest instead of going straight through it. This year's pattern, which is "relatively unique," is carrying both cold air from Canada and moisture from the South, the combination of which is "causing all this snow" when both consolidate in the east. "That Southern branch has a significant amount of storm energy, so it's not surprising it's just thumping the East Coast with these snow storms." The intense energy of the Southern branch is responsible for the intense rain storms in southern California and the snowfall in Texas. Because there is no determining how long the pattern will remain separated into two separate streams, residents in the mid-Atlantic are not guaranteed that an end to the snowfall is near. "We haven't seen the frequency of these storms re-occurring at this [pattern] for a long time." 
The huge snowstorms this winter in the mid-Atlantic are a VERY RARE event we should see ONLY ONCE EVERY FEW HUNDRED YEARS, according to the director of meteorology for the Weather Underground.
PAKISTAN – The snowfall has set a new high in Dir, BREAKING AN 18-YEAR-OLD RECORD, as a heavy snowstorm hit Upper and Lower Dir, disrupting normal life. Meanwhile, nonstop snowfall suspended normal life in Swat. The city has received two and a half feet snow while up to 4 feet snow was measured over the hills. All educational institutions have been closed after powerful rain and snowfall hit. Mingora city received its first snowfall in two years and THE LOWEST MINIMUM TEMPERATURE of the city, recorded at -4 C. The electricity supply has been suspended due to the extreme weather and the traffic system is also affected.
DENMARK, UNITED KINGDOM – Rare geese missing after migration. 2,000 light-bellied brent geese are missing after finding their usual winter feeding grounds frozen in an especially harsh winter. During the summer, the birds breed on Svalbard and Franz Josef Islands in northeast Greenland, but they fly south as winter approaches to avoid the harsh Arctic winter. Most of the rare geese winter in Denmark but extreme winter weather (which could be the result of climate change) has caused the Danish wetlands to freeze over this year. This forced the geese to find new feeding grounds. They were expected to join the rest of their species (6000) at Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve but never arrived. Half of the light-bellied-brent geese usually winter at the Lindisfarne NNR and the rest in the Danish wetlands. This year's freeze resulted in the LARGEST RECORDED NUMBER OF BIRDS IN YEARS TO ARRIVE at Lindisfarne. "It is a sign of just how widespread the big freeze has been that these geese are present at Lindisfarne in such large numbers. The arrival of the geese is a treat for wildlife watchers, but it is a sobering thought that virtually the entire world population of these birds rely on only a couple of locations in Europe for their survival in winter." Hopefully the rest found hospitable feeding grounds of their own and will join their kin back in the Arctic this summer as usual.
Mexican bird species visiting Texas because of UNUSUAL WEATHER – It's been an UNUSUAL YEAR on two counts in south Texas this winter: there have been a lot of UNUSUAL birds and there has been a lot of UNUSUAL weather. The weather has seen one cold front after another drop into southern Texas. The cold has been extending into Mexico as well, and that's been the source of many of the rare birds that have been showing up in Texas. Two species, the Bare-throated Tiger-Heron and the Amazon Kingfisher, HAVE NEVER BEFORE BEEN SEEN NORTH OF THE MEXICAN BORDER. It is thought that the cold temperatures have caused some of the upland species to wander downslope in search of warmer temperatures. Many tropical and sub-tropical species do not migrate, so they are not conditioned to a north-south pattern of movement. If conditions where they live become unsatisfactory they wander in all directions in search of better conditions. Other Mexican species in south Texas this year include, Northern Jacana, Roadside Hawk, Crimson-collared Grosbeak, Blue Bunting and Rose-throated Becard. None of this group was a first for the USA, but all are RARE.
BRAZIL – Rio de Janeiro is labouring under THEIR WORST HEAT WAVE IN 50 YEARS. The city has been turned into a furnace. The Brazilian metropolis registered 46.3 degrees Celsius yesterday and the suffocating humidity makes it feel even warmer. Many residents are unable to sleep and head to the beaches at night to cool down. Santos, a city 350 kilometres south of Rio, is also swelteringly hot and the extreme temperatures have cost 32 elderly people their lives. The temperature in the coast of Sao Paulo state had been around 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) in the past days. In some places, the air temperature reached 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit). The heat wave follows more than a month of torrential rains across southeastern Brazil that killed more than 70 people – most victims of mudslides that swept away ramshackle homes built on hillsides. 
PARAGUAY – At least 31 people have died in Paraguay because of the prevailing heat wave. Police reported the deaths of 17 people from complications apparently caused by the stifling heat. It is summer in the Southern Hemisphere and temperatures in Asuncion last Sunday soared to 40 C (104 F) in the shade. The country's heat wave has also hit the electric system, which is on the brink of collapse because of consumption skyrocketing to a point never seen before. The Paraguayan Congress will meet this Thursday to debate making funds available to help the state-run electricity distributor deal with the crisis, in the midst of blackouts that have already impeded the distribution of drinking water. 
SOUTH AFRICA – At least 250 ostriches died from temperatures of more than 50 degrees Celsius (122 Fahrenheit) in Oudtshoorn in South Africa's Western Cape province. Ostriches between the ages of four and five months, which cost about 2,300 rand ($300) each, are most vulnerable. The ostriches weren't able to cool down as temperatures exceeded their body temperature of 38 degrees Celsius. Ostriches struggle to gasp as a means of cooling down when there is extreme heat, resulting in organ failure. 
Blame it all on El Nino – Blizzards in the U.S., a heat wave in Brazil, killer floods in Mexico, drought in Ecuador — according to meteorological services, FREAK WEATHER being felt right across the Americas can be blamed on El Nino. The phenomenon, in which UNUSUALLY HOT surface temperatures along the middle of the Pacific Ocean disrupt atmospheric systems, has created storms throughout the continent and resulted in several emergencies being declared. Thus, New York and Washington residents were hunkering down under a mountain of snow that closed schools, federal government offices and the United Nations headquarters. In sharp contrast, Rio de Janeiro was sweating under its worst heat wave in 50 years, with temperatures soaring higher than those found in the Sahara desert. The 46.3 degrees Celsius recorded in Rio was unsurpassed worldwide, except in the town of Ada in eastern Ghana, which came in two degrees higher. Brazil's Sao Paulo state, neighbouring Rio, has had nearly two months of rains that have killed more than 70 people. Mexico has dug 42 bodies out of flood-hit homes in its west as unexpected rains struck half the country. Ecuador is suffering its WORST DROUGHT IN 40 YEARS and Venezuela faces similar low water levels in its main hydroelectric plant.
ISRAEL basks in LONGEST WINTER HEAT WAVE IN ALMOST 40 YEARS. The heat wave that has hit the entire country was expected to reach its peak Monday, with temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius expected in some areas. Although this falls short of a record high for the season, meteorologists say this has been the longest warm period in February in 38 years. Climatologists said there was a clear link between the recent cold snap in Europe and the warm weather in the east of the Mediterranean. When a cold front in the North Pole area headed south toward Western Europe, the void was filled with warm air coming from deserts in the south. The warm front here is expected to head toward Turkey and the Caspian Sea, and then go further north. Some experts think the exceptionally warm spells this winter could also be linked to the El Nino climate pattern, which is characterized by high water temperatures in parts of the Pacific ocean near the equator. The extreme swings between warm and cold temperatures this winter have already produced marked changes in the blossoming of wildflowers. Previous heat waves followed by prolonged rains results in the early sprouting and blooming of many wildflowers. "We have seen plants like the lupine and the tulip blooming weeks too early." They also noted the early blooming of chrysanthemums and poppies, but don't expect the heat wave to do too much damage to wild plants, since last week's rain has left the ground moist. "If the heat goes on, though, without further meaningful rains, this could harm species at a critical developmental stage, and then there will be less fruits and seeds." On the other hand, a warm winter could encourage desert flora and other plants better suited to dry weather. Reptile researchers, meanwhile, said there were no changes in the behavior of hibernating reptiles like snakes. It is difficult to pinpoint changes in reptile behavior since little research is done on reptiles in the winter, when they are usually inactive.
CANADA – Vancouver is having their WARMEST WINTER WEATHER IN 114 YEARS while hosting the Olympics. 
U.S. – While people debate global warming and climate change, Oregon and Louisiana have shared experiences that demonstrate something is up. Oregon is experiencing ONE OF ITS WARMEST FEBRUARIES ON RECORD. At the entrance of some condominiums, the flowers are already in bloom. Small buds appear on trees, presenting themselves since late January. The temperatures linger in the mid 50's to low 60's, while folks walk with light sweaters and coats on days when normally they might bundle up. Winters are milder than they have been historically, summers hotter, snow packs shrinking and unseasonably warm temperatures lead to the type of melting that depletes water supplies needed for agriculture. Environmentalists also point to forest fires and storms becoming more severe. In the meantime violent storms have increased in severity along the Gulf Coast of the United States. The South is, like Oregon, experiencing UNUSUAL WEATHER PATTERNS with snow occurring in the deep South in areas of Louisiana, like Natchitoches, that had more than six inches of snow in early February just days ago. It was VERY UNUSUAL. "All the Japanese magnolia are covered in snow. They're covered with buds, and the buds are covered in snow and ice. And the live oaks' limbs heavy with snow and ice are drooping to the ground."
SYRIA – Drought in eastern and northeastern Syria has driven some 300,000 families to urban settlements such as Aleppo, Damascus and Deir ez Zour in search of work in ONE OF THE LARGEST INTERNAL DISPLACEMENTS IN THE MIDDLE EAST IN RECENT YEARS. The country's agriculture sector, which until recently employed 40 percent of Syria's workforce and accounted for 25 percent of gross domestic product, has been hit badly, but farmers themselves are worst affected. In some villages, up to 50 percent of the population has left for nearby cities. "Farmers who depend on only one crop are in trouble – they have nothing else to help them and they have to move." Those with livestock have seen the cost of feed rise 75 percent, resulting in the deaths of up to 80 percent of livestock on small and medium-sized farms. Almost 60,000 families with 100 cattle or less have lost half their animals and poverty levels stand at 80 percent. More than one million people, already bordering on the poverty line because of low incomes, have been affected by the drought. Outdated and wasteful irrigation methods used by farmers are also contributing to the problem, experts said. Syria's water shortages have been worsening year by year. In 2006, northeastern regions were the first to feel the effects of a lack of rain. Since then, farmers and crop-growers in southern and southeastern areas are now suffering from a major drop in rainfall. So far this winter, recorded rainfall across the country has been higher than in previous years and many are hoping for this to continue into March when water for crops is most needed. "We have had enough rain for the seeds of crops to germinate but there are two threats. If there is no more rain in the drought-affected areas within the next six to seven weeks then we may not have any crop. Also, if these areas experience frost then the crops will be destroyed and farmers will be devastated for another year." With hundreds of thousands having left their farms and communities, this year's rainfall may go to waste with no one present to farm the land and to grow and cultivate crops. (map & photos) 
BURUNDI – At least two people have died of starvation and more than 15,000 have fled their homes in northeast Burundi, in the grip of a drought for two months. "The inhabitants of Kirundo have been confronted by famine for the past two months because of a severe drought… The situation is alarming because a lot of people don't have anything left to eat … We are appealing to all our partners to quickly come to the aid of these people in need." Kirundo, which lies some 230 kilometres (143 miles) north east of the capital Bujumbura, used to be known as the bread basket of Burundi but for the past 10 years it has been subject to cyclical food shortages caused by droughts.
NOAA forecasters estimate a 30% to 35% chance of minor geomagnetic storming during the late hours of Feb. 14th and 15th when a solar wind stream flowing from a coronal hole on the sun is expected to reach Earth. The activity could descend to northern-tier US states such as Minnesota and Wisconsin. Alaska, Canada and Scandinavia are better bets, however. There is a 50% chance of a CLASS M solar flare over the next 48 hours.
On Feb. 15th, an intense wave of Northern Lights swept across Scandinavia.The display got started when the sun's magnetic field near Earth tipped south. This opened a hole in Earth's magnetosphere. Solar wind poured in and fueled the auroras. The lights were so bright they reflected in water, cast shadows on snow, and descended as far south as Scotland and Northern Ireland. (photos)
PHILIPPINES – The farming industry could lose about 433 million dollars this year due a drought caused by the El Nino atmospheric phenomenon. The damage estimates range from eight to 20 billion pesos (173 to 433 million dollars), depending on whether El Nino will cause a prolonged dry spell or a short one. Local governments have already reported that as much as a billion pesos in rice and about 1.4 billion pesos in corn may have been lost due to the drought that is scorching farms across the Southeast Asian archipelago. "We are still evaluating if the crops cannot be saved or if the yield will just be lower." The government is trying to alleviate the effects of the drought by helping farmers switch to crops that are less dependent on water than rice, such as vegetables and fruits. It is also providing 6,000 water pumps to help farmers draw on more distant sources of water such as rivers, lakes or even underground water. The department is carrying out other schemes such as trying to re-use water in the drainage systems, inter-connecting irrigation systems and controlling the release of water from hydroelectric plants. The President also issued various orders aimed at ensuring Filipinos conserve water, including the creation of "water marshals" to ensure government agencies cut down on wastage. She also ordered a reduction in the amount of water to be released by Angat, the country's main dam on Luzon island, a crackdown on pilferage from pipes and a campaign to inform people about the importance of saving water. 
Philippine provinces are expected to suffer from high power costs due to the impact of the long drought on hydroelectric power plants.
Impacts of H1N1 and seasonal flu – 8,507 Canadians were hospitalized with H1N1 flu from April 2009 through January, compared with 2,614 hospitalized for seasonal flu in 2007-08. The median age of hospitalized H1N1 patients was 28 and the median for fatalities was 53; the corresponding ages for seasonal flu patients were 71 and 83. One in six H1N1 hospital patients needed intensive care, versus 1 in 7 seasonal flu hospital patients. 
Influenza B rising in China – Flu activity is declining or sporadic in most parts of the world, with other respiratory illnesses increasing in Eastern Europe and Guatemala. Pandemic H1N1 is the dominant flu strain, but seasonal influenza B viruses accounted for 72% of all flu viruses analyzed last week in China. Though Senegal is the third West African country in the last month to confirm pandemic flu, it's too soon to say if widespread transmission is starting in the region.
An Indian virologist says it is "shameful" that no epidemiologic analysis of India's H1N1 epidemic has been published. He said it is not known why India's H1N1 mortality rate is three to four times the global average. He said more information is needed for targeting of a vaccine that India expects to deploy this summer. The country has had 1,152 deaths. (pdf file) 
Disputes within the government of Poland over its health ministry's refusal to purchase H1N1 flu vaccine have broken into the open with a threat by the government's ombudsman to sue the health minister. The ministry declined to buy the shots because of fears of side effects; the ombudsman, who caught the flu himself, contends that the decision put the country's citizens at risk. Poland has recorded 172 swine flu deaths.
Although pandemic H1N1 flu is now mainly quiet in the U.S., seasonal flu has not taken off, either. Seasonal flu typically peaks about this time of year, but doctors and healthcare centers are reporting levels of flu well below normal, possibly because of widespread novel H1N1 earlier. One doctor who commented on this UNUSUAL flu season said, "It certainly isn't out of the question that seasonal flu could still show up."
Red pepper cited as Salmonella-linked recall expands – The sausage company at the center of a widespread Salmonella outbreak has recalled another 115,000 pounds of products, this time citing red pepper instead of black pepper as the possible source of contamination. "The red pepper used on the product came from the same supplier that provided Daniele with black pepper that also tested positive for Salmonella." On the basis of preliminary testing, "the company believes crushed red pepper may be a possible source of Salmonella contamination." Daniele originally recalled 1.24 million pounds of salami products on Jan 23 and added recalls of about 17,000 pounds on Jan 31 and 24,000 pounds on Feb 4. Six different products are involved. The number of cases in the outbreak has risen to 230 in 44 states and Washington, DC, up from 225 cases on Feb 11. Among 168 patients with available information, 43 (26%) were hospitalized, but there have been no deaths. The outbreak began last July. Daniele did not name the supplier of the red pepper now under suspicion, but Rhode Island health officials previously said that black pepper that tested positive came from two distributors, Wholesome Spice and Mincing Overseas Spice Co.
Given signs that the pandemic H1N1 virus will continue its dominance over other flu strains, the World Health Organization recommended adding the pandemic strain as the H1N1 component of the seasonal flu vaccine for the Northern Hemisphere's next flu season. "The virus is expected to be a significant threat as we go into next fall and winter." The WHO also changed the other influenza A strain, replacing the Brisbane H3N2 component with a Perth H3N2 strain. The influenza B component remains the same Brisbane strain included in this year's seasonal flu vaccine. Each February the WHO assesses the flu strains circulating throughout the globe before recommending the strains for the next Northern Hemisphere flu season. It takes about 6 months for vaccine manufacturers to grow the viruses in chicken eggs and formulate them into trivalent vaccines.
-Nature's Variety has initiated a voluntary recall of their Chicken Formula Raw Frozen Diet for dogs and cats because these products may be contaminated with Salmonella. 
-Trader Joe's Company of Monrovia, California is recalling Trader Joe's Chocolate Chip Chewy Coated Granola Bars because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. 
-Estrella Family Creamery of Montesano, WA is recalling Brewleggio, Domino, and Wynoochee River Blue cheeses because they have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

Signs in False Shepherds & False Religion
For among them are those who worm their way into households and capture idle women burdened down with sins, led along by a variety of passions, always learning and never able to come to a knowledge of the truth. Just as Jannes and Jambres resisted Moses, so these also resist the truth, men who are corrupt in mind, worthless in regard to the faith. But they will not make further progress, for their lack of understanding will be clear to all, as theirs was also. 2 Timothy 3:6-9
Israeli cult leader charged with enslavement, rape
February 16, 2010
Jerusalem (CNN) — An Israeli man accused of having 21 wives and fathering 49 children was charged Sunday in a Tel Aviv court with multiple counts of sexual assault, rape, sodomy and enslavement. Goel Ratzon, 60, was arrested last month. Authorities charge that he lived in a compound with the 21 wives, having convinced them that he was omnipotent.
Australia gets its very first saint after Pope Benedict approves Mother Mary McKillop for canonisation 
By Mail Foreign Service
19th February 2010
Australia has its very first saint today after Pope Benedict approved Mother Mary MacKillop for her work among the needy. The Pope made the announcement during a ceremony at the Vatican and set the formal canonisation for October 17 in Rome. Five others – from Italy, Spain, Poland and Canada – will be canonised at the same time.
Pew report highlights emerging U.S. generation gap
Ed Stoddard – Reuters
Wed Feb 17, 2010
According to a new report by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, the gap on some issues has widened into a chasm, notably on issues related to gay rights and tolerance. "Young people are more accepting of homosexuality and evolution than are older people. They are also more comfortable with having a bigger government, and they are less concerned about Hollywood threatening their values," said the report, which was released on Wednesday. 
Ugandan Pastor's Gay Porn Stunt Upsets U.S. Christians
By Lillian Kwon|Christian Post Reporter
Feb. 18 2010
A Ugandan pastor, who is one of the chief supporters of the controversial Anti-Homosexuality Bill, on Wednesday screened gay porn in his church to the dismay of gay rights supporters and Christians alike. The methods Martin Ssempa has used in trying to persuade people on how evil homosexuality is and garner support for the legislation have troubled Christians, including those who believe homosexual behavior is sin. "I can't speak for everyone, except that everyone was upset and for all different reasons," Kelsey Hartsell, a student from Pacific Lutheran University studying in Kampala – Uganda's capital city – told Dr. Warren Throckmorton, who started a grassroots movement to oppose the bill.
167 Iowa faith leaders back same-gender 'marriage'
Associated Press
DES MOINES – More than 160 faith leaders in Iowa have voiced their support for same-sex "marriage" and are criticizing opponents who cite the Bible in raising objections.

Faith under Fire
"Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and falsely say every kind of evil against you because of me. Be glad and rejoice, because your reward is great in heaven. For that is how they persecuted the prophets who were before you."  Matthew 5:11-12
"You will be hated by everyone because of my name. But the one who endured to the end will be delivered."  Matthew 10:22
Salvation Army Reaches Settlement in Church-State Suit
By Audrey Barrick|Christian Post Reporter
Feb. 18 2010
The Salvation Army and the New York Civil Liberties Union have reached a settlement in a longstanding suit that sought to prevent the evangelical organization from violating church-state separation when providing social services. In the settlement, which was approved Tuesday by a federal judge, numerous city, state and federal government agencies named in the lawsuit agreed to monitor The Salvation Army for two years to ensure that it does not impose its beliefs on recipients of its government-funded services.
Fourth Christian killed in northern Iraq 
by Mujahid Mohammed Mujahid Mohammed, Wed Feb 17, 7:05 am ET
MOSUL, Iraq (AFP) – A Christian student was found dead in the main northern Iraqi city of Mosul on Wednesday, the fourth in as many days, amid warnings of rising violence against the minority ahead of March 7 polls. The bullet-riddled body of Wissam George, a 20-year-old Assyrian Christian, was recovered on a street in the south Mosul residential neighbourhood of Wadi al-Ain at around 1:00 pm (1000 GMT).
Indian Police Arrests, Tortures 11 Tribal Christians
By Ethan Cole|Christian Post Reporter
Feb. 16 2010
Police in the southern Indian state of Karnataka arrested and tortured 11 tribal Christians for allegedly forcefully converting Hindus, a Christian persecution watchdog reported Monday. Washington-based International Christian Concern recently learned that the group of tribal Christians, which included four women, was jailed on Feb. 2. They were all released on bond two days later after local Christian leaders intervened.
Fear of the religious starts early
Prodita Sabarini , The Jakarta Post , Jakarta | Wed, 02/17/2010
Although Indonesia has long been a melting pot of religious and ethnic groups, differences in faith still breed curiosity, fear and even animosity. When Kelik Wicaksono opened the door of his house to two leaders of his neighborhood one Saturday morning, he didn't expect to hear the kind of news the two men brought him.
Agency that monitors religious freedom abroad accused of bias
By Michelle Boorstein
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Allegations of religious bias are being leveled against a notable federal body: the one responsible for monitoring international religious freedom.  Some past commissioners, staff and former staff of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom say the agency charged with advising the president and Congress is rife, behind-the-scenes, with ideology and tribalism, with commissioners focusing on pet projects that are often based on their own religious background. In particular, they say an anti-Muslim bias runs through the commission's work– a charge denied by its chairman, Leonard Leo.

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