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CHOSEN: End Times Newsletter – Issue 170

he Pattern of Christ. Our conduct should be as close to his molding effect as it possibly can. If we are not molded in his likeness then we are not Mother’s children. The example is laid out in Christ Jesus who set the standard we all must learn to imitate. Each of us walk in the steps of our Christ, following him into his Kingdom. In this Way, we avoid the traps and snares laid on the path by Satan and his family of deceivers.

CHOSEN: End Times Newsletter – Issue 169

The conduct of Christians is the path to eternal life.
Grasping the understanding that your conduct is not merely a belief but is the Way of life expected of Yahweh’s children to bring eternal bliss to creation. It is a part of the Way. The Way is the path that leads to Yahweh and keeps you firmly planted on the path of righteousness.

CHOSEN: End Times Newsletter – Issue 168

First, before I share the other, I need Johanna to post the “When the unexpected comes?”by Johanna” article on this thread that was included in: Chosen – End Times Newsletter Issue 138.

CHOSEN: End Times Newsletter – Issue 167

I know that a holy ghost was used for our Mother, but I’m not certain who was used for Michael. It could have been an holy angel, or perhaps they used a pic just for the presentation, of a human or possibly even an HG. Liddia helped with the presentation and did not provide much information other than the key things noted that are taught to us at the Holy Ghost Conventions of the Consortium.

  • John 8:32 You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.