RISE OF ISLAM – Muslim Is the New Catholic

JP-CATHOLIC-2-articleLargeOn a summer evening in late July 1840, Catholic parents, teachers, and community members congregated in the basement of St. James Church in Lower Manhattan awaiting the address of Rt. Rev. Bishop John Hughes. Interrupted by applause throughout, Hughes stood before the crowd calling for what the largely immigrant Catholic population in the city longed for — public funding of parochial schools. Their efforts were met with great hostility. Opponents claimed the public was in danger, the Constitution was at risk of subversion, and “union” of the Catholic Church and our government was imminent. Nearly 175 years later, not unlike that summer night in 1840, students and their families assembled at P.S. 69 in Jackson Heights, Queens rallying to persuade the city to accommodate the Muslim population by closing school on Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, the two most celebrated holidays in Islam. In response, critics have warned of the “Islamization of New York,” and have accused Mayor Bill de Blasio, who vowed to add the holidays to the school calendar, of succumbing to “Islamic supremacist demands.” Of course, this ignorance is hardly representative of public sentiment on the issue, but even reasonable onlookers may question why religion and public schools are said in the same breath — is there not a “wall of separation” that stands between church and state? –End Times Headlines