Monthly Archive: October, 2010

CHOSEN: End Times Newsletter – Issue 162

Turning their back on the Way is turning their back on the truth of Mother who is the Sovereign God of all of creation. So, all things stem from desire. Satan’s desire to be like Mother.

CHOSEN: End Times Newsletter – Issue 161

(The above says: “There will be no peace on Earth until My Son’s Kingdom. I will crush every kingdom now standing and rock the earth off its foundation. I Yahweh will destroy every enemy to my throne, and who can stop me? Who can turn back my anger? No one.”)

CHOSEN: End Times Newsletter – Issue 160

Seraiah: I know, I know your thoughts as you try to decipher. Consider this: We come in the clouds under fire perfected by our archenemy’s advanced technology of mankind; Dawn has us in his sights, but we’re still coming in the future and still infiltrating whether he likes it or not .

CHOSEN: End Times Newsletter – Issue 159

The Elements and Furnaces of Yahweh

Seraiah: I’m back, and Jaddai is loving being freed from my old vessel. It’s been awhile, but not as bad for me because I was born a human; Jaddai never quite got used to the confinement offered by the flesh; but now he’s free to visit all of you
I have a special lesson to teach all of you. Do each of you think you’re only flesh and blood? Truth is, just like the spirit class of angels who went through a furnace at creation, you, me and all of us of human origin also were spawned forth from a furnace. In fact, we are living on the very furnace that Michael spawned the earth’s first prototype life from; even the animals and virtually every living thing that exists here came forth from the effects of the furnace beneath our feet. The furnaces of Father will become self evident as we progress.

CHOSEN: End Times Newsletter – Issue 158

Jaddai: All things are by design, including land masses. See if any of you can locate the crocodile in this photo:

  • John 8:32 You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.