CHOSEN: End Times Newsletter – Issue 180

Father’s Anger

By Johanna

It is time to pay close attention because your eternal life is at stake. Father IS angry. He will continue to be angry until things are back to the way He meant for them to be.

Numbers 25:4 4 The LORD said to Moses, “Take all the leaders of the people and execute them in broad daylight before the LORD so that His burning anger may turn away from Israel.”

John 3:36 The one who believes in the Son has eternal life, but the one who refuses to believe in the Son will not see life; instead, the wrath of God remains on him.

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Persecutions at the End of the Age

By Deborah

Here we see one of the Signs of the End of the Age.

Matthew 24:9-13

Persecutions Predicted

9 “Then they will hand you over for persecution, and they will kill you. You will be hated by all nations because of My name. 10 Then many will take offense, betray one another and hate one another. 11 Many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. 12 Because lawlessness will multiply, the love of many will grow cold. 13 But the one who endures to the end will be delivered.

The reports of individual and group incidences of persecution are increasing and will only increase more as we progress through the last days. As people fully realize that Yahweh is the one bringing tribulation, destruction and judgment to the world, they will not only curse God but they will also turn on those who serve Her and Her Anointed King.

Christ told us at John 15:18 [ Persecutions Predicted ] “If the world hates you, understand that it hated Me before it hated you.

And so we know…

Philippians 1:29 For it has been given to you on Christ’s behalf not only to believe in Him, but also to suffer for Him,

2 Corinthians 12:10 So because of Christ, I am pleased in weaknesses, in insults, in catastrophes, in persecutions, and in pressures. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

Each of us must stand firm in the Truth and in obedience, faith and loyalty to Yahweh and Christ no matter what persecutions we face.

Romans 8:35 Who can separate us from the love of Christ? Can affliction or anguish or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword?

2 Timothy 2:9 For this I suffer, to the point of being bound like a criminal; but God’s message is not bound.

Revelation 2:10 Don’t be afraid of what you are about to suffer. Look, the Devil is about to throw some of you into prison to test you, and you will have tribulation for 10 days. Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.

We would like to announce the arrival of Book Two, the continuation of Chosen: End Times Truths Revealed.

Book Two starts where the first book left off and includes accounts from ministers Regina, Johanna, Deborah, and Elisha, describing their individual journeys and experiences in their service to Yahweh and Christ over the past several years in autobiographical form.

It is available in .pdf form for free via and will be updated monthly.

The Journey Continues

Below is a sneak-peek of each of the books included in Chosen, Book Two


There are many days in which I feel as though I must stop and focus and just try to get through the next 24 hours, some days even just the next hour, and then that day passes and the next arrives and passes, and arrives until all of a sudden a year has passed, and then two and four and now five. It’s odd how time can seem to pass so slowly and quickly at the same time. Many of these days, the good and the not-so-good, I will recount here and many have receded to the deeper recesses of my mind but what I’m able to remember, I share with you here honestly and openly…


On October 2nd or 3rd of 2005, I was on this website were there were camera’s placed through out peoples homes who claimed that they were being haunted. I have always liked supernatural things. I believed in ghost, angels and demons. I started talking to this woman and asked her how she see’s the things that she does. I also told her that I believed in spirit guides. She told me that she couldn’t help me with the guides but that she knew of a website where I could find some answers. She sent me the link to a forum by the name of “Beyond This World”. After looking at a few things and noticing that they had psychic exercises I decided to sign up to become a member…


Word came to us toward the end of May 2010 that we were to begin documenting our experiences ending where Chosen left off. Each Minister is to produce a “book” of our own that will be incorporated into Chosen. Its a little daunting to say the least. I have not been journaling as Regina has been (it isn’t something I naturally do). Also, I actually do not have a very good memory. But I trust that those things that Father wishes us to recall we will. We have been guided by Michael to read the book of ACTS to guide us. It seems to focus on events that show times of strong guidance from/interactions with Holy Spirit…


In 2006, I was able to reconnect with a long time friend. I found out she had co-authored a book. Considering how we had grown up together I was interested in the fact that she had written one and wanted to read it myself. She, Regina, sent me the book and some more details about it. I found out it was a lot to take in and did so in baby steps with much prayer and guidance from Father. I was blessed to freely ask any question of Regina and felt comfortable in doing so. I read the book with an open mind and while some of it confirmed my deepest suspicions other information provided was such an eye-opener…

1/4/11 Update

Joe: Seraiah’s back and is serving as a destroyer angel. Look to the skies and the waters and the new curse being brought upon this planet as he brings calamity in revoking Yahweh’s previous commandment concerning this:

Genesis 1:26 “Then God said…, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness. They will rule the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, the animals, all the earth, and the creatures that crawl on the earth.”

Ecclesiastes 9:12 “For man certainly does not know his time: like fish caught in a cruel net, or like birds caught in a trap, so people are trapped in an evil time, as it suddenly falls on them.”

Mankind has proved itself to be in Satan’s image. Mankind has been revoked of any rule over the animal kingdom as Seraiah brings devastation to the wildlife as a preview of what mankind can expect to rain down upon itself and surface from the depths of a poisoned planet. The rain of dead fowl and sea life coming to the surface will reveal the stagnation of mankind’s own future fate. The curse coupled with plague is ever widening on this planet. Look beyond Arkansas children. Remain steadfast in your faith. Only a remnant will survive what has come in upon this planet.

Look for entire towns being swallowed up by the earth as Mother’s curse against mankind seeks to free this planet from Satan’s grip. The curse was removed from the earth after the great flood. but not from mankind. Now the curse on them has gone into full swing. Seraiah is leading the way in bringing calamity. The LOZ will soon challenge the governments of this planet for air supremacy. Past power passed to them by Satan will then be revoked as they are also cut to the ground like their father.

Numbers 16:32 “The earth opened its mouth and swallowed them and their households, all Korah’s people, and all [their] possessions.”

Exodus 15:12 “You stretched out Your right hand, and the earth swallowed them.”

Isaiah 9:16 “The leaders of the people mislead [them], and those they mislead are swallowed up.”

Isaiah 14:12 “Shining morning star, how you have fallen from the heavens! You destroyer of nations, you have been cut down to the ground.”

He will soon lose air supremacy over this planet’s skies.

Isaiah 54:16 “Look, I have created the craftsman who blows on the charcoal fire and produces a weapon suitable for its task; and I have created the destroyer to work havoc.”

Seraiah is now working havoc as Mother Yahweh’s mighty right hand of bringing justified evil upon evil.

Seraiah has informed me that the earth will soon begin the underground tremors on a global scale that all can feel that builds to the great worldwide earthquake. He said the scientists will give much speculation on why they are being felt a…round the globe. Each new tremor will build in intensity until the final large quake occurs that rocks the earth’s foundation to its very core.

Much love to you children. *hugs*

Keep watch for the coming change as the waters continue to become stagnant.

1/8/11 The Sovereign Investor

Joe: “And in other news, Europe is a mess! Wednesday, the Swiss National Bank announced it would exclude Irish government securities going forward, and Eric Roseman revealed the big opportunity for investors. But, good news for Spain – China has agreed… to buy its debt. China is fast-becoming the world’s creditor as the U.S. continues to fall deeper and deeper in “the hole.” In fact, Bernanke outright lied on public television, and the government’s conspiring to create their biggest bubble yet.”

Regina: In the past week or so, and with Yahweh’s help, I’ve really begun to see the correlations between the spiritual and the physical and the natures of both as well as the actions and the reactions and the balancing of the scales and how they all come together. It comes in bits and pieces but the big picture is becoming clearer and clearer.

Joe: The United States mirrors Satan’s own rebellion with our Mother Yahweh. Satan broke away from a kingdom ruled by Royalty. 13 States represented the imperfection that was the number of Satan’s own imperfect start to try and lay a new foundation in creation that was not consistent with the Plan Yahweh has instituted at the beginning of Michael’s works. The United States sought to become a State unto itself. All countries are States. The mixture of territories taken in by the USA is why it is called the United States. This reflects Satan’s world empire of all combined counties that make up the statehood or empirical foundation he has laid within this world of his design. The breakaway from the Royal Realm’s control. and his quest to regain more power after having been stripped of much of his past abilities through the deliverance to mankind of knowledge that has molded and shaped the United States into the world’s dominating power is just a part of what is revealed in the mirror effect of his chosen Country, and that of his lessor children that make up the other Countries within his own family of misguided followers. The United Nations, though imperfect, reflects Satan’s copying of the Seraphic Order that is at the top of the list and is used to keep creations in subjection to Yahweh by following governed law. Satan uses his proxy as a threat to rogue nations that do not follow established protocol. When necessary, he uses his other pawns to bring punishment to bear against those that resist his guidelines laid out for trying to keep his family in harmony. The USA serving as his guidepost for what he would like the world of other governments to resemble, is why the USA tries to impose its “rights” and “laws” upon other nations that do not act in accordance of what is expected. When counties lose wars to Satan’s prototype, and they are reorganized, such as Japan and Germany, Satan models them closely to his own brand of or “way” of life that reflects his prized child – the USA. Since Satan’s demons serve as princes over his different kingdom States, they are expected to try and help bring them into harmony with his prototype. But Yahweh will not permit harmony, and this is why the variations of beliefs and ruler-ships exist within Satan’s kingdom. Yahweh will permit no successful foundation to rule except that of Christ Jesus. Since Satan will not give way to that truth, Yahweh knows that eventually they all must be crushed and put asunder.

Regina: Makes sense…everything ties in. Thank you.

Joe: You’re welcome. The Azmon Barrier reflects the United Nations attempt to curtail misbehaving nation by way of SANCTIONS and ISOLATION by use of embargo and sometimes military confinement by implementing a flotilla of ships that halt export… and many imports of defined things ratified as illegal under the authority of the UN. The isolation of a Country was learned by Satan when he became isolated from the rest of creation by use of the Azmon Barrier.

The World Court reflects the High Council that serves to hear and rule on disputes by nations that become disgruntled with one another over international disputes. In the spirit realm, Satan readily makes use of the High Council in his disputes against Yahweh’ s holy side in the spiritual war’s ongoing conflict. All things in the spirit realm are reflected in the realm of mankind.

Cordelia: What a summary! The Great Jigsaw Puzzle is made up of many smaller ones. One of the many good things about no longer in the dark is that I’m SO thankful every time these revelations are shared – history, prophecy, current affairs, all coming together. The central themes always remain consistent.

Raise the white flag or continue to go down in defeat

‎”To you world governments. I’m a representative of Yahweh, the Creator of all that’s in existence; I’m also a WFC in the Alpha Order, better known to you as the Seraphic Order of Holy Angels. As a representative of my Father Yahweh, I also represent the Kingdom of Christ that was established and the King Christ solemnly sworn in to power on June 30, 1908. I’m also second in command of the Lions of Zion, also known as the LOZ. As this offer was also made Feb 13, 2008, now over three years past, it will be the last time Yahweh gives you this latitude before the prophecies are fulfilled.This planet is surrounded by the LOZ. We fully intend to take control and crush every nation on this planet unless you comply with Yahweh’s offer of mercy.

I’ll accept your sword of surrender to Father’s Son’s Governing Rule, with two stipulations. 1) You must each publicly declare that Christ is the King. 2) You must swear allegiance to Christ and Father and cease all hostilities on this planet. If you agree to Father’s demands, those lawless ones that are murdering people on this planet and committing other horrendous acts will be handled by Father’s Spiritual Deputies. If you decline, Father will continue with Her Plan to destroy all nations that resist Her Son’s Sovereign Authority as Ruling King of Her creation. If it’s the latter, never say Father never gave you a second chance to enter the narrow path. The hourglass on this offer will end at the close of the 4th month of this year 20ll.

They will never give up their power willingly children. I told Seraiah and Michael that this second announcement is like speaking to the wind. It just blows on by with deaf ears. I suppose Our Mother felt compelled to give them one last chance. If they knew what awaits their refusal, they would be wise to accept, but when has any of these earthly governments ever been wise? History repeats itself to their final damnation.

– Seraiah

Regina – I agree with you, but it is extremely kind of Mother. No one will be able to say they weren’t given ample warning as well as time.

Joe – True child.

Job 33:16 “He uncovers their ears at that time and terrifies them with warnings,”

Ezekiel 3:17 “Son of man, I have made you a watchman over the house of Israel. When you hear a word from My mouth, give them a warning from Me.” The house of Israel in these end times is Her creation. Literally the house She provided within Her body.

Ecclesiastes 4:13 “Better is a poor but wise youth than an old but foolish king who no longer pays attention to warnings.”

Nehemiah 9:34 ‘Our kings, leaders, priests, and ancestors did not obey Your law or listen to Your commandments and warnings You gave them.”

Jeremiah 6:10 “Who can I speak to and give such a warning that they will listen? Look, their ear is uncircumcised, so they cannot pay attention. See, the word of the LORD has become contemptible to them— they find no pleasure in it.”

Jeremiah 21:8 “[ A Warning for the People ] “But you must say to this people, ‘This is what the LORD says: Look, I am presenting to you the way of life and the way of death.”

Jeremiah 13:15 “[ The LORD’s Warning ] Listen and pay attention. Do not be proud, for the LORD has spoken.”

Ezekiel 33:4 “Then, if anyone hears the sound of the trumpet but ignores the warning, and the sword comes and takes him away, his blood will be on his own head.” The message from the LOZ is the sounding of a trumpet.

Exodus 23:20 “[ Promises and Warnings ] “I am going to send an Angel before you to protect you on the way and bring you to the place I have prepared.” Seraiah has been chosen to provide safe passage to the Sanctuary for Mother’s remnant.


Joe: Just like a spirit pic, it is an overlay of multiple designs that encode faces and lettering and objects that detail the two sides territories engulfed in strategic conflict. This photo reveals only a partial of the coded battlefield. it i…s but one layer of the mufti-designs encoded therein.

Regina: Some items that stood out to me – they seem to be pointing towards the ocean. Also, I see a pair of scissors and what looks like an elephant’s head to the far right.

One more…

Joe: Excellent!

Regina: I just also noticed what looks like a rampaging horse. Tunisia is on it’s back and it’s head above that slightly to the left.

Words that come to mind: “cut”, “wild”, “trampled”.

Strange UFO Activity in Montreal, Canada

New NASA videos shows UFO flying near Discovery

UFO fleet in Miami, Florida

Mysterious giant spiral light in Russia

Unknown lights appearing and flying over Portland, Oregon

Libya: Russia, China join France in opposing military action against Gaddafi

US, S. Korea launch war games amid N. Korea threat

Two U.S. Warships, 1200 Marines Sent to Libyan Coast

Cloned Meat: EU Consumers shall have no choice

Oil prices jump on Middle East, Bernanke comments

Los Angeles Police Seek Gunmen Involved in Multimillion Dollar Jewelry Heist

Texas Day Care Owner Seen Shopping at Time of Deadly Fire

Man pleads guilty to duping moms into abusing kids

Colorado Boy, 12, Arrested for Allegedly Killing His Parents, Injuring Siblings

Miss. mom charged after son’s body found in oven

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Coupled with our primary mission of delivering the Kingdom Message of Salvation, the assistance of Arks of Safe Haven is available to all who are in need. Our purposeful intention is to follow in the footsteps of Christ as our example, by providing hope to the hopeless and answering the prayers of those who have been forced to live outside of society.

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2/26/11 –







2/27/11 –

None 5.0 or higher.

2/28/11 –









3/1/11 –





3/2/11 –





NEW ZEALAND – That wasn’t an aftershock,” a geologist says of the earthquake that struck Christchurch with deadly force last week. He has questions about whether last week’s tremor was an aftershock of last September quake or a new quake in its own right. “It might be a separate earthquake, part of a sequence of earthquakes. It is quite far from the Darfield aftershock cloud, and its fault plane solution is different. However, there are a number of examples of earthquake sequences migrating along a fault plane. One rupture builds up strain on other parts of the fault, and causes other parts to rupture. Analogous to pulling buttons off a shirt.”

It generally takes many years before seismic activity can be considered a new quake rather than an aftershock of a previous one. “That’s a point of debate among seismologists. But you can’t paint all aftershock series with the same brush.” More detailed investigations will have to wait until the search and recovery operation was completed.

Although in the South Island the Hope, Marlborough and Alpine faults are better known, earthquakes near or under Christchurch were not unexpected. The NZ Earthquake Commission in 1991 predicted moderate earthquakes under the Canterbury Plains and Christchurch itself. It also signalled liquefaction. With the benefit of hindsight, perhaps a seismic survey of the Christchurch metropolitan area might have given some warning. Tuesday’s quake caused so much damage because the shaking was very intense. Peak ground acceleration was up to 2.2 times gravity. “Most cities in the world would be totally flattened by such acceleration.” “You have to realise that New Zealand has some of the strongest building codes in the world, and those building codes are respected. That means you have loss of life, but it’s in the dozens or maybe 100 or 200. If the same earthquake were to happen under a city of that size in a developing country, the number of deaths would be in the thousands, if not tens of thousands. Turkey, for example, had great building codes but that didn’t keep tens of thousands of people from getting killed in the 1999 Izmit 7.6-magnitude earthquake. Because they weren’t paying attention to those codes.”

Did demolition work affect the Canterbury Television building? – The scene of the biggest loss of life in last Tuesday’s earthquake is likely to be examined by an inquiry into the disaster as a possible factor in the building’s collapse. Questions have been raised as to whether the building was weakened by the demolition work the day before the earthquake struck. Contractors clearing a site next door to the building drilled holes in the back wall of CTV, next to the Cathedral Square side, along the ground floor and also the second storey of the building. The holes were meant for wooden batons attached to the outside wall to support the neighbouring demolition. “I went down to have a look and said to one of the construction guys, ‘This doesn’t look too smart, the wall looks pretty flimsy to me’. “And he said, ‘Nah, nah – we know what we’re doing’.

Fifteen CTV staff are believed to be among an estimated 122 people missing in the building rubble in Madras Street. A formal inquiry will be held into why two of the city’s major office buildings collapsed; why the 1960s CTV building and the more modern Pyne Gould Guinness building pancaked during the quake.

The number of confirmed fatalities from Tuesday’s 6.3-magnitude quake reached 147 late yesterday, but police fear more than 50 people still listed as unaccounted for lie dead in the rubble of New Zealand’s second-largest city, with a population of about 390,000. The initial evidence from Tuesday’s quake was that buildings constructed after 1992 had withstood it. The CTV building was built in 1960, just before the updating of the 1931 earthquake code, which followed the Napier quake. The PGG building was built in the mid-80s, and under current laws is not required to be compliant with the 1992 standard. Talk has begun among civic leaders and building experts on whether Christchurch needed to be dramatically remodelled to protect it from a repeat of last week’s disaster. “One of the things we are going to need to look at is the psychology of the people who have been in these buildings. There is a lot of people who basically won’t work in high-rise buildings again.

NEW ZEALAND – Earthquake-scarred Christchurch is bracing for a violent windstorm as intense aftershocks rocked the city today, creating treacherous conditions for rescuers scouring the rubble.

The battered city also faced a new danger when cracks opened in a cliff overlooking suburban streets, forcing more residents to flee their homes in the wake of last Tuesday’s 6.3-magnitude tremor. The death toll from the disaster reached 148 today but police have already said they expect the final tally to exceed 200, with more than 50 still listed as ‘unaccounted for’ in the rubble of New Zealand’s second largest city.

A windstorm was forecast to whip through on Monday afternoon, officials said, meaning rescuers searching for bodies and possible survivors would have to retreat from ruins already on the brink of collapse. “(It) will of course, if you have gale force winds, impact on structures, it will affect rescue operations in the area where we have loose masonry. We’re hoping the weather won’t be as violent, in terms of wind, as it could be, but we need to be prepared.”

In the suburb of Sumner, two road were evacuated and an access road was closed off after cracks appeared in a cliff, threatening to send the rockface tumbling onto streets below. There were also a series of strong aftershocks, one measuring 4.7, increasing the risk to rescue crews and further jangling the stretched nerves of locals, who have endured two major earthquakes in the past six months. No survivors have been found since a woman was pulled from a collapsed office building on Wednesday afternoon, although rescuers said they continued to hope for a miracle.

NEW ZEALAND – Christchurch earthquake: Big aftershocks every month for a year. A year from now, Christchurch will still be rattled by a magnitude-four aftershock at least once a month, according to a scientist. Last Tuesday’s devastating 6.3 event meant that the quake-weary city, which has experienced 4000 aftershocks since September, has a new sequence of shocks to contend with. Several large shocks were felt yesterday morning, causing further rockfall in Sumner.

A new forecast by a geological hazard modeller shows that despite an initial burst of high-energy shocks, the aftershock sequence has played out as expected. But the Canterbury Plains now has two threads of aftershocks rumbling beneath it. In 12 months, residents will still experience at least one magnitude-four quake a month. Models predict that in the next week Christchurch should expect between one and 10 aftershocks greater than magnitude four and within three weeks the number should drop to one magnitude four every three to four days. The chance of another large aftershock decreases by the day, but seismologists cannot rule out another magnitude-five or six tremor, especially given that the Lyttelton quake was itself believed to be an aftershock.

“A possibility remains for the occurrence of another aftershock greater than magnitude six. However, it is more likely that such an event will not occur.”

Scientists are now working to find out how a large quake erupted in an area that was not considered a “weak spot”. Aftershocks from the Darfield quake had increased the stress in the earth’s crust under Canterbury, especially to the east of the epicentre. But in investigations made after the September tremor, the amount of stress under the Port Hills was not an area of immediate concern. Seismologists identified several high-risk sites based on where aftershocks were occurring – none of these were near Lyttelton. The Lyttelton faultline might have already been near breaking point before September. “It could be that it was a fault that already had a lot of stress built up on it beforehand, so then it wouldn’t take much to push it over the edge.”

Seismologists will also use computer models to investigate whether the most recent quake has unsettled nearby faultlines. Areas which were considered high-risk after the September quake will be closely monitored. At present, the most recent quake is not believed to have affected the Alpine Fault, which runs along the spine of the South Island and is considered the most likely source of a large quake in New Zealand. Some contention has arisen over whether last Tuesday’s quake was in fact an aftershock. While the two quakes were not connected underground, last week’s tremor was part of the Darfield quake’s seismic aftermath. International academics have suggested that the high energy of the Lyttelton quake and its distance from the Darfield faultline dissociated the two.

ARKANSAS – A 4.7 temblor hit at 11:00 p.m. Sunday night, and the quaking continued through the night with three substantial aftershocks. . The tremor was rooted four miles from the small town of Greenbriar, 40 miles north of Little Rock. Following the initial shaking, an aftershock of magnitude 3.8 struck 18 minutes later. A 3.6-magnitude quake struck just before 3 a.m., and at 7 a.m. the next morning, they felt a 3.2-magnitude rumbler. Residents in neighboring states of Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee and Mississippi reported feeling the earthquake. But even in Greenbriar, the town closest to the quake, police received no reports of injuries or damage. “We probably wouldn’t see structural damage until a 5 or 5.5.. What you’re going to see now is pictures sway, things fall off the wall..” It was THE STRONGEST QUAKE SINCE 1969 outside of the New Madrid Fault System. More than 700 quakes, albeit small ones, have occurred in the area over the past 6 months.

NEW ZEALAND – Quake dead may never be found. The bodies of some victims of the Christchurch earthquake may never be recovered because they were pulverised by collapsed buildings.

Strong winds and dust storms are hampering recovery work as the search for the bodies of those killed by last week’s devastating earthquake in Christchurch continues. The death toll now stands at 159, but could climb up to 240. Rebuilding costs are put at billions of dollars. Residents have been using face masks as strong winds – up to 70km/h (44mph) – have whipped up the silt and debris coating the streets of the city, the centre of which remains unstable. Loose bricks, planks and masonry are in danger of being blown around, creating new hazards, rescue officials say. Scores of foreign students – from Japan, China, Thailand and elsewhere – have not yet been found in the rubble of the Canterbury TV (CTV) Building.

Last Tuesday’s quake brought an estimated 200,000 tonnes of silt to the surface of the city, more than half of which has been cleared away. However, the strengthening north-westerly winds have been drying the silt and kicking up clouds of dust. Student volunteers and about 600 farmers – calling themselves the Farmy Army – were on the streets helping clear away more of the silt. A massive steel frame designed to brace the front wall of the Christchurch Cathedral has been put in place. It is hoped this will enable rescue workers to enter the site.

Rescuers at the Grand Chancellor hotel, which is visibly listing, have so far reached the 10th of 26 floors searching for bodies. In the outlying district of Sumner, at least 60 homes have been pronounced unsafe because of fears the cliff they are on will fall away; the residents have been told to leave. Business leaders have begun raising questions about the future of the city centre. “The longer the city is closed off, the more people will leave it, the more businesses will relocate, they’ll set up in other areas, and they may like those areas and never come back to the city.” It is estimated that up to a third of the city’s buildings have been, or will have to be, demolished.

NEW ZEALAND terrified by fresh earthquake prediction. – A New Zealand mathematician who predicted the deadly Christchurch quake has terrified Kiwis with news another will strike the city in two weeks. The popular long-range weather forecaster is warning that a second jolt will hit the already-devastated South Island city on March 20. He uses the moon, sun and tidal activity for the basis of his theories, which have been dismissed by scientists. Yet on Valentine’s Day, he issued a tweet stating that conditions were “potent” for a quake in Christchurch between February 15 and 25. The 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck on February 22, killing as many as 240 people. Eerily, he warned people to watch for “special signs”, such as silent birds or scared pets, and said “stay away from old cracked buildings”.

His new warning is clear. “If I lived in Christchurch, I’d get out for a few days over that time, go camping, visit friends, just get out and keep safe. And if you don’t live there, stay away.” His frightening words have panicked New Zealanders, with hundreds using Twitter and Facebook to brand his theories as “crackpot”, “wacky” and scientifically baseless. Despite this, his following is substantial, with more than 5000 New Zealanders – including farmers, gardeners and even disaster specialists – signed up to receive his weather predictions. His words have sparked ferocious debate. Some believe his frightening words prey on vulnerable people struggling to recover in the wake of the disaster. And scaring them he is.

NEW ZEALAND – It was a sleepless night for many in Christchurch, with seven aftershocks hitting the city since midnight. The first, at 12.11am, was a 3.3 magnitude. The strongest was an aftershock measuring 3.9 at a depth of 5km at 2.55am within 5km of Lyttelton. All but one was centred within a 20km radius of Lyttelton. “If you slow down and are not working it’s very hard. But the families still waiting for news of lost loved ones, or who have had lost ones, it’s harder.” There have been hundreds of aftershocks recorded in the Canterbury region since the 6.3 quake on February 22. The strongest aftershock occurred immediately after the 12.51pm quake, at 1.04pm, registering 5.7 at a depth of 10km. Of the more than 200 aftershocks of a significant size recorded by Geonet, 49 have been recorded at a scale of 4.0 or higher.

Arkansas Suspends Drilling of Injection Wells after Earthquake Swarm – After months of earthquakes, including the largest felt in 35 years (a 4.7 quake on February 27), the state of Arkansas has ordered a temporary moratorium on the drilling of new injection wells related to natural gas-related drilling, which some locals believe are causing the seismic activity. More than 700 small earthquakes have been recorded in north-central Arkansas in the last six months.

Although the earthquake swarm might be a natural occurrence, it is also possible that it has been a consequence of the natural gas drilling technique known as “hydraulic fracturing” or “fracking.” The process entails injecting millions of gallons of chemicals, sand or fluids into a well to crack open the rocks and allow easier access to the natural gas. The problem in Arkansas appears to be related not to the drilling itself, but to the disposal of wastewater from the drilling by forcing it back into the earth into injection wells. The order only halted work at sites that started in December of last year. Those in operation before then are still in use. The moratorium will expire in July. In the meantime, researchers will search for evidence of whether the drilling is causing the earthquakes.


PHILIPPINES – Bulusan – Heavy rains push Bulusan lahar, huge rocks into Irosin river. Despite a relatively calm Mt. Bulusan, lahar started to flow down its slopes into a river in Irosin town on Sunday, hours after the rain that began Saturday night. Close to 100,000 residents in slopes around the volcano, particularly in Irosin and Juban, feared flash floods in case torrential rains followed. But on Sunday that the lahar flows were still confined to the Rangas River channel. Lahar and other volcanic sediments started flowing from the slopes of Mt. Bulusan at 10 a.m. on Sunday, causing widespread fear of lahar overflowing to residential areas close to the river system. “We were alarmed because what we see were mostly lahar, sand and big rocks cascading down the slopes of the volcano at a velocity of about 70 kilometers per hour. There were minimal water component compared to the previous lahar flows in November and December,.”

Government volcanologists earlier warned of lahar flows in the event of a downpour as tons of ashes and other volcanic debris were deposited along the slopes of the Cogon gully. Mt. Bulusan dumped some 700,000 cubic meters of debris in an ash explosion on Feb. 21, adding to the stockpile from previous explosions since Nov. 6. 2010. The rain stopped at noon Sunday but the lahar flow continued. The Telemetered Seismic Network recorded five volcanic earthquakes during the past 24 hours. Steam activity was not observed due to clouds obscuring the vents and summit crater. Mt. Bulusan remained at alert level No. 1. This means that the source of activity is hydrothermal and shallow.

Taal – At least seven volcanic quakes were recorded around restive Taal Volcano in Batangas in the last 24 hours, state volcanologists said Friday.

Yale scientists predict volcanic explosions using sound waves – The team created a model that judges the volatility of a volcano, using by the frequency of the sound that it emits. The average volcano emits frequencies between 0.5 and 2 Hz. Minutes before an explosion that frequency jumps to a wider range between 0.5 and 7 Hz. The sound is caused by the magma and gas within the volcano interaction, according to the model. Scientists claim that this could help warn people before a violent explosion, but the model’s usefulness has been fiercely debated. “Is a minute’s warning enough for people living near an explosive volcano?”

PHILIPPINES – At least 13 volcanic quakes were recorded around restive BULUSAN Volcano in Sorsogon in the last 24 hours, state volcanologists said Monday morning. The quakes were “lahar-related” — a day after lahar flows affected water supply in parts of Sorsogon. “Continuous heavy rain over Bulusan Volcano yesterday saturated loosely deposited ash and rock fragments and generated small lahar flows to roll down the slopes of the volcano then flowed along river channels.” Channel-confined lahar flows were observed along Cogon and Monbon river channels. Other than that, it said no other significant volcanic activity was observed since the last ash explosion on Feb. 21. Earlier, a separate report said lahar flows triggered by heavy rains Sunday affected the supply of drinking water in some parts of Sorsogon. Residents in the affected areas had to walk as far as three kilometers to get drinking water. Meanwhile, Bulusan’s status remains at Alert Level 1, meaning the source of activity is hydrothermal and shallow.

In Batangas province, at least six volcanic quakes were recorded in the last 24 hours. Alert Level 1 is still enforced over TAAL Volcano, where the main crater remains strictly off-limits due to sudden occurrence of steam explosions and accumulation of toxic gases. “Moreover, the public is also reminded that the entire Volcano Island is a Permanent Danger Zone (PDZ), and permanent settlement in the island is strictly not recommended.”

Meanwhile, in Albay, Phivolcs recorded one volcanic quake in the last 24 hours. Alert Level 1 also remains in effect over MAYON.

NEW ZEALAND – Fears that Lyttelton’s extinct volcano could come back to life following last week’s devasting earthquake in Christchurch are unfounded, experts say.

PHILIPPINES – 9 rockfall incidents, mudflow recorded at Bulusan. Restive Bulusan Volcano in Sorsogon continued to show activity as state volcanologists recorded at least nine rockfall events there in the last 24 hours.

ICELAND – A professor of geology unexpectedly found molten magma flowing in a geothermal well at the Krafla volcano in Iceland. Geologists were on an exploratory drilling expedition and intended upon drilling 4.5 kilometers (15,000 feet) deep for geothermal energy sources. However, at 2.1 kilometers (6,900) depth they encountered the molten rock. What makes the unexpected discovery unique is the RARITY in which such findings have occurred. “To the best of our knowledge, only one previous instance of magma flowing into a geothermal well while drilling has been documented…In the future, these (magma-filled, geothermal wells) could become attractive sources of high-grade energy.” The project plans to drill a second deep hole in southwest Iceland in 2013.


WESTERN AUSTRALIA – Tropical low spells possible cyclone. The Kimberley and Pilbara are again told to prepare for a possible cyclone, with a tropical low developing. This comes after persistent cyclone Carlos lashed the North of the region.

PHILIPPINES – State weather forecasters are monitoring a low-pressure area that might become the first cyclone to enter Philippine territory this year. The LPA may enter Philippine territory this weekend. “The LPA is not yet active but it is already a full one. It is still outside the Philippine area of responsibility as of Friday but it is closely following a shallow low-pressure area (SLPA) already in Philippine territory.” Should the LPA eventually become a cyclone in Philippine territory, it will be codenamed “Amang.” The LPA is tailing is at 900 km east of Davao City.

NEW ZEALAND – The size of the tropical belt has expanded by two to three degrees latitude, which means the tropics are coming a bit closer. “This is causing more humid air and downscaled tropical cyclones in the Auckland and gulf island region.”

A senior scientist says climate change will continue to influence the severe weather events affecting Waiheke. He is the principal scientist of climate variability and change at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research. The institute’s advice to government and local councils is to “expect more extreme rainfall and increasing risks of floods, slips, storm surges and coastal inundation”.

“We have been having unpredictable, extreme weather – over 200 slips in the past year, two houses severely damaged, an increase in temperatures, higher potential for drought, king tides and storm surges throwing millions of horse mussels on to our shores.” A rise in sea levels is part of the equation, with an increase from an average of 1.7mm per year to 3mm per year in New Zealand in the past 10 to 15 years, and an expectation it will double again in the next 10 to 15 years. And if sea ice melts faster than this, ”we could expect a sea level rise of up to one metre in the next century. There is also some evidence to support the idea that increased pressure on tectonic plates by melting ice may be causing earthquakes, such as the one in Christchurch.” Increased community resilience is key. ”We need to be prepared for any emergency.”


AUSTRALIA – Torrential rain and flash flooding are hampering the recovery clean up in cyclone-hit north Queensland towns. The Cassowary Coast region has received 600mm of rain in the past four days. “The rain has eased off but there are still further falls forecast.” The bureau has flood warnings issued for the Tully and Murray rivers. The Cassowary Coast was hardest hit when category five Cyclone Yasi rampaged through in early February, damaging more than 850 buildings. “We were pretty lucky to have a couple of weeks after the cyclone (with) little rain, so we were able to make some very good progress but this will slow it down a little bit. Work is still going on, but it will be affected because the flooding has cut many many roads.”

The State Emergency Service has had dozens of call-outs over the weekend and today, the majority of jobs in Tully, Cardwell and Mission Beach. Some suburbs in Cairns were also hard hit with 516mm of rain recorded at Kamerunga and 497mm at Cairns airport over the past four days. “There’s many reports already of roads that are impassable. It’s not out of the ordinary, it happens every wet season.”

A monsoon trough is causing the soggy conditions. Cardwell, south of Cairns, has had 168mm of rain in the 24 hours to 9am (AEST) today. A monsoon low over Queensland’s Gulf and near the Northern Territory border would also bring heavy downpours until Wednesday.

BOLIVIA – Floods and landslides. People have been trying to salvage what they can from shattered homes. A landslide caused by intense rains has destroyed more than 300 homes in the Bolivian city of La Paz. The authorities managed to evacuate the poor Kupini II area before it was smashed by a collapsing hillside. Elsewhere in La Paz, at least five people drowned when a minibus was swept away by a swollen river. Across Bolivia, weeks of heavy rain have killed at least 40 others and left more than 10,000 homeless. Officials evacuated the Kupini II area on Saturday night after cracks began appearing in roads and bridges.

Residents have been trying to recover furniture and other belongings from wrecked houses, while crews with heavy equipment try to stop the landslide from threatening other areas. Much of La Paz is built on steep mountainsides, and landslides are not uncommon, but officials say this was ONE OF THE WORST THE CITY HAS EVER SEEN. Troops have been mobilised to help the evacuation and recovery efforts. So far the only confirmed fatalities in La Paz have been five people killed when a minibus fell into a raging river in the south of the city after a bridge collapsed. The Bolivian government declared a national emergency last Tuesday because of torrential rains across much of the country. The worst flooding has been in the northern Amazon lowlands, where dozens of rural communities have been cut off by rivers that have burst their banks. The government says this year’s rainy season has been particularly severe as a result of La Nina, a climatic phenomenon caused by a shift in currents in the Pacific Ocean.

In recent months parts of Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico and Central America have also experienced severe flooding.

PAKISTAN – Flood waters lingered in Pakistan in late February, roughly seven months after devastating monsoon rains first struck the country. Although significantly lower than in October 2010, and even December 2010, water levels were noticeably higher in February 2011 than they had been a year earlier. Widespread and heavy monsoon rains in July and August 2010 led to deadly flooding in Pakistan. Months later, large parts of the country remain underwater. Roughly centered around the city of Sukkur is a large irrigation network of levees and canals designed to manage Pakistan’s typically scarce water resources. The 2010 monsoon floods overwhelmed this irrigation network in many places, and created a giant floodwater lake that terminated in Manchhar (or Manchar) Lake. By late February 2011, water levels had receded considerably, but a multitude of water pockets remained, especially northwest of Sukkur. Water levels were also much higher, compared to a year before, near the city of Sanghar.

AUSTRALIA – Brisbane has recorded ITS WETTEST SUMMER IN 37 YEARS, thanks to ONE OF THE STRONGEST LA NINAS ON RECORD, but things are about to return to normal, a senior meteorologist says.

The Weather Channel says the city recorded close to a metre of rain with a total of 952.6mm – more than double the long term average and the wettest summer since the infamous Cyclone Wanda summer of 1974. 1098.9mm of rain fell in the summer of 1974. “Over to the north the summer rain was even heavier, Maleny just inland from the Sunshine Coast recorded over 1800mm, but still not enough to beat the area’s 1974 total of 2038.5mm.

The heavy rain extended across much of the state, with three tropical cyclones dumping massive falls and triggering flash flooding. “Tropical cyclone Tasha crossed the Queensland coast to the south of Cairns early on Christmas morning as a category one system. “Fast forward only a couple of weeks and disastrous flash flooding erupted through Toowoomba on Monday, January 10, with around 100mm of rain falling on the already saturated catchment of the Lockyer River in one hour. Brisbane was also affected a few days later when the Brisbane River burst its banks and rose to levels just short of the 1974 flood. The degree of flooding in the area placed the disaster in the top three of floods, alongside 1893 and 1974.” Tropical cyclone Anthony followed shortly after, producing intense wind gusts as it crossed the coast near Bowen. “Then, in early February, tropical cyclone Yasi became ONE OF THE STRONGEST CYCLONES TO CROSS THE QUEENSLAND COAST, producing wind gusts in excess of 250km/h, rain falls of over 200mm in 12 hours and a storm surge up to 2.3 metres above the normal high tide mark.” Autumn is bringing the promise of a return to normal. “With the current La Nina now weakening rain should gradually return to average across Queensland during the next few months.”

Scientists are warning that Queensland’s rainforest areas will take decades to recover from cyclone Yasi. Trees in the region were stripped bare and some were snapped in half by winds in excess of 250 kilometres an hour.

U.S. – Rain and snowmelt trigger Midwest flooding. Rivers and streams swollen by rain and melting snow spilled flood waters into communities across Illinois, Indiana and Ohio on Tuesday, killing one woman whose vehicle was swept into a river. There were also four storm-related deaths in Tennessee, and flash floods struck in the mountainous eastern part of the state.

Strong storms lashed the region with high winds and up to five inches of rain beginning on Sunday, adding to run-off from melting snow and ice to push rivers out of their banks. Dozens of people had to be rescued in and around Findlay, Ohio, as flood waters from the cresting Blanchard River inundated residential neighborhoods and part of downtown. The fast-flowing river crested early on Tuesday and was gradually receding, and the city of 37,000 was spared compared to the worst of five floods experienced in 2007 and 2008. “We’ve bought a lot of properties up and tore a lot of homes down” that in the past would have been in the path of the waters.

Overflowing rivers and creeks across northern Illinois, Indiana and Ohio flooded roads, golf courses, farmland and some homes. The National Weather Service issued dozens of flood warnings, noting some rivers had yet to crest. Across northern Ohio, 700 people were evacuated from their homes.

GUYANA – The South American nation of Guyana has two rainy seasons: May to August, and November to January. February typically experiences much drier conditions. In late February 2011, however, the country received roughly 10 inches (25 centimeters) of rain in a 24-hour period. It was more than what Guyana usually receives in the ENTIRE MONTH, and rice farmers worried that their crops might be lost. On February 23, the soils in the region reportedly were already saturated by heavy rains. Authorities linked the heavy rains to La Niña.

BOLIVIA – Thousands of residents are evacuating Irpavi II, one of the many neighbourhoods in La Paz affected by last Sunday’s landslide which destroyed or damaged more than 1,500 houses. “We do not know where to go. We are just leaving this area.” They carry furniture, clothes – anything they can grab in desperation – to cross a raging river which threatens to swallow the only working bridge left standing. Most people here did not have insurance on their property, and have nothing left. “This does not look like a landslide, but a massive earthquake.”

About 60% of La Paz is prone to geological problems, experts say. On Tuesday, the government launched a national campaign to ask for money and donations for the victims. People are being housed in wooden shelters and tents as well as schools, and tonnes of dried food, clothes and mattresses are being provided. Since Sunday the affected area had almost doubled in size, from 80 to 140 hectares, but the worst should be over. Unless the weather deteriorates.

This is THE BIGGEST LANDSLIDE IN THE CITY OF LA PAZ SINCE RECORDS BEGAN. “All the preventive measures we had put into place in the area proved insufficient to stop a landslide of such magnitude.” Thousands of people living on lower ground face the prospect of remaining without water for six months or more. “We carried out an inspection and found out that, unfortunately, the main pipe [which takes water to many parts of the southern district of La Paz] is broken. A new pipeline needs to be built.” But the pipes may have to be imported from as far away as the United States, adding more time to the repair work.

Landslides are nothing new in La Paz, and every year whole chunks of mountains crumble, and sometimes bury residents alive. “The risks in La Paz are water erosion, gravitational movements [such as landslides], flooding by rivers and earthquakes. There are several places that are exposed to landslides but it is difficult to know which neighbourhoods are more at risk now, and which ones will be next.” La Paz, a city of a million people, has grown rapidly, often at random, in the past few decades along the sides of its many canyons. It also sits on an estimated 400 rivers and underground streams, which swell during the rainy months of January and February. Given the known risks faced by the city, homeless residents are asking why permission was given for their houses to be built on steep slopes so vulnerable to landslides.


TEXAS – High winds, dry weather spark fires across Texas Sunday. Roughly 15,000 acres on fire in separate Texas blazes. Heavy winds and dry weather helped set off a rash of fires across a wide swath of north, central and west Texas on Sunday.

The largest concentration of blazes broke out around the west Texas town of Midland and near the panhandle city of Amarillo, where meteorologists reported wind gusts of up to 69 miles an hour. There have been no fatalities. However, the high winds made it difficult for firefighters to use aircraft to contain the blazes.

Heavy winds were expected to blow across much of the state into Monday, thus making it more likely that firefighters could be many hours away from dousing the final flames spread by the winds. “Numerous homes” have been burned in west Texas and firefighters were continuing to battle the blazes as of Sunday night.

In Amarillo, the National Weather Service reported that as of 2:32 p.m. CT Sunday afternoon a mandatory evacuation order had been issued in northeast Potter County. A second evacuation order was issued for the city of Borger a half hour later. Throughout the afternoon, fires consumed large swaths of land ranging from 30 to 800 acres in Haskell, Mitchell, Howard, Randall and Tom Green counties, among others.

AUSTRALIA – WEATHER RECORDS SMASHED as Perth continues to suffer in heat. Perth’s summer is officially a record-breaker, and there’s no relief in sight. Authorities are bracing for worse to come as the RECORD-BREAKING RUN OF HOT WEATHER enveloping Perth is set to continue well after the official end of summer. The city has already experienced its LONGEST-EVER RUN OF NIGHTS where the minimum temperature did not fall below 20 degrees, and that mark is set to be extended even further in the next week. The number of officially “warm” nights is now 15, breaking the record of 13 set in 1985 and 1990, and the forecast is for more of the same for at least the next seven days. There have been 23 consecutive days of 30-degree plus temperatures in the city, just two short of the record of 25, set in January-February 1988.

The summer has seen 60 such days so far – or about two-thirds of the season – BREAKING THE RECORD of 56 set last year. The city was likely to record its third-warmest February, third-warmest summer, and second-warmest monthly minimum temperature on record. Those readings stood at 31.9 degrees, 34 degrees, and 22.7 degrees respectively this year so far. The warmest February on record was in 1985, when the average maximum temperature was 35.1 degrees, and the average minimum was 22.7 degrees.

The humidity that has stifled Perth for much of the summer was due largely to the cyclones off the Pilbara coast dragging a monsoonal trough down into inland areas. These conditions meant heat built up and was pushed into the city by north-east winds. That weather pattern had also delayed any strong high-pressure systems from coming into the city and removing the humid air. The warm nights have are expected to lead to health problems. An un-acclimatised body builds up stress when the air temperature does not fall below about 22 degrees. The elderly, young children and babies are more prone to heat stress than most people.

Can a group of scientists in California end the war on climate change? The Berkeley Earth project say they are about to reveal the definitive truth about global warming. When they go public with their findings in a few weeks, they will be muscling in on the ugliest and most hard-fought debate of modern times.

Starting from scratch, with new computer tools and more data than has ever been used, they will arrive at an independent assessment of global warming. The team will also make every piece of data it uses – 1.6bn data points – freely available on a website. It will post its workings alongside, including full information on how more than 100 years of data from thousands of instruments around the world are stitched together to give a historic record of the planet’s temperature. By laying all its data and workings out in the open, where they can be checked and challenged by anyone, the Berkeley team hopes to achieve something remarkable: a broader consensus on global warming. “We are doing this because it is the most important project in the world today. Nothing else comes close.”

There are already three heavyweight groups that could be considered the official keepers of the world’s climate data. Each publishes its own figures that feed into the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Nasa’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York City produces a rolling estimate of the world’s warming. A separate assessment comes from another US agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Noaa). The third group is based in the UK and led by the Met Office. They all take readings from instruments around the world to come up with a rolling record of the Earth’s mean surface temperature. The numbers differ because each group uses its own dataset and does its own analysis, but they show a similar trend. Since pre-industrial times, all point to a warming of around 0.75C.

To concede that climate sceptics raise fair criticisms means acknowledging that scientists and government agencies have got things wrong, or at least could do better. But the debate around global warming is so highly charged that open discussion, which science requires, can be difficult to hold in public. At worst, criticising poor climate science can be taken as an attack on science itself, a knee-jerk reaction that has unhealthy consequences. “Scientists will jump to the defence of alarmists because they don’t recognise that the alarmists are exaggerating.” “I’ve told the team I don’t know if global warming is more or less than we hear, but I do believe we can get a more precise number. Science has its weaknesses and it doesn’t have a stranglehold on the truth, but it has a way of approaching technical issues that is a closer approximation of truth than any other method we have…Maybe we’ll find out that what the other groups do is absolutely right, but we’re doing this in a new way. If the only thing we do is allow a consensus to be reached as to what is going on with global warming, a true consensus, not one based on politics, then it will be an enormously valuable achievement.”


U.S. – Very active weather in the West on Sunday as a bitterly cold Arctic storm moves through the Southwest and into the Plains. The same storm brought RECORD-BREAKING minimum cold temperatures to parts of California on Saturday. Winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings are in effect for many parts of Arizona above a few thousand feet as several inches of new snow are expected. The snowfall will make travel difficult. Snow also will push into Colorado and New Mexico, but the biggest story in New Mexico will be the wind this storm produces. High wind watches are in effect for much of New Mexico as winds gust up to 70 mph and limit visibility as it blows around newly fallen snow.


GEOMAGNETIC STORM: A solar wind stream hit Earth’s magnetic field during the early hours of March 1st, sparking a day-long magnetic storm that is subsiding but perhaps not over yet. In recent hours, spotters have reported auroras over Northern Ireland, Scotland, Latvia, Norway, and Sweden. “This is the most obvious and accessible evidence of the connectivity that Earth has with our star the sun.” A solar wind stream flowing from a coronal hole should reach Earth on March 3rd or 4th.

Every day about 100 tons of meteoroids – fragments of dust and gravel and sometimes even big rocks – enter the Earth’s atmosphere. Stand out under the stars for more than a half an hour on a clear night and you’ll likely see a few of the meteors produced by the onslaught. But where does all this stuff come from? Surprisingly, the answer is not well known. Did that meteor blazing through the sky last night come from the asteroid belt? Was it created in a comet’s death throes? Or was it a piece of space junk meeting a fiery demise?

Now NASA is deploying a network of smart cameras across the United States to answer the question, What’s Hitting Earth? The cameras will be deployed in clusters of 5. One group will be spread over the Southeast US, another in the Ohio and Kentucky area (to overlap with the Southern Ontario Meteor Network, or SOMN), and another along the Atlantic coast in the NorthEast. “Our hope is that at least one of the three regions will have clear skies at any given time.” Groups of smart cameras in the new meteor network triangulate the fireballs’ paths, and special software uses the data to compute their orbits.

“If someone calls me and asks ‘What was that?’ I’ll be able to tell them. We’ll have a record of every big meteoroid that enters the atmosphere over the certain parts of the U.S. Nothing will burn up in those skies without me knowing about it!” In other U.S. meteor networks, someone has to manually look at all the cameras’ data and calculate the orbits – a painstaking process. “With our network, our computers do it for us – and fast.”

The network’s first three cameras, each about the size of a gumball machine, are already up and running. The team will soon have 15 cameras deployed east of the Mississippi River, with plans to expand nationwide. They are actively seeking schools, science centers, and planetaria willing to host the cameras. “It provides data on meteor speed as a function of size – and this is critical to calibrating the models we use in designing spacecraft.”

Meteorite hunters will reap benefits too. By determining a bright fireball’s trajectory through the atmosphere, the network’s software can calculate whether it will plunge to Earth and pinpoint the impact location fairly precisely.

Opportunities like that, however, will be rare. “Most meteorites fall in the ocean, lakes, forests, farmer’s fields, or the Antarctic. And the majority of those meteorites will never be found. But our system will help us track down more of them.” All cameras in the network send their fireball information to Cooke and to a public website,

A telescope high atop a volcano peak in Hawaii has set a NEW ASTEROID HUNTING RECORD: 19 SPACE ROCKS DISCOVERED IN ONE NIGHT, the MOST EVER BY A SINGLE TELESCOPE. The Pan-STARRS PS1 telescope, located at the summit of Maui’s Haleakala volcano, set the mark on Jan. 29, discovering 19 near-Earth asteroids. Two of the space rocks have orbits that will bring them extremely close to our planet in the next 100 years, so scientists will be keeping an eye on them. “NASA and the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory’s support of this project illustrates how seriously they are taking the threat from near-Earth asteroids.”

Scientists discover asteroids by tracking their movement against the relatively static background of stars. To confirm their finds, researchers must make multiple observations within a few days or so to define the asteroids’ orbits. Otherwise, the asteroids are likely to be “lost”. Pan-STARRS astronomers picked up 30 potential asteroids on the night of Jan. 29. “Usually there are several mainland observatories that would help us confirm our discoveries, but widespread snowstorms there closed down many of them, so we had to scramble to confirm many of the discoveries ourselves.” They were able to confirm 12 of the space rocks, and other telescopes around the world confirmed another seven, bringing the total to 19. The other 11 candidates got away, moving too far to be found.

Two of the newly discovered space rocks will zip pretty close to Earth in the relatively near future. They pose no immediate danger, but a collision in the next century or so cannot be ruled out, researchers said. The Pan-STARRS PS1 telescope (“PanSTARRS” is short for Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System) was designed specifically to hunt for potentially threatening asteroids. PS1 began searching for asteroids in May 2010. The telescope takes more than 500 photos of the sky every night. A NASA team and other dedicated astronomers routinely search for near-Earth asteroids that could pose a potential impact risk to Earth.

Researchers Crack the Mystery of the Missing Sunspots – In 2008-2009, sunspots almost completely disappeared for two years. Solar activity dropped to hundred-year lows; Earth’s upper atmosphere cooled and collapsed; the sun’s magnetic field weakened, allowing cosmic rays to penetrate the Solar System in record numbers. It was a big event, and solar physicists openly wondered, where have all the sunspots gone? Now they know. “Plasma currents deep inside the sun interfered with the formation of sunspots and prolonged solar minimum.”

“According to our model, the trouble with sunspots actually began in back in the late 1990s during the upswing of Solar Cycle 23.” The minimum of sunspot cycle 23 was the longest in the space age with the largest number of spotless days.

“Understanding and predicting solar minimum is something we’ve never been able to do before – and it turns out to be very important.” While Solar Max is relatively brief, lasting a few years punctuated by episodes of violent flaring, over and done in days, Solar Minimum can grind on for many years. The famous Maunder Minimum of the 17th century lasted 70 years and coincided with the deepest part of Europe’s Little Ice Age. Researchers are still struggling to understand the connection.

One thing is clear: During long minima, strange things happen. In 2008-2009, the sun’s global magnetic field weakened and the solar wind subsided. Cosmic rays normally held at bay by the sun’s windy magnetism surged into the inner solar system. During the deepest solar minimum in a century, ironically, space became a more dangerous place to travel. At the same time, the heating action of UV rays normally provided by sunspots was absent, so Earth’s upper atmosphere began to cool and collapse. Space junk stopped decaying as rapidly as usual and started accumulating in Earth orbit. And so on….

Next step: NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) can measure the motions of the sun’s conveyor belt – not just on the surface but deep inside, too. The technique reveals the sun’s interior in much the same way that an ultrasound works on a pregnant woman. By plugging SDO’s high-quality data into the computer model, the researchers might be able to predict how future solar minima will unfold. SDO is just getting started, however, so forecasts will have to wait.


FDA pulls more than 500 drugs off market – The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday ordered the removal from the market of more than 500 prescription drugs used to treat colds, coughs and allergies because the medications had never gone through a federal review of their safety and effectiveness. “We don’t know what’s in them, whether they work properly or how they are made.” There are plenty of other cold and allergy medicines available that have received FDA approval. Most patients are believed to use over-the-counter cold medications, rather than prescription drugs, and none of those are affected by Wednesday’s action.

In 2008, the FDA issued an advisory that over-the-counter cold medicines should not be used by children under 2 years of age because they could have dangerous side effects and there was little evidence they worked. Since then, agency officials said, many manufacturers of such drugs have relabeled their products to advise that they are not to be used by children under 4. The action on cold medicines is the latest in a campaign by the FDA to remove unapproved drugs from the market. Many have been marketed since before the 1962 federal law that required drugs to undergo agency review for safety and effectiveness. The FDA said many physicians were unaware that they were prescribing drugs that had never been approved. Since 2006, the agency has removed 16 other classes of unapproved drugs from the market. But the cold, cough and allergy class is the largest action by far in terms of the number of drugs covered. The drugs include Cardec, Lodrane, Organidin and Pediahist. Some 27 different ingredients are covered by the drugs on the list. Most of the products are believed to be made in the United States.

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More than 100 cases of norovirus have been reported in the New River Valley recently. A spokesman for the Virginia Department of Health’s New River district told The Roanoke Times that it’s the region’s worst outbreak of the gastrointestinal virus in about four years. Spokesman Bobby Parker says health officials believe the virus is under-reported because many who become ill tend to get well on their own without seeing a doctor or being tested. Parker says norovirus is common at this time of year and is “very contagious.”

H5N1 strain: South Korea



South Korea confirmed an additional bird flu case at a duck farm in the central part of the country on Saturday. Tests showed that the 12,400 birds at a poultry farm in Cheonan, 92 kilometers south of Seoul, were infected with the virulent H5N1 strain of the avian influenza (AI), the National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service (NVRQS) said. This is the second case of the highly pathogenic avian influenza reported in the country this month as the number of AI cases has started to fall off in recent weeks. It is also the first AI confirmation in Cheonan in 33 days. All ducks on the farm will be culled with quarantine authorities asking nearby farms to be vigilant on protecting their birds. The latest case marks the 49th bird flu outbreak confirmed in the country since suspected cases were first reported on Dec. 29, the NVRQS said. The government has since culled more than 6.04 million birds in six provinces across the country. Prior to the latest series of outbreaks, South Korea was hit by AI three times, with the last case occurring in April 2008 and resulting in the culling of 3.45 million birds.

Rabies – canine, human

Pro Med Mail


At least 242 residents of Sikka, East Nusa Tenggara, are undergoing intensive care in health centers after becoming infected with the rabies virus, local authorities say. The residents were bitten by rabid animals between January and February [2011]

Undiagnosed disease – Yemen:

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At least 65 deaths have been reported in Yemen’s western coastal province of Hodeidah. The disease is thought to be chikungunya, though some medical officers dispute it. Symptoms of chikungunya include kidney failure, high temperature, diarrhea and vomiting [This is inaccurate. The US CDC states that, “chikungunya virus infection can cause a debilitating illness, most often characterized by fever, headache, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain, rash, and joint pain.

Brucellosis, cervid – USA

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Wildlife officials report that blood tests on 12 of 100 elk that were captured in southwestern Montana’s Ruby Valley showed signs of exposure to the animal disease brucellosis.

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