Monthly Archive: November, 2010

CHOSEN: End Times Newsletter – Issue 166

Mother Yahweh’s Active Force is like an arm on your own vessel. Unless you move it it is at rest. When you move it it becomes ACTIVE. If you pick something up then you are exerting FORCE. That is how our Mother works. Her Active Force is what put creation into motion. Her extension of Her Active Force is that of the angelic class. They are not only deputies, but they also keep things in balance within creation.

CHOSEN: End Time Newsletter – Issue 165

In the past, I told all of you about a race of Mother’s creation that existed on this earth before the dawn of mankind. They were called עֲמָלֵק which is Hebrew, and translated at the Great Hall as Ămālēq. The more modern spelling is Amalek. Though the Word speaks of the Amalekite tribes that fought the Israelites, they are not decendents of the true Amalek giants. They just believed themselves to be because they had found much of what was buried away in the valley of the Amalek’s where they had built their dwellings prior to the flood that swept away their remains after they were executed by the Joint Command. The Olmec head plays a part in all of this. That’s all I can say about that for now.

CHOSEN: End Times Newsletter – Issue 164

Actually spread out over the great expanse of space, which is the heavens as a whole.

The chariot cities exist out there in the expanse, just like they did at one time on this earth.

CHOSEN: End Times Newsletter- Issue 163

People condemn themselves by their own tongues and actions that reveal what their hearts are filled with. When they speak abusively they speak in accordance to the free will they possess. Spoken declarations can either condemn or save a soul if they are sincere in what they speak. Christ Jesus found some humans he witnessed to as frustrating as those that resist the truth in these end times. When they speak abusively they are fulfilling prophecy.

  • John 8:32 You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.