CHOSEN: End Times Newsletter – Issue 156

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The Minister’s Corner

“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

Blog pictures - christian art 15.jpg Two Days We Should Not Worry

Submitted by Johanna

Author Unknown

I asked God to take away my pain.

God said, No.

‘It is not for me to take away, but for you to give it up.’

I asked God to make my handicapped child whole.

God said, No.

‘Her spirit was whole, her body was only temporary.’

I asked God to grant me patience.

God said, No.

‘Patience is a byproduct of tribulations; it isn’t granted, it is earned.’

I asked God to give me happiness.

God said, No.

‘I give you blessings. Happiness is up to you.’

I asked God to spare me pain.

God said, No.

‘Suffering draws you apart from worldly cares and brings you closer to me.’

I asked God to make my spirit grow.

God said, No.

‘You must grow on your own, but I will prune you to make you fruitful.’

I asked God for all things that I might enjoy life.

God said, No.

‘I will give you life so that you may enjoy all things.’

I asked God to help me love others, as much as he loves me.

God said…

‘Ahhhh, finally you have the idea.’

ist2_678618_the_way_truth_and_life.jpg Life is Found in Truth

Submitted by Regina

I see so many earnestly searching
and those convinced they’ve found
a truth that for them is so elusive
that they only go ‘round and ‘round.

Through the darkness they wander
and thinking this is all there could be
they look into the face of deception
when they should be on bended knee.

Father why is it so hard to reach them?
Why do they snatch their hand away?
When I reach out to help and guide them
off the path that leads them astray?

Why can’t they see that the answers
are right there before their very eyes?
And that the path they are walking
will only lead to their own demise?

They say that truth is found in life
and I really don’t know what they mean
especially if they speak of the here and now
or one without You on which to lean.

Because without You is absence of light
and there’s no way for them to see
that the path their walking leads to the left
and is so very far from where they should be.

Please help me to shine ever so brightly
though I am still only in my youth,
that I might help them to see more clearly
that it is life that is found in truth.

And when they ask, “But how can this be?”
help me find just the right words to say,
of the one who in love came before us
and who still lives to this very day.

“He is the way, the truth, and the life
and his light shines far greater than mine,
No one comes to Yahweh except through him
and we are running out of precious time.”

community.jpg Remain Strong

By Deborah

Isaiah 57:10 You became weary on your many journeys, [but] you did not say, “I give up!” You found a renewal of your strength; therefore you did not grow weak.

2 Thessalonians 3:13 Brothers, do not grow weary in doing good.


verb (used with object), verb (used without object)

1. to make or become weary; fatigue or tire: The long hours of work have wearied me.

2. to make or grow impatient or dissatisfied with something or at having too much of something (often fol. by of ): The long drive had wearied us of desert scenery. We had quickly wearied at such witless entertainment.

My prayer for the readers of this newsletter is that you remain steadfast and strong of heart, mind and faith. We are still moving forward toward the blessed day when we will be in Christ’s Kingdom. Stay on the path. Keep hope in your hearts. All will be fulfilled.


stickman_bicep_curl_leaning-762954.gif Coming to a Greater Strength

Submitted by Jeshaiah

Something to notice in the current Tribulation is that the difficult times are continuously growing. They are not getting lighter, and the difficult situations people are finding themselves in are actually getting worse. As we have learned, things in the Spirit Realm occur in a progression, and that things are not instant.

We also know that Father is a craftsman Who guides Christ. When working with metal, it was also taught that a greater amount of time and effort spent on a project produces something much longer lasting and with better results. Something also carefully and meticulously developed also holds much value and performs exceptionally well.

We know that this current Tribulation is a form of refinement, and that the detention plane is like a furnace. Heat treating various metals in various ways creates specific results that make a metal better suited for different work. Not everyone’s burden is the same, but each one’s is difficult. In this way, throughout Father’s purification process, the burning can be rejoiced in and confidence increased.

Romans 5:3 — And not only that, but we also rejoice in our afflictions, because we know that affliction produces endurance,

At the same time, with a difficult burden one requires a stronger muscle to move forward. Laziness even with a burden causes worse conditions, but Father also helps.

Proverbs 24:10 — If you do nothing in a difficult time, your strength is limited.

Proverbs 6:6 — [ Laziness ] Go to the ant, you slacker! Observe its ways and become wise.

Consider, as well, how much an ant is able to lift with only its mandibles. Moreover, an ant does not always work alone, and sends out communication to let other workers know where there is work to be done; in an orderly fashion. And in battles, ants don’t always fight alone. Further, though I have not observed this, I do not believe I have seen two ants of the same family ever compete against each other, but seem rather willing to listen, follow, and strengthen the other when called upon. They each perform to their greatest capacity, with no slacking. Perhaps their strength is not purely just by genetics.

Further, the work that one can do and the burdens they lift may even be done with a smile.

Isaiah 65:22 — They will not build and others live [in them]; they will not plant and others eat. For My people’s lives will be like the lifetime of a tree. My chosen ones will fully enjoy the work of their hands.

The little work one person does may actually have a much greater impact on helping another. And the strength grown from working in one’s burdens may help to uplift and inspire their brothers and sisters. Among this, as well, is that in difficult times, family may come closer together, letting none go without support.

Psalm 133:1 — [ Living in Harmony ] A Davidic song of ascents. How good and pleasant it is when brothers can live together!

We would like to announce the arrival of Book Two, the continuation of Chosen: End Times Truths Revealed.

Book Two starts where the first book left off and includes accounts from ministers Regina, Johanna, Deborah, Jeshaiah and Elisha, describing their individual journeys and experiences in their service to Yahweh and Christ over the past several years in autobiographical form.

It is available in .pdf form for free via and will be updated monthly.

The Journey Continues

Below is a sneak-peek of each of the books included in Chosen, Book Two


There are many days in which I feel as though I must stop and focus and just try to get through the next 24 hours, some days even just the next hour, and then that day passes and the next arrives and passes, and arrives until all of a sudden a year has passed, and then two and four and now five. It’s odd how time can seem to pass so slowly and quickly at the same time. Many of these days, the good and the not-so-good, I will recount here and many have receded to the deeper recesses of my mind but what I’m able to remember, I share with you here honestly and openly…


On October 2nd or 3rd of 2005, I was on this website were there were camera’s placed through out peoples homes who claimed that they were being haunted. I have always liked supernatural things. I believed in ghost, angels and demons. I started talking to this woman and asked her how she see’s the things that she does. I also told her that I believed in spirit guides. She told me that she couldn’t help me with the guides but that she knew of a website where I could find some answers. She sent me the link to a forum by the name of “Beyond This World”. After looking at a few things and noticing that they had psychic exercises I decided to sign up to become a member…


Word came to us toward the end of May 2010 that we were to begin documenting our experiences ending where Chosen left off. Each Minister is to produce a “book” of our own that will be incorporated into Chosen. Its a little daunting to say the least. I have not been journaling as Regina has been (it isn’t something I naturally do). Also, I actually do not have a very good memory. But I trust that those things that Father wishes us to recall we will. We have been guided by Michael to read the book of ACTS to guide us. It seems to focus on events that show times of strong guidance from/interactions with Holy Spirit…


When I first began searching for Truth, I had the idea that perhaps each of the different denominations of churches had a separate piece of the puzzle that needed to all be put together. It did come to mind that perhaps there already was someone or a group out there that already had all the pieces together, but I did not know of a way to find them. So, for the most part, I trusted in Father, whom I did not know the name of at the time, to guide me. I had visited various churches and sought to come to have an understanding for what they understood…


In 2006, I was able to reconnect with a long time friend. I found out she had co-authored a book. Considering how we had grown up together I was interested in the fact that she had written one and wanted to read it myself. She, Regina, sent me the book and some more details about it. I found out it was a lot to take in and did so in baby steps with much prayer and guidance from Father. I was blessed to freely ask any question of Regina and felt comfortable in doing so. I read the book with an open mind and while some of it confirmed my deepest suspicions other information provided was such an eye-opener…

Nourishment from the Throne

“For the LORD gives wisdom. From His mouth come knowledge and understanding.” Proverbs 2:6

Jaddai: Part of my job while occupying this human vessel is to help connect the dots to past things you’ve all learned, and to the new things awaiting to be imparted to each of you.

In the past you’ve learned about Heaven and the spirit realm that surrounds it. So, bear with me as I try to impart what has been instructed for me to share with each of you.

You learned of the furnace that spirit angelic hosts are created within. We’ve told you that the furnace is at Mount Zion. But, what actually is MOUNT ZION? It’s exactly what it sounds like. It is a mountain – a HOLY MOUNTAIN that is the location of the strongest, and I say strongest because Father is every where. Therefore, Mount Zion is the location of the MOST HIGH. Most High because why? Not only because Father is the ULTIMATE GOD to have ever existed, but also because of Her Presence’s location. Her Presence is atop Mount Zion. Now I want all of you to think about Moses at Mount Siani. The reason is this: This planet Earth is laid out like the spiritual realm. What is here is also over there. Whether it be rivers, oceans, volcanoes, or whatever you might consider, they all exist over there – just a breath away from each of us. Only a thin veil separates the two realms from one another. You are anchored here by flesh and blood, but made alive over there in spirit energy form. The astral energy is a form of spiritual energy, but is in itself still connected to the vessel you occupy. To be severed from the vessel can result in one of two things. First, the astral energy dies. But, if you are seared by Father, then the death is the twinkling of an eye as you are reborn on the other side as a self-contained spirit energy that only requires consumption of raw energy for continued life. This comes to Father’s LAWS of creation. Each creation, though it might vary in makeup, energy is required for continued life. Even Christ Jesus must consume new energy from the abundant supply that exists throughout creation in order to have continued life. This is part of Father’s Natural Order of things.

So, Mount Zion is a literal mountain in the spirit realm. But, there at the foot of it exists a real city. It is called Jerusalem. So you see, Father used the same names of counterparts that exist in both realms to identify one another. But what about Ashtoreth’s attack on Mount Zion and the destruction of the first furnace? The attack was against the City of Mount Zion which is called Jerusalem. This is where all angelic hosts got their start in creation. We were created in an actual furnace. In the past, and even now, the furnace serves as a rebirthing for angelic warriors that are killed in battles or by ambush. But what of the holy ghosts. How are they reanimated if they should be killed on the other side? The same way Seraiah was brought back from death. Father has no need of the furnace, but it exists like the Life Pool so that it can be drawn upon without need of Father personally doing what? Performing a MIRACLE outside the LAWS She instituted for Her creation. To understand this is to understand how Father’s system of things works within creation. It is not normal for holy ghosts to be killed, but is the norm for angelic hosts. However, when demons are reanimated, a MIRACLE is also performed, because never again will they be reanimated through the furnace they originally came forth from. They are brought back to life for one single reason – to serve the purpose that Father wants, and then they will cease to exist on the final extinguish of their flames. Remember, angels are also flames that serve Father, just as Ministers are flames of Father’s truth.

Isaiah 31:9 “His rock will pass away because of fear, and his officers will be afraid because of the signal flag. [This is] the LORD’s declaration—whose fire is in Zion and whose furnace is in Jerusalem.”

In likeness, the earthly Jerusalem is near Father’s past place of Her Presence when She visited the Israelites on this planet:

Exodus 19:18 “Mount Sinai was completely enveloped in smoke because the LORD came down on it in fire. Its smoke went up like the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mountain shook violently.”

Where would that put the actual earthly volcanic Mount Sinai that resembled Mount Zion in Heaven? It is in Saudi Arabia.

I’ll let each of you digest this, and then we will move on.

“whose fire is in Zion and whose furnace is in Jerusalem.” The furnace is the instrument that ingredients are placed in, whether they be past spent energy composition for renewal, or something added to make a more powerful host. The FIRE that is in Zion is the life-force that Father gives to Her creation, whether it be new births or rebirths.

Ezekiel 22:18 “Son of man, the house of Israel has become dross to Me. All of them are copper, tin, iron, and lead inside the furnace; they are the dross of silver.”

dross >noun 1 rubbish. 2 scum on the surface of molten metal.
-ORIGIN Old English.

Molten metal that angelic hosts are refined from, it is that – REFINED to a FINER DEGREE for service to Father. All things have waste. Even angelic births, just as babies have after-birth that is thrown aside. It is no different in the process of birthing an angelic host.

Try and consider that creation in itself is ALIVE. Whether it be spirit, flesh, plant or a planet. A volcano is alive because it is ACTIVE. Hence, Father’s Active Force is evident in all things that have LIFE or life-spans no matter how short they might be. A burning gaseous star is alive, but it dies out as it serves its purpose. That spent energy is retuned to Father whom recycles spent energy into fresh raw energy. Nothing is actually lost, because Father makes all things new again.

What happened in Father’s eyes when a Jewish baby boy had circumcision? It was a form of refinement. Making something better and cleaner in Father’s sight. Removing the excess of what was no longer needed in the original process. That is how the furnace works. Removal of what is not desirable in the makeup of the host.

Spiritual War News

The Sons of Light against the Sons of Darkness

Jun 28, 2010

Regina (Responding to Joe from last week) – My heart tells me, that as bad as it may seem right now, all of this will serve in proving things out for Father before Her creation. I felt strongly that I should search the Word, as all things are contained within, and in doing so I came across Gideon, who had only 300 men to fight a massive army that was more well equipped than they were:

Judges 6:14-16, 14 The LORD turned to him and said, “Go in the strength you have and deliver Israel from the power of Midian. Am I not sending you?”

15 He said to Him, “Please, Lord, how can I deliver Israel? Look, my family is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the youngest in my father’s house.”

16 “But I will be with you,” the LORD said to him. “You will strike Midian down [as if it were] one man.”

Father is a warrior and we are Her warriors. We will not be overcome because She is with us.

Psalm 94:14 The LORD will not forsake His people or abandon His heritage,

Jeshaiah – Chronicles 11:11 — This is the list of David’s warriors: Jashobeam son of Hachmoni was chief of the Thirty; he wielded his spear against 300 and killed them at one time.

Judges 15:15 — He found a fresh jawbone of a donkey, reached out his hand, took it, and killed 1,000 men with it.

1 Samuel 17:50 — David defeated the Philistine with a sling and a stone. Even though David had no sword, he struck down the Philistine and killed him.

These were all Father’s Chosen warriors.

I am sure there is a strong reason why Father will not be reanimating until the Millennium, and Father already saw all these things coming and prepared well ahead of time


Luke 7:35 — Yet wisdom is vindicated by all her children.

Alderra – Are there enough angels for this battle on Earth? Will holy ghosts be drafted for this service? What about the Angels who are part of the Azmon barrier, will they maintain their position or join the war?

Jun 29, 2010

Joe (responding to Alderra) – At present I do not believe there are enough holy angels in comparison to those that now amount to the tens of millions that have deserted and gone to the Constellation of Orion. There are also holy ghosts in the thousands that have joined in with the new rebels. They too have gone to Orion. So here’s where Michael feels we stand on this latest dilemma. Those former holy angels are now classified as demons. The fallen holy ghosts are classified as converts. We have two factions of rebels on both sides of the Azmon Barrier. The barrier is stretched to its limits and had unavoidable gaps in it. Satan took advantage of this and managed to make it through the barrier. Seraiah was alerted and went after him. By the time him and his troops were about to catch up with Satan, and Orion vessel uncloaked and all of the holy side pursuing them were struck down when the vessel fired on them. Holy ghost observers stated that Satan boarded the vessel and was rescued by the Joint Command that then re-cloaked and have not been seen since. Jaddai responded through the barrier with a number of Cherub deputies that took Seraiah and the other fallen deputies to Mount zion. As of this time I have not been informed if any of them survived the attack or not. If any or all did, they will go through the furnace without delay to restore them to health unless Mother has changed that policy also At present, Satan cannot be apprehended and brought back, but I was told that Commander Gabriel requested that our Mother Yahweh intervene in this because of the deteriorating forces of the holy side, but Father responded that She would sooner destroy heaven and earth than to violate Her own decrees That is Her alternate plan if the holy side fails in this war without Satan being able to halt a prophecy. If Satan does halt a prophecy, Father will be honor bound to honor Her war agreement made over 6,000 years ago that states Satan and his family can live. But as things stand, it will not be Satan that thwarts prophecy. It will instead be the Joint Command that has openly defied our Mother, and earlier tonight un-docked the Rapture Vessel and moved it out into the open expanse to where it could be easily seen as they destroyed it. It took a long time to build that vessel. Which I will explain some important things to all of you in a later post.

Will holy ghosts be drafted for this service? Father has denied any more holy ghosts from becoming holy angels. Michael said that we are now stretched thin on observers and other duties they are required to perform in service to Father.

“What about the Angels who are part of the Azmon barrier, will they maintain their position or join the war?” It is my understanding that they must continue to maintain the barrier to prevent the detention plane from becoming an open door or nonexistent. Magog is prophecy. For it to be dissolved is to thwart Father’s prophecy of the detention plane. The gaps are now less evident in the barrier, but it is stretched to the bare minimum at this point. Any attack on the barrier, even from Satan’s forces inside the detention plane will be devastating to its effectiveness.

What I want to tell all of you is this: Think of the Orion Complex like you would think of earth with its factories. There, the Joint Command has always been partially on a material plane of existence where they materialize, live, and fabricate war crafts and other weapons for destruction. They are the true warrior class angels of Father. They live for war, and that is why Orion is depicted as drenched in blood. They are like King David’s olden time warriors that executed men women and babies in response to Father’s orders. They are ruthless and their conscience is not like a normal class of deputy. They are to serve a purpose that is one of being like a destroyer angel. All ways in reserve in case they are needed. And now that warrior class of angel has turned on its own Creator.

You’ve all seen photo’s of UFO crafts. Some have landing feet and windows. Fire laser beams. This is because mankind was on the same track that angels have been on for longer than any of you could imagine. Nuclear powered engines. Anti-matter as fuel. All part of the spirit realm’s war machines. Laser weapons. Star war fighting. All part of the spirit realms history. All brought to life for mankind by Satan’s inspirations. He learned there first, and brought the knowledge with him.. This is why there is nothing new under the sun. It has always existed since the dawn of the spirit realm.

Seraiah was one of the deputies that survived, but we’ve lost another important deputy and more of our brother and sister deputies under his command. Gabriel was killed with his entire crew of deputies today along with an Antijabok while scouting the Orion Constellation in preparation for the planned progressive invasion. What you will see in the following pic is four stages of an assault on Gabriel’s vessel and the Antijabok that was shape shifted. It resembled an asteroid or small star to give Gabe cover. However children, an Orion vessel uncloaked to challenge Gabriel’s presence in their space, and the holy Antijabok came face to face with a fallen Antijabok that had shifted its appearance as a lion. The rest you will see as you view the pics in succession.

Gabe’s craft is the Alpha triangular craft you’ve undoubtedly seen in pics taken by humans. The cigar shaped craft is the Joint Command’s. A war class craft that can fire a wave beam that causes massive destruction. May Father have mercy on and remembrance of our lost brothers and sisters who are fighting for Her Sovereignty in this war. Amen.

gabrielbattleorion 1.jpg

Hodiah is to take over Command of the detention plane. Seraiah has volunteered to take on the Command of fighting our Mother’s enemies of Orion. He is the replacement for Gabriel. Jaddai has asked for a temporary transfer to Seraiah’s Command as his 2nd, and Michael approved his request.

These enemies from Orion are much worse than Satan and his demons ever dreamed of being. But I have a lot of faith in Father and Michael, and I trust Seraiah and Jaddai’s judgment. As a team, I believe they are unbeatable and am glad they will pursue those enemies of Father as a team effort. So don’t lose heart. We are closer to this old wicked system ending than at any time in history.

gabebattle1rev 2.jpg

Liddia told me that at a meeting she attended, Michael, Jaddai and Seraiah all three believe Orion’s Joint Command are beefing up their armament and are planning to to do a full scale strike on this planet just as they used to do in olden times against planets they were sent to destroy the inhabitants of. So, time is imperative for our side to move against them and disrupt their ability to bring the war directly to this planet and its inhabitants.

gabebattle1 3.jpg

gabebattle1m1 4.jpg

gabebattle3 5.jpg

gabebattle3m1 6.jpg

Can you see how the wave beam distorted the space-sphere? It disrupts in waves and even blotted out the stars in the background.

If you were near where a strike from that beam occurred, you would feel as though you were being displaced in time. A shudder effect with a wavy feeling inside your human vessel.

There are signs that occur in casts that are automatic. In other words, Father’s nature causes them to occur as a sign of what happened, and to whom it happened to. It is Her record of events She takes note of when it occurs in time.

gabebattle4 7.jpg

gabebattle4revm1 8.jpg

gabebattle4m1 9.jpg

gabebattle4m2 10.jpg

Lifting the Veil

Learning How to See and Decipher Spiritual Photos

Some Questions & Answers

Q. “So, the angels have a kind of flexi grid which they can pattern their thoughts on to give visual representation and they can interlock with other matrices to cast larger images?”

A. Everything in our Mother’s creation is set up in an orderly fashion that is governed by laws. The laws of creation affect each side of the spectrum – that being the invisible and the visible. You know that some of the things seen in the visible are also connected to things in the invisible. For example, the Sun puts off both light that can be seen, and light that cannot be seen by the naked eye. It is a perfect example of the visible and the invisible working in unity. That star’s exact distance from the earth reveals intelligent placement, and not only that, but were it larger or smaller, it would not be beneficial in what it was designed for in relation to this planet. So, that also reveals intelligent design. And so with the spirit world there is much intelligent design and placement of laws that make the two realms work in harmony with one another. You know that if you boil water it will steam and evaporate into the air. This is a law of the visible realm. It is a concrete fact that you can depend on. You know that your very life depends on good health, avoidance of life threatening accidents, and being safe from violent acts against yourself by another person or animal that could cause your death. Though you’ve never personally experienced death, you know it’s real because you’ve lost loved ones and friends. You see it is a reality in this world on a daily basis. You recognize death as a law of the visible creation that respects no one and eventually befalls every person of every generation, and in so doing, you take daily measures to avoid being one of that laws casualties for as long as your time on earth can be extended. Now we move to the laws of the spirit realm.

In the spirit realm you come to realize that death is the turning off of energy. It is a reality – the law of death – that can happen on either side of the two realms. You come to realize that you are not invincible in the spirit realm. That spirits do die. But then you learn that the same law that applies to those that pass over – rebirth to life – is the same law that gives rebirth on the other side. It is then that you come to really understand that the Law-giver is the only source of life. From nothing but raw energy you came into existence. So without our Mother Yahweh, you know that no cohesion exists to remain in existence without Her life force maintaining our individual existence, but existing as part of a hive of workers. It is referred to as “Unification.” Working in unison. This is what the holy family is all about. It is best expressed in nature with the honey bees whom serve their Queen. The entire colony works in unity to keep the hive healthy and growing for the benefit of the group of that family of bees.

Like a beehive, the “flexi grid” is capable of bending easily without breaking, able to change or be changed to respond to different circumstances. Like when Michael and his Mother Yahweh responded to Satan’s challenge, and as things continued to change in the war, they altered the original Plan to respond to the ever changing circumstances. With the holy angels, the need for using them as messengers came into play on earth. Visions were borne out of need. Later, with the introduction of holy ghosts to the war effort, still more changes were needed in order to respond to the growing numbers on both sides of the chess board’s war. This required a network of spirits that could adhere to and effectively perform within the grid of communication relaying. This meant that a schooling must take place. From there the Holy Ghost Orders were borne. The schooling consisted of not only learning MORAL Laws, but also the SPIRITUAL PHYSICAL laws that govern the spirit realm. But the most important of the spiritual physical laws, was that of working like bees in a hive. To be and to remain unified. Without that unity, no result could be attained. It is often referred to as the “One Two Three effect.” Where Mother Yahweh is ONE, Christ is TWO, and the hive is THREE.

Psalm 118:12 “They surrounded me like bees; they were extinguished like a fire among thorns; in the name of the LORD I destroyed them.”

bee >noun 1 a stinging winged insect which collects nectar and pollen from flowers and produces wax and honey. 2 a meeting for communal work or amusement: a sewing bee.
-PHRASES the bee’s knees informal an outstandingly good person or thing. have a bee in one’s bonnet informal be obsessed with something.
-ORIGIN Old English.

A bee produces the things needed for the hive it belongs to, and works as a colony. And just as bees have a special way to communicate, so do the spirits.

Q. ” they can pattern their thoughts on to give visual representation and they can interlock with other matrices to cast larger images?”

A. Yes. They form three size casts. Small, medium, and large.

Q. “Would you say it was similar to a 3D hologram?”

A. Yes, very much like that. If you walked over to where the vision was being cast, you would note that it is usually on a solid surface, or in water. When spirits cast, they often direct casts (like moving) around with their expanded energy within a room looking for the best light to cast in. If it is very dark, when your eyes adjust, you will note that the entire cast is in a reddish colored background. But as you continue to watch, the colors will come forth with only the red background remaining.

Q. “Are the casts of objects really SOLID or is the illusion given that there solid? I mean, what fills the space under the cast?”

A. It is an illusion as far as the casts go, but the energy is very real. When the holy angels are facing off with the demons they do a maneuver that preps them for conflict.. Both sides vibrate down to fight. Size is determined by location. Both sides can fight in different size settings. The war rules call for both sides to be equal in size, but often the demons form dragons and serpents that are humongous by grouping in clusters to fight the holy angels. If they do not vibrate down, then the casts are not solid, but this does not protect either side from harm by not being more solid. Spirit energy fills the space, and that casting energy is an extension of one or more spirits -just like your arms are – and it can be walked through in the visible realm, but would be a danger to either side if opposing energy came in contact with it on the other side. If someone threw an electrical line in a swimming pool and it did not ground out, but you entered the pool, what would happen? It would ground out to you and electrocute you to death. The electricity could not be seen in the water, yet the threat was real though unseen. In the spirit realm other spirits are not invisible to one another unless a spirit is cloaked. Being cloaked will not protect against coming in contact with opposing energy, it is merely a tactic to infiltrate.The process of vibrating down is for more than just the purpose of combat. It allows you to perform tasks and do other things. “what fills the space under the cast?” The energy you can see around you when spirits are present. It is spirit energy vibrating at a high rate of speed. But to understand all of this, you must understand that all things consist of energy. Intelligent energy moves about, or casts as though it is moving if stationary, but it reveals intelligence. If you were on the other side and looked at a power line, you could see the electricity moving through it, but that energy lacks intelligence. It is on a set course to do work, but it has no intelligence because it is like neutral or raw energy. It simply serves a purpose. It follows its law of movement through the wires to its destination. Intelligent energy has no confinement unless it is imprisoned or spent.

Q. “I’ve never asked this question before, but how do angels communicate? Is it by telepathy or pictorial signals?”

A. They can communicate both ways. However, a pictorial record is the basis for the Great Hall of Records. Anything done in creation, including what happens over here is recorded by holy ghosts in pictorial form. It can be a record for your good standing, or the evil one does, but whichever the case might be, it is all recorded. Like an old movie you thought you had forgotten and the watching of scenes brings it all back, that is how the pictorial record works. Those that are not forgiven are reminded of past conduct and what the outcome will eventually be if they do not accept Christ and our Mother into their hearts and abide by Her Way.

Signs From Above

“He rescues and delivers, He performs signs and wonders in the heavens and on the earth, for He has rescued Daniel from the power of the lions.” Daniel 6:27

Giant Spaceships Heading Towards Earth

Oklahoma triangle UFO returns as second witness watches

Triangle UFO moves within 100 yards of Oregon witness

Sixteen UFO Cases Reported on Earthquake Night in Chile

Another UFO Shuts Down Another Airport in China

Signs Down Below

But know this: difficult times will come in the last days. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, without love for what is good, traitors, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to the form of religion but denying its power. 2 Timothy 3:1-5

First artificial human ovary could mature eggs outside the body

The EU demands recognition as a state by the United Nations

Fed Issues More Debt Than It Needs

Chinese “Body Fishers”: The Business of Selling Corpses Pulled from the Yellow River

CDC Allegedly Falsifies Reports – Ignoring up to 3,587 Miscarriages From H1N1 Vaccine

Signs in Humanity

911 calls detail Johns Hopkins shooting aftermath

Woman Admits Acid Attack Was ‘Self-Inflicted’

Tabloids Glamorizing Teen Pregnancy By Putting Teen Moms on Covers?

Gang stab teenager at bus stop in Glasgow

When this middle-class teenager and her father were fatally stabbed, police assumed HE had killed HER but the truth was shockingly different


The mission of Arks of Safe Haven is to connect via an extensive network and online message board forum, those individuals and families who have been affected by recent economic downfalls and are in need with those individuals who are ready, willing and capable of providing assistance to those in need with employment, shelter, work, food, clothing and other necessities.

Coupled with our primary mission of delivering the Kingdom Message of Salvation, the assistance of Arks of Safe Haven is available to all who are in need. Our purposeful intention is to follow in the footsteps of Christ as our example, by providing hope to the hopeless and answering the prayers of those who have been forced to live outside of society.

How You Can Help?

In order to provide for those whose outcry of prayers have reached our heavenly Father’s ears, Arks of Safe Haven is seeking out those who are able to provide shelter, whether it be an extra bedroom, empty rental property or a work for room and board agreement. Additionally, we also act as a liaison in connecting those with tangible items to donate to those in need like Food, Water, Clothing, & Other Personal Items. We pray that your heart is motivated to make a contribution, no matter how small. Visit and view the many posts from those in need to see if you’re able to help with advice, prayers or goods & services.

Signs in Natural Disasters

“You are going to hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, because these things must take place, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise up against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places.” Matthew 24:6-7


9/11/11 –





9/12/10 –






9/13/10 –






9/14/10 –






9/15/10 –






9/16/10 –



9/17/10 –


BRITAIN – Police given earthquake training for ‘extremely unlikely crisis’. Hundreds of police officers undertook a three-day course on how to deal with powerful earthquakes even though Britain has never experienced any such event. Britain endures its fair share of elemental hardships: floods, storms, and even the occasional tornado. It is not, however, known for its high risk of catastrophic earthquakes. But that did not stop police officers undertaking a three-day course training them to deal with a devastating magnitude 8 tremor. An eight-magnitude quake is classed as a “great earthquake”, which causes “serious damage in areas several hundred miles across”. There is only one recorded every year throughout the world.

The teams were called in to work with European and Middle Eastern officials for the “extremely unlikely” crisis. Hundreds of actors were also employed to recreate the mock disaster scenes across the country. Critics suggested the three day exercise, one of the largest ever undertaken, was a waste of valuable resources as it would almost never occur in Britain. Senior officials, however, felt it “necessary” to be prepared for such an “unthinkable” event despite just 11 people dying from earthquakes in Britain over the past 1000 years. “It’s all very well and good preparing for a giant earthquake, but in the end you might as well plan for a meteor strike or a volcano.”

HAITI – Only 2 percent of the rubble has been removed from the January 12, 2010 quake. With just a fraction of rubble cleared, Haiti looks little changed since the earthquake.

CALIFORNIA – The explosion outside San Francisco prompts fears that seismically active areas and natural gas pipelines are a deadly combination. The massive fire roared through a mostly residential neighborhood in San Bruno on Sept. 9. The fire apparently resulted from a GAS LEAK CAUSED BY MINI-EARTHQUAKES common in Northern California. Is it wise to depend on natural gas near the San Andreas Fault, or in other earthquake zones?

BRITAIN – Expert predicts 5.5 magnitude earthquake could hit London at any time. Britain is overdue a potentially devastating earthquake that could topple London’s grandest landmarks, cause billions of pounds worth of damage and endanger scores of lives, a leading seismologist warned yesterday. A sub-sea fault under the Straits of Dover that has caused two large earthquakes in the past 700 years could strike again at any time, putting London in the firing line. The geological fault has already generated relatively large earthquakes in 1382 and 1580 and there is a substantial risk that a similar-sized earthquake could occur again with severe consequences for the capital given that it rests on clay soil that is easily shaken.

Although the British Isles does not lie on a major boundary of a tectonic plate, where most large earthquakes tend to occur, the country experiences regular small earthquakes due to a network of minor fault lines, including the one under the Straits of Dover.Typically there is one earthquake of magnitude 3.5 each year, 10 earthquakes of magnitude 2.5 and one magnitude 4.5 every 10 years. “There are a lot of little fault lines all over the place. It’s like a dinner plate that has been broken, glued back together and squeezed.” Most modern buildings would be unaffected by such an earthquake but many of the older buildings, especially those in a bad state of repair, could suffer substantial damage, especially to their chimney stacks.”It may not sound very dramatic compared to buildings collapsing, but if people are walking in the street and a chimney falls on them, that’s bad news.”


INDONESIA – Thousands of villagers living near Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung volcano in Sumatra, celebrated the end of Ramadan on Friday in their temporary shelters. About 30,000 villagers fled their homes within 4 miles from the peak when the volcano erupted on August 29. Many have found refuge in around 20 temporary shelters. Government officials have asked everyone to stay in the shelters until the alert status on the volcano has been lowered.
The alert status for the 8100 foot volcano has been raised to the highest level as its activity increased after the first eruption. On Tuesday, it had its biggest eruption since it became active last week, and experts warn there are more blasts to come. Indonesia has the highest number of active volcanoes of any country, sitting on the belt of intense seismic activity known as the “Pacific Ring of Fire”.

ALASKA – The Alaska Volcano Observatory twitter account mentioned that a ~7.5 km / 25,000 foot ash plume has been detected from Cleveland volcano in the Aleutian Islands. They have noted potential activity from Cleveland over the last few months, but there is little in the way of instrumentation for the remote volcano. Sadly the Cleveland webcam looks out of commission (not related to any eruption). Cleveland is quite an active volcano, even for the Aleutians high standards, with VEI 2-3 eruptions almost every year for the past decade (and possibly longer).

ICELAND – The Scientists’ Council of the Civil Protection Department is not ready to formally declare the end of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption. Therefore, the alert status in the area has not been lifted. According to the Department Manager of the Civil Protection Department, in light of the volcano’s history, it is impossible to determine the duration of such an event. Declaring a formal end to the eruption, thereby reversing a number of decrees regarding the sealing of areas and other precautions, would be premature. Furthermore, the drifting of ash and the mud floods have had considerable effect on the surrounding area. The council will however reassess the situation later this week.

COSTA RICA – The Turrialba and Poás volcanoes put on a simultaneous show early Tuesday morning when, in almost concerted action, both spewed out smoke during an eruption. According to experts, the eruptions are no cause for alarm, as they are normal for an active volcano. The presence of smoke from the cone of the volcanoes is mainly due to clear morning skies and no wind, making the normal emanation from the volcanoes unusual. The Observatorio Vulcanológico y Sismológico de Costa Rica sent a team of experts to evaluate the condition, ruling out any presence of ash or lava in the eruption.

Next Iceland eruption will likely cause less havoc – A new volcano eruption on Iceland could happen again soon, but will likely wreak less havoc than the one that caused massive airspace shutdowns earlier this year, experts said Thursday. The Eyjafjoell eruption, which began on April 14 and spewed enough ash to cause the biggest European airspace shutdown since World War II, “was VERY UNUSUAL. Most volcano eruptions in Iceland are basaltic,” with lava flows and spewing only coarse-grained and heavy particles. “That is what we would expect would happen in Katla,” a much larger, neighbouring volcano that historically erupts within a year or so of Eyjafjoell.

The smaller Eyjafjoell volcano, whose ash cloud affected more than 100,000 flights and eight million passengers in April and May, was different. “The particles were so fine that they did not settle. They were absolutely not coming down, determined to go to Europe and bother your airspace. For us in Iceland … we don’t deal with this kind of eruption except maybe once a century.” For European airspace to suffer similar dire consequences as last time, the next eruption would need to be as explosive as the Eyjafjoell blast and meteorological conditions would need to be similar. While it is unlikely that so many factors would fall into place, “for the UK, if we had a repeat of this it would be an absolute disaster if it happened in the next two years,” as another massive airspace shutdown could seriously disrupt the 2012 Olympics in Britain.


Tropical storm IGOR was 1191 nmi ENE of Bridgetown, Barbados. [very close to being classified a hurricane]

[Two other areas, one in front and one behind Igor could become tropical depressions in the next 48 hours – 60% and 70% chance respectively.]

Tropical Storm Igor is strengthening some as it swirls across the open Atlantic Ocean. The storm could become a hurricane by today. Igor remains far from land and was about 620 miles (995 kilometers) west of the Cape Verde Islands. The storm’s maximum sustained winds Friday were near 45 mph (75 kph). It was moving to the west at 21 mph (33 kph). [All of the global modes show the expected development of a large and powerful hurricane.]

Hurricane Igor intensified as a Category 4 storm in the Atlantic and may be upgraded as it approaches the Caribbean, while Tropical Storm Julia formed off the west coast of Africa. Igor, the second-strongest on the five-step Saffir-Simpson scale, packed maximum winds of 150 miles (241 kilometers) per hour as it headed west at 13 mph. The system was about 1,005 miles east of the Northern Leeward Islands. Igor may turn to the west-northwest today with some “decrease in forward speed.” Hurricane-force winds extend as far as 40 miles out and tropical storm-force winds as far as 160 miles.

Julia, previously a tropical depression, sustained maximum winds of 40 mph and could become a hurricane today. Julia’s formation gave this year’s Atlantic hurricane season its 10th named storm, more than the nine last year. The season runs from June 1 to Nov. 30 and an average year has 11 storms with winds of at least 39 mph. In 2005, a record 28 storms formed. This year’s storm season has had less of an impact on natural-gas output in the Gulf than the U.S. government expected. A total of 7.9 billion cubic feet of gas production was shut from June through August because of storms, below projections for the period of 57.4 billion.

Although typhoon Meranti weakened to a tropical storm before it hit China Saturday, the storm caused major flooding. As much as nine inches of rain fell in some areas, submerging cars and making driving dangerous on Sunday. The flooding caused at least nine landslides in the capital and left debris across the city. Local officials evacuated people who live in the city to safer land, but no casualties were reported. It was the tenth typhoon to hit China this year.

Tropical Storm Karl has formed over the northwestern Caribbean Sea. Karl has maximum sustained winds of 40 mph and is expected to make landfall over the Yucatan Peninsula today. It should move into the southwestern Gulf of Mexico later tonight or on Thursday. Mexico’s government has issued a tropical storm warning for the east coast of the peninsula – from Chetumal at the Mexico/Belize border northward to Cabo Catoche. Belize’s government has issued a tropical storm watch for the coast of northern Belize from Belize City to the Mexico/Belize border. Karl is expected to strengthen before it hits the Yucatan and weaken after landfall.

Igor, the Atlantic season’s most powerful hurricane, and Hurricane Julia won’t threaten the oil-rich U.S. Gulf and may miss the country entirely, forecasters said. Igor, with winds of 150 miles (241 kilometers) per hour, and the weaker Julia behind it are both on tracks that will take them into the northern Atlantic.
“Despite all this activity, the Gulf looks to remain out of harm’s way. Bermuda certainly has to watch out for Igor, they are by no means off the hook.” Igor is a “major” Category 4 storm. The storm’s track is expected to pass just west of Bermuda this weekend, meaning its strongest winds may hit the island. Bermuda has a 10 percent chance of being struck by a hurricane with winds of at least 74 mph in about 5 days, according to Tropical Storm Risk. Igor’s hurricane force winds extend 50 miles from the center and winds of 39 mph to 74 mph reach 195 miles from the eye.

Earlier, forecasters said Igor would probably become the first Category 5 hurricane in the Atlantic since 2007. The center’s latest forecast analysis says while there may be some fluctuations in power, “Igor is near peak intensity.” It may still strengthen because it is in an area of warm water and low wind shear. Trailing Igor is Julia. Julia is moving away from the southern Cape Verde islands off west Africa and may dump as much as 4 inches (10 centimeters) of rainfall. “These rains could cause life-threatening flash floods and mudslides.”

A tropical depression has formed over the Pacific Ocean south of Okinawa and is forecast to develop into a tropical storm today. Tropical Depression 12W was 694 kilometers (431 miles) south of Naha on the Japanese island of Okinawa at 9 a.m. Tokyo time. The weather system had maximum sustained winds of 56 kilometers per hour and was moving northwest at 17 kph. Winds may strengthen to 65 kph today, and 12W is forecast to become a typhoon in four days. The center’s forecast shows the storm tracking southwest of Okinawa after it reaches typhoon status.

Tropical Storm Karl is forecast for strengthen to a hurricane after crossing the Yucatan peninsula and entering the Gulf of Mexico. Karl came ashore yesterday near Chetumal on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula and will soon move back over water, allowing it to regain strength. Karl was 60 kilometers (35 miles) south-southwest of Campeche, Mexico, and moving west-northwest at 24 kilometers per hour. The storm’s maximum sustained winds were blowing at 65 kph.

Karl went ashore south of the peninsula’s most popular resorts. The state of Quintana Roo, which includes the beach resort of Cancun, declared a red alert for the four municipalities of Tulum, Jose M. Morelos, Felipe Carrillo and Othon. Guatemala’s national disaster agency issued an alert to warn residents to prepare for possible heavy rains from Karl. Tropical Storm Agatha killed 165 people in Guatemala in May and heavy rains earlier this month left 45 dead.

On Bermuda, the island’s Emergency Measures Organization urged residents to begin hurricane preparations by securing their properties and stocking up on supplies as Hurricane Igor approached. “Residents are advised to take the warnings seriously as the Island has not experienced such an intense storm since Hurricane Fabian hit Bermuda in 2003.” Hurricane Fabian caused about $300 million of damage when it came ashore in Sept. 2003 with winds of 120 mph. Igor, with maximum winds of 135 mph, was 980 miles southeast of Bermuda and may pass near the island on Sept. 19. Swells from the storm “are likely to cause life-threatening surf and rip current conditions” in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Bahamas and U.S. East Coast.”

East of Igor, Hurricane Julia remained a Category 3 storm with sustained winds of 115 mph, down from a Category 4 storm with winds of 135 mph earlier. It was THE FIRST TIME TWO CATEGORY 4 STORMS HAD BEEN IN THE ATLANTIC AT THE SAME TIME SINCE SEPTEMBER 16, 1926. Julia also became THE FOURTH STORM OF THAT STRENGTH IN 20 DAYS, SETTING A RECORD. Julia isn’t expected to strike land.

There have been 11 named storms this season, two more than all of last year and the average for a typical season, which runs from June to November. The hurricane center, part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, earlier predicted that 14 to 20 named storms with winds of at least 39 miles per hour will form this year. It also predicted between four and six major hurricanes would form and the low end of that forecast has been reached.

FANAPI – Meteorologists said Thursday the new tropical storm off the coast of Taiwan might develop into a typhoon, but that it would not become clear until two days later if it will hit Taiwan. Tropical Storm Fanapi, the 11th to form in the Pacific this year, was centered 700 km east of Eluanbi on the southernmost tip of Taiwan at 8 a.m., moving north-northeast at 6 kph and packing maximum sustained winds of 90 kph. The storm was not affecting Taiwan, but CWB forecasters said that if a high pressure system over the Pacific gains strength in the coming days, it could push Fanapi toward the northwest, in which case it could affect Taiwan. They added that a sea warning could be announced on Friday or Saturday.

Dozens of people died in North Korea in floods and landslides caused by the typhoon which hit the country earlier this month. It is the first casualty toll from Typhoon Kompasu given by the Korean Central News Agency. Nearly 9,000 buildings were destroyed and roads, railways and power lines were badly damaged. Typhoon Kompasu hit the Korean peninsula on 2 September. “Several dozen people have died throughout the country due to torrential rain, strong winds and landslide.” More than 30,000 hectares of farmland were ruined. Some 65km (40 miles) of railway tracks were also washed away.

In the Atlantic are hurricanes Karl, Igor and Julia, together with a new tropical wave. HAVING THREE SIMULTANEOUS HURRICANES IN THE ATLANTIC BASIN IS not A COMMON OCCURRENCE EVEN FOR THE PEAK OF THE HURRICANE SEASON which we are in.


PHILIPPINES – A landslide triggered by heavy rains has killed four people and destroyed 20 homes in a southern Philippine village. The downpour loosened soil and boulders and uprooted trees that tumbled down onto nearby houses. Bodies were carried several hundred metres away by a flash flood. Meteorologists say converging trade winds generated rain clouds which drenched the area.

TAIWAN – About 700 aborigines were trapped in a remote Taiwan village after heavy rains brought by tropical storm Meranti triggered landslides, as weathermen issued a warning against the storm. Meranti dumped over 350 millimetres (14 inches) of rain over 24 hours in Chinfeng, Taima and Tajen township in southeast Taiwan’s Taitung county, an area still reeling from last year’s devastating Typhoon Morakot. “Since Wednesday, rain has kept falling in the area.” The downpour caused landslides, cutting off a key road and isolating 700 villagers mostly belonging to an aboriginal tribe, although they did not face any immediate risks. The county government has evacuated more than 500 villagers from the area and ordered some schools and offices in the county to be closed. “Although the storm is not expected to move straight towards Taiwan, it may bring strong winds and heavy rains, and residents must not let down their guard,. Heavy rains could spark flash floods and landslides.”

PAKISTAN flood emergency far from over – “Everything I saw and heard today confirmed that this disaster – already one of the largest the world has seen – is STILL GETTING BIGGER,” a U.N. spokeman said Wednesday. In of the province of Sindh, more than 16,750 square miles are under water and nearly half a million homes have been destroyed. The death toll in Pakistan from the floods, which began at the end of July, stands at more than 1,750 and more than 1.8 million houses are categorized as either damaged or destroyed. “With 21 million people affected across Pakistan this cannot be treated as just another crisis — it is an immense and still unfolding catastrophe.” Just during the last few days, 40 villages in Sindh were flooded. Also severely affected are the provinces of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab and Balochistan.

“The concerns people expressed to me were mostly about problems we can address such as malaria, their children not getting enough to eat, skin diseases and insufficient shelter. People are also worried about their futures. For many of them, even when the waters recede, they will have nothing to go back to.” There are still scores of marooned villages across Pakistan where NO ASSISTANCE HAS BEEN RECEIVED IN MORE THAN A MONTH.Relief agencies attribute the void to a combination of geography, the tremendous scale of the disaster and the play of local politics.

CHAD – Some 70,000 people have been left homeless by flooding triggered by heavy rains in the central African nation of Chad. wenty-four people have been killed and 29 others injured. Forty-six others have died from cholera that broke out in the wake of the floods. Some 700 people are suffering from cholera. Overall, nearly 145,000 people in Chad have been affected by the flooding, and that number is rising. “Today is the worst, and it’s getting more and more out of hand. This is the crisis point, at the moment.” Flooding has affected more than half of Chad’s regions. The same regions were hit by extreme drought last year. About 31,500 hectares (77,000 acres) of crops have been destroyed. About 6,000 people have been displaced. They have moved in with family or sought shelter in schools and open areas. Most roads are closed in the affected areas, meaning aid has to be airlifted. Chad’s rainy season typically stretches from June through the end of September, but it began earlier than usual this year. Rains were very heavy from the beginning.

Since September 4, continuous heavy rains have fallen in Guatemala, exacerbating heavy damage caused by Tropical Storm Agatha which hit the region on May 29, causing 174 deaths and an estimated US $975 million of damage.

The rains have been reported as HIGHER THAN THE LAST 40 YEARS’ AVERAGE and are expected to continue into October. They have caused rivers to overflow, resulting in floods and landslides. Roads and bridges have been buried or collapsed and communications with some communities have been lost.

On 6 September, National Coordination for the Reduction of Disaster estimated 43,043 people were at risk from the rains, of which 11,495 have been evacuated. So far, 48 people have lost their lives, 16 have disappeared, and 14,291 have moved to shelters.

A storm that meteorologists described as being THE SIZE OF AUSTRALIA buffeted New Zealand today, prompting severe weather warnings. Gale-force winds of up to 130km per hour were lashing some areas, including the capital Wellington, accompanied by heavy rain, lightning and plunging temperatures. “Winds of this strength have the potential to lift roofs, topple trees and powerlines and make driving conditions hazardous.” The storm in the Southern Ocean was one of the largest currently on the planet, with a size roughly equivalent to Australia. While the storm’s centre was likely to remain about 1000km west of New Zealand, the country will experience extreme weather for three or four days. The winds were likely to come in unpredictable squalls: “These Southern Ocean storms tend to fire up a number of aggressive but fairly short-lived fronts.”

Christchurch, which was hit by a 7.0-magnitude earthquake two weeks ago, could expect high winds but the city should escape the worst of the weather.

Storm rattles even jaded New Yorkers – A surprise tempest downs trees, strands commuters and leaves at least one person dead. A storm that thundered through New York City on Thursday turned the afternoon sky black, unleashed tornado-like squalls and stunned even jaded city dwellers with its ferocity, killing at least one person and stranding tens of thousands of evening commuters. Officials suspended access to overcrowded Pennsylvania Station in midtown Manhattan, where people were locked shoulder to shoulder after fallen trees forced a halt to commuter rail traffic. In Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens, the boroughs hit hardest by the storm, locals used axes to hack at trees that in some cases had crashed across stairways and front porches, trapping people inside homes.

New York has had more than its share of BIZARRE WEATHER this year — its biggest snowfall in February, its hottest summer. But the 5:30 p.m. onslaught appeared to beat them all with its sudden arrival on what had been a relatively cool, calm day. Shortly after the National Weather Service issued tornado warnings, the skies turned dark and the wind picked up. Within minutes, blinding lightning followed by deafening thunder swept through the city. Hail and rain fell in horizontal sheets, pelting people as they left their offices for the day. “It felt like the Wizard of Oz.” People described whooshing noises, train-like rumblings and the sounds of loud cracks as lightning struck and trees snapped. “It came so quickly. The sky got so dark. The rain was sideways — the water was coming in through the windows.”

On the Grand Central Parkway in Queens, a motorist died when a tree fell across the road. Winds reached 80 mph. The storm evaporated as suddenly as it arrived. Within half an hour, tornado warnings were lifted, the skies lightened and people went outside to survey the damage, which weather officials had not yet confirmed was caused by tornadoes. “Whether it was or not is not really the issue. It was a very severe storm.”


Where’s the oil? On the Gulf floor, scientists say. Far beneath the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, deeper than divers can go, scientists say they are finding oil from the busted BP well on the sea’s muddy and mysterious bottom. Oil at least two inches thick was found Sunday night and Monday morning about a mile beneath the surface. Under it was a layer of dead shrimp and other small animals. The latest findings show that while the federal government initially proclaimed much of the spilled oil gone, now it’s not so clear. “I expected to find oil on the sea floor. I did not expect to find this much. I didn’t expect to find layers two inches thick. It’s weird the stuff we found last night. Some of it was really dense and thick.”

Scientists say that even though it may be out of sight, oil found there could do significant harm to the strange creatures that dwell in the depths — tube worms, tiny crustaceans and mollusks, single-cell organisms and Halloween-scary fish with bulging eyes and skeletal frames. “Deep-sea animals, in general, tend to produce fewer offspring than shallower water animals, so if they are going to have a population impact, it may be more sensitive in deep water. There is also some evidence that deep-sea animals live longer than shallower water species, so the impact may stay around longer.”

Scientists found oil on the sea floor as far as 80 miles away from the site of the spill. “It’s kind of like having a blizzard where the snow comes in and covers everything.” And the look of the oil, its state of degradation, the way it settled on freshly dead animals all made it unlikely that the crude was from the millions of gallons of oil that naturally seep into the Gulf from the sea bottom each year. Later this week, the oil will be tested for the chemical fingerprints that would conclusively link it to the BP spill.

Since the well was capped on July 15 after some 200 million gallons flowed into the Gulf, there have been signs of resilience on the surface and the shore. Sheens have disappeared, while some marshlands have shoots of green. This seeming recovery is likely a result of massive amounts of chemical dispersants, warm waters and a Gulf that is used to degrading massive amounts of oil, scientists say. Animal deaths also are far short of worst-case scenarios. But at the same time, a massive invisible plume of oil has been found under the surface, shifting scientists’ concerns from what can be easily seen to what can’t be. The oil “did not disappear. It sank.”

For oil to sink, it must attach itself to materials that are heavier than water, such as detritus, flecks of mud, sands and other particles. Such materials are abundant in the Gulf in places where rivers, especially the Mississippi, flush mud and sand into the open sea. Oil also can sink as it ages and becomes more tar-like in a process known as weathering. Scientists also say the oil may be sinking because it was broken up into tiny droplets by dispersants, making the oil so small that it wasn’t buoyant enough to rise. One problem with oil at the sea floor is that it will take longer to degrade because of cold temperatures in the deep.


Six dead in Kazakh forest fires close to Russia – Emergency workers on Thursday battled raging forest fires that have killed six people in northeastern Kazakhstan and destroyed an entire village in a neighbouring Russian region. Russian officials said fires that had originated in Kazakhstan destroyed more than 400 houses in the Siberian region of Altai with one village, Nikolayevka, entirely destroyed by the flames. The fires, covering an area of 3,300 hectares (8,100 acres) have been raging in the Pavlodar region of Kazakhstan which lies just south of Russia’s Altai region. Russia was sending three more fire-fighting trains equipped with huge cisterns of water to the Altai region as well as two aircraft to douse the blazes. High winds were also impeding the firefighting efforts.

The fresh fire outbreak comes after Russia battled hundreds of blazes earlier this year, in a major national crisis that saw some fires come dangerously close to some of its top nuclear centres. Even after most of the fires in central Russia were quelled in August, new fires killed eight people and burned down more than 400 homes in southern Russia last week. The reappearance of the fires as summer draws to an end is a major embarrassment for the Russian authorities, who have been accused by environmentalists of intentionally under-reporting the scale of the disaster. The governor of Russia’s Altai region has declared a state of emergency on 13 districts of his region after the fires. The Russian emergencies ministry said that as a result of the latest fires, the area of blazes active nationwide in Russia had increased 40 times over the last 24 hours to 6,640 hectares with 24 fires still raging. Forest fires ravaged about a million hectares in Russia in recent months, destroying whole villages and leaving more than 50 people dead. Fires also threatened several nuclear plants and engulfed Moscow in a thick cloud of smog causing death rates in the capital to double during the heatwave.

Intense Summer Heat Balances Winter’s Big Chill – Weather normals are often an average of extreme weather events. Take the past 12 months in the Deep South in the U.S., for example. Although the region endured THE HOTTEST SUMMER ON RECORD, temperatures have been average or below average during the past 12 months. The entire eastern half of the country was much hotter than normal from June through August, with all-time record heat – the hottest summer in the past 116 years – extending from Tennessee and Alabama northeastward to New Jersey. Rhode Island also had its hottest summer on record. In total, 35 of the 48 states in the continental U.S. had one of the top 16 hottest summers on record. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, this has been the fourth warmest summer nationally.

What might be surprising, given the intensity of the summer heat, is that temperatures during the past 12 months (September 2009 through August 2010) were close to average or even below average in the Southern states that had all-time record heat this summer. The yearly rankings in Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia are all below normal, having the 31st, 35th and 33rd warmest years on record, respectively. The reason for the low 12-month rankings in the South is the intensity of the cold last winter, which was ONE OF THE TOP 10 COLDEST ON RECORD in many Southern states. Nationally, it was also much colder than average, being the 18th coldest winter on record.

In the Northeast and the upper Midwest, the summer has been much warmer than average following a winter that was not as cold (relative to average) as areas farther to the south. September 2009 through August 2010 was the second hottest on record in Maine, for instance. While the winter and summer extremes of the past 12 months have largely balanced each other across the United States, the global trend of warm weather continues. During the first seven months of 2010, JANUARY THROUGH JULY HAS BEEN THE HOTTEST ON RECORD GLOBALLY, according to the NOAA. (maps)

Hundreds evacuated near California fire – a state of emergency has been delcared as hundreds of residents in small mountain communities are under evacuation orders because of a forest fire in the southern Sierra Nevada. The fire has grown to more than 2500 hectares. The fire erupted on Sunday in the Lower Kern River Canyon and burned up and out of the canyon in a portion of Sequoia National Forest southwest of Lake Isabella about 175 kilometres north of downtown LA. Recreational sites and river outfitter camps were evacuated at the outset but calls for residential evacuations didn’t begin until late on Tuesday as part of the fire became more active. Driven by wind and topography, the fire was burning in grass, brush and trees. Fire officials said areas of timber were torching in groups and there was a high rate of spread and spotting. Authorities have said the fire was human-caused but have not determined whether it was an accident or intentional.

Ice floating on the Arctic Ocean melted UNUSUALLY quickly this year, but did not shrink down to the record minimum area seen in 2007. That is the preliminary finding of US scientists who say the summer minimum seems to have passed and the ice has entered its winter growth phase. 2010’s summer Arctic ice minimum is the third smallest in the satellite era. Researchers say projections of summer ice disappearing entirely within the next few years increasingly look wrong.

At its smallest extent, on 10 September, 4.76 million sq km (1.84 million sq miles) of Arctic Ocean was covered with ice – more than in 2007 and 2008, but less than in every other year since 1979. “It was a short melt season – the period from the maximum to the minimum was shorter than we’ve had – but the ice was so thin that even so it melted away quickly.” The last 12 months have been unusually warm globally – according to Nasa, the WARMEST IN THE 130-YEAR RECORD This is partly down to El Nino conditions in the Pacific Ocean, which have the effect of raising temperatures globally. With those conditions changing into a cooler La Nina phase, Nasa says 2010 is “likely, but not certain” to be the warmest calendar year in its record.

This year, the relative absence of ice around Alaska has brought tens of thousands of Pacific walruses up onto land recently. The 2010 NSIDC figures tally with the idea of a gradual decline in summer Arctic ice cover. But computer models projecting a disappearance very soon – 2013 was a date cited by one research group just a few years ago – seem to have been too extreme. “The chances of a really early melt are increasingly unlikely as the years go by, and you’d need a couple of extreme years like 2007 in a row to reach that now. But the 2040/2050 figure that’s been quoted a lot – that’s still on track. It could end up being wrong, of course, but the data we have don’t disprove it.” NSIDC will release a full analysis of the 2010 data next month.


Earth’s last ice age not worldwide – U.S. scientists say Earth’s last ice age, about 13,000 years ago, saw Europe freezing while the antarctic was warming up, an anomaly that has long puzzled them. New evidence from New Zealand suggests the deep freeze up north bypassed much of the Southern Hemisphere. “Glaciers in New Zealand receded dramatically at this time, suggesting that much of the Southern Hemisphere was warming with Antarctica. Knowing that the…cooling in the Northern Hemisphere was not a global event brings us closer to understanding how Earth finally came out of the ice age.”

Ice core data show warming of the Southern Hemisphere starting 13,000 years ago coincided with rising levels of the heat-trapping gas carbon dioxide. The new study links this spike in CO2 to the impressive shrinking of glaciers in New Zealand. Scientists estimate the glaciers shrank by half over 1,000 years in response to the local climate warming as much as 2 degrees F. Researchers theorize that a weakening Gulf Stream at the start of the last ice age drove the north into freezing temperatures while simultaneously affecting the planet’s wind patterns and ocean currents, pushing warm air and seawater south.


New study slashes estimate of icecap loss – Estimates of the rate of ice loss from Greenland and West Antarctica, one of the most worrying questions in the global warming debate, should be halved, according to Dutch and US scientists. In the last two years, several teams have estimated Greenland is shedding roughly 230 gigatonnes of ice, or 230 billion tonnes, per year and West Antarctica around 132 gigatonnes annually. Together, that would account for more than half of the annual three-millimetre (0.2 inch) yearly rise in sea levels, a pace that compares dramatically with 1.8mm (0.07 inches) annually in the early 1960s.

But, according to the new study, the ice estimates fail to correct for a phenomenon known as glacial isostatic adjustment. This is the term for the rebounding of Earth’s crust following the last Ice Age. Glaciers that were kilometers (miles) thick smothered Antarctica and most of the northern hemisphere for tens of thousands of years, compressing the elastic crust beneath it with their titanic weight. When the glaciers started to retreat around 20,000 years ago, the crust started to rebound, and is still doing so. This movement, though, is not just a single vertical motion. “A good analogy is that it’s like a mattress after someone has been sleeping on it all night.” The weight of the sleeper creates a hollow as the material compress downwards and outwards. When the person gets up, the mattress starts to recover. This movement, seen in close-up, is both upwards and downwards and also sideways, too, as the decompressed material expands outwards and pulls on adjacent stuffing. Often ignored or considered a minor factor in previous research, post-glacial rebound turns out to be important. Southern Greenland is in fact subsiding, as the crust beneath it is pulled by the post-glacial rebound from northern America.

With glacial isostatic adjustment modelled in, the loss from Greenland is put at 104 gigatonnes, plus or minus 23 gigatonnes, and 64 gigatonnes from West Antarctica, plus or minus 32 gigatonnes. These variations show a large degree of uncertainy, but even so a clearer picture is emerging on icesheet loss. “The corrections for deformations of the Earth’s crust have a considerable effect on the amount of ice that is estimated to be melting each year. We have concluded that the Greenland and West Antarctica ice caps are melting at approximately half the speed originally predicted.”

If the figures for overall sea level rise are accurate, icesheet loss would be contribute about 30 percent, rather than roughly half, to the total. The rest would come mainly from thermal expansion, meaning that as the sea warms it rises. The debate is important because of fears that Earth’s biggest reservoirs of ice, capable of driving up ocean levels by many metres (feet) if lost, are melting much faster than global-warming scenarios had predicted.

A powerful coalition wants to engineer the world’s climate – Businessmen, scientists and right-wing thinktanks are joining forces to promote ‘geo-engineering’ ideas to cool the planet’s climate. A powerful coalition of forces is quietly constellating around the idea of transforming the Earth’s atmosphere by simulating volcanic eruptions to counter the warming effects of carbon pollution. Despite the enormity of what is being proposed — nothing less than taking control of Earth’s climate system — the public has been almost entirely excluded from the planning.

Techniques ranging from the intriguing to the wacky have been proposed to remove carbon from the atmosphere, including fertilising the oceans with iron filings to promote the growth of tiny marine plants that absorb carbon dioxide, installing in the ocean a vast number of floating funnels that draw nutrient-rich cold water from the deep to encourage algal blooms that suck carbon dioxide from the air, and construction of thousands of ‘sodium trees’ that extract carbon dioxide directly from the air and turn it into sodium bicarbonate.

But the option that is taken most seriously is altogether grander in conception and scale. The scheme proposes nothing less than the transformation of the chemical composition of the Earth’s atmosphere so that humans can regulate the temperature of the planet as desired. Like volcanic eruptions, it involves injecting sulphur dioxide gas into the stratosphere to blanket the Earth with tiny particles that reflect solar radiation. If the nations of the world resort to climate engineering, and in doing so relieve pressure to cut carbon emissions, then the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would continue to rise and so would the latent warming that would need suppressing. It would then become impossible to call a halt to sulphur injections into the stratosphere, even for a year or two, without an immediate jump in temperature.

In March this year a private meeting of leading climate engineers, held in California, aimed to develop guidelines to govern research and testing. The invitees wanted a voluntary code of conduct that would forestall regulation by governments and the international community so that the experts could work unhindered at their task of understanding how to control of the Earth’s climate system. Indeed, one wealthy individual could transform the atmosphere and, with enough determination, bring on an ice age.


CALIFORNIA – 9/10/10 – a large meteor sighting over the Southland dazzled commuters. Residents from Mexico to Los Angeles reported the sighting. There are no photos of the event at the current time, however there are probably thousands of eyewitnesses. Early morning rush hour traffic traveling across the area would likely have seen the event since it was viewed from Mexico, San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles. The U.S. Coast Guard reports that the crew of the USS Sterett saw a fireball streak across the sky at around 5 a.m. Friday morning. Ironically this sighting happened during a time where the marine layer was not present. [A marine layer is an air mass (fog) which develops over the surface of a large body of water – I am assuming that this means that the skies were unusually clear.]

On Thursday, group of professional and amateur astronomers announced that Jupiter is getting hit surprisingly often by small asteroids, lighting up the giant planet’s atmosphere with frequent fireballs. “Jupiter is a big gravitational vacuum cleaner. It is clear now that relatively small objects left over from the formation of the solar system 4.5 billion years ago still hit Jupiter frequently.” The impacts are bright enough to see through backyard telescopes on Earth. Indeed, amateur astronomers were the first to detect them, recording two fireballs in 2010 alone – one on June 3rd and another on August 20th.

The June 3rd fireball was caused by an object some 10 meters in diameter. When it hit Jupiter, the impact released about 10^15 Joules of energy. For comparison, that’s five to ten times less energy than the Tunguska event of 1908, when a meteoroid exploded in Earth’s atmosphere and leveled millions of trees in a remote area of Russia. Scientists continue to analyze the Aug. 20th fireball, but think it was comparable in scale to the June 3rd event.

Before amateurs spotted these fireballs, scientists were unaware collisions so small could be observed. The first hint of their easy visibility came in July 2009 when an amateur astronomer from Australia discovered a dark spot on Jupiter. It was clearly the swirling debris of an impact event that he had only just missed. Next time, however, his luck would improve. On June 3, 2010, he caught a fireball in action. Scientists saw no thermal disruptions or typical chemical signatures of debris, which allowed them to put a limit on the size of the object.

“It is interesting to note that while Earth gets smacked by a 10-meter-sized object about every 10 years on average, it looks as though Jupiter gets hit with the same-sized object [as much as] a few times each month.” On Sept. 8th, a 10-meter class asteroid named 2010 RF12 flew past Earth without hitting. A somewhat smaller space rock, 2008 TC3, actually burned up in the atmosphere above Sudan two years ago.


Fox rips off sleeping woman’s ear in Britain – A fox crept into a sleeping woman’s bedroom and ripped off part of her ear – the latest in A STRING OF SUCH ATTACKS in Britain. She woke to feel something pulling her hair, seconds before the adult fox lunged, leaving her terrified and bleeding. Doctors had to glue her ear together as they could not stitch the cartilage. She believes the fox entered through an open window. Britain’s 30,000-odd urban foxes are increasingly being seen as a menace. In the most famous incident, baby twins were savaged by a fox that crept into their East London house in June.

Female marine snails living off the Perth coast in Australia are growing male sex organs on their heads after exposure to the chemical TBT. The snails are suffering from imposex, a condition that involves the development of a second sex organ after being exposed to the chemical.

Studies on the marine snail Thais orbita over the past 10 years showed that although TBT contamination had declined at sites visited by recreational boats, a 100% rate of imposex still exists at sites where commercial vessels are present. “These high levels are believed to be related to the continuous input of TBT into the area over a period of years, resulting in the presence of significant quantities in the sediment on the sea floor. Fremantle port and the Garden Island naval facility were the main sites where TBT contamination was present in the Perth region. Studies have shown that imposex could stop the females from procreating, potentially reducing the number of snails in the shoreline environment.


Bird Flu – Reversing a trend that began in 2007, the number of countries affected by H5N1 avian influenza and the number of reported H5N1 outbreaks in birds have increased this year. Sixteen countries (plus Hong Kong) had H5N1 outbreaks this year through August, compared with about 11 in all of 2009. In the first 6 months of this year, 390 H5N1 outbreaks were reported, versus 297 for all of 2009. However, those numbers do not include Indonesia, which reports the majority of H5N1 poultry outbreaks worldwide, because Indonesia, unlike other countries, counts outbreaks at the village level rather than the household level.

The report says a big increase in reported H5N1 outbreaks in Egypt this year “is most likely the result of improved surveillance through the effectiveness of the CAHO [Community Animal Health Outreach] programme.” (Egypt has had 264 poultry outbreaks this year, compared with 71 for the same period last year.) The peak month for outbreaks this year was February, with close to 150, which was well above last year’s 1-month peak of about 70 outbreaks, also in February.

H5N1 outbreaks have occurred this year in several countries where the disease was thought to have been eliminated: Cambodia, Israel, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, and Romania. The only country newly affected by the virus so far this year is Bhutan. As for H5N1 outbreaks in Indonesia, the FAO does not list specific numbers of outbreaks reported, but a chart shows that Indonesia has had the majority of reported outbreaks every month since April 2009. Sixty-three countries and territories have had outbreaks since 2003.

Injury claims over 2009 H1N1 vaccine increase – The number of people who intend to submit claims that they were harmed by the 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine has grown to 275 in recent months, up from 106 in mid-March, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. Reports have generally indicated that the monovalent 2009 H1N1 vaccine is just as safe as seasonal flu vaccines. But people who believe they were harmed by the vaccine can file claims. The 275 letters regarding H1N1 vaccine-related injuries so far are roughly comparable with the numbers of claims filed in the VICP in recent years for problems related to all vaccines, excluding autism claims. For example, in fiscal year 2010 there have been 387 non-autism injury claimst. The numbers for the past few fiscal years included: 288 claims in 2009, 163 in 2008, 238 in 2007, and 155 in 2006. 505 VICP injury claims have been filed over seasonal flu vaccine since the program began in 1989, including 29 involving deaths. So far, 170 of those have resulted in compensation and 45 have been dismissed.


-Midland Farms, located in Menands, New York, is voluntarily recalling certain milk products due to the potential of improper pasteurization.

-Whole Foods Market’s North Atlantic Region regarding the voluntary recall of Morningland Dairy of Mountain View, Missouri, Raw Goat Milk Mild Cheddar Cheese. Whole Foods Market’s North Atlantic region is announcing a voluntary recall Morningland Dairy and Ozark Hills Farm Raw Goat Milk Mild Cheddar Cheese due to possible contamination by Listeria and Staphylococcus aureus.

-Morningland Dairy of Mountain View, Missouri, is recalling 68,957 pounds of cheese because it may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogene and also has the potential to be contaminated with Staphylococcus aureus.

-QUESERIA CHIPILO INC. is announcing a recall of cheese products – Fresco and Oaxaca, Oaxaca String Cheese Queso Fresco, Queso Fresco, Hoja De Platano.

-Azteca Linda Corp. of Brooklyn, NY, is recalling QUESO FRESCO (FRESH WHITE CHEESE) and QUESO HEBRA (FRESH WHITE STRING CHEESE) and Queso El Azteca brand REQUESON (RICOTTA CHEESE) because they have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

-GloryBee Foods, Inc., of Eugene, Oregon recalled Aunt Patty’s brand 5 pound bags of Whole Raw Pistachios and 25 lb. boxes of Specialty Commodities brand Whole Raw Pistachios Kernels, because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

-Real Taste Noodle Manufacture of Chicago, IL is recalling bags of Egg Noodle (5lbs per bag), because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

-Good Taste Noodle MFG. of Chicago, IL, is recalling its “EGG NOODLES and WONTON SKINS because they have the potential to be contaminated with salmonella.

-Recall of Goya Foods, Inc. frozen mamey pulp; therefore Fruiti Pops, Inc. of Santa Fe Springs, CA is recalling its Fruiti Pops 4 oz. Mamey frozen fruit bars due to a potential health risk from Salmonella typhi.

The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) is voluntarily recalling a small number of bags from a specific lot of one of its dry cat food products due to potential salmonella exposure.

-Hartz Mountain Corporation is recalling one specific lot of Hartz Naturals Real Beef Treats for Dogs due to concerns that one or more bags within the lot may have been potentially contaminated with Salmonella.

-Merrick Pet Care, Inc. of Amarillo, Texas recalled all lots of its 10 oz “Beef Filet Squares” for Dogs and “Texas Hold’ems” pet treats because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

Signs in False Shepherds & False Religion

“For among them are those who worm their way into households and capture idle women burdened down with sins, led along by a variety of passions, always learning and never able to come to a knowledge of the truth. Just as Jannes and Jambres resisted Moses, so these also resist the truth, men who are corrupt in mind, worthless in regard to the faith. But they will not make further progress, for their lack of understanding will be clear to all, as theirs was also.” 2 Timothy 3:6-9

Peace doves fly over Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

Churches read from Quran in face of proposed Quran burning

Teen suspended from school over ‘religious’ nose ring

Buffalo fight in Shimla attracts large audience

Jewelry shows its spiritual side

Faith Under Fire

“Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and falsely say every kind of evil against you because of me. Be glad and rejoice, because your reward is great in heaven. For that is how they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”  Matthew 5:11-12

“You will be hated by everyone because of my name. But the one who endured to the end will be delivered.”  Matthew 10:22

14 Killed As Anti Christian Violence Spreads In India

Christian site whacked by Muslim hack attack

Indonesian Church Leaders Wounded in Attack

Moroccan Convert Serving 15 Years for His Faith

New Threats, Old Enmity Pummel Nepal’s Christians