‘Prophet’ claims to send followers to heaven

n1_273226139CONTROVERSIAL Miracle Prophet Nkosingiphile Dlamini of Bread of Life Ministries is now claiming to have taken people to heaven, where they claim to have seen God.

This is according to the brethren of two ministries he visited during an all night prayer at White River, Mpumalanga Province over the weekend.

“Some people were taken to Heaven while some started prophesying. One lady was taken to Heaven and she started prophesing that there is a girl who has bad dreams, she sleeps with different men every night, she called the girl to come and receive her deliverance. The young girl came and my father delivered her such that even now she is free thanks to father Babe Prophet,” said a member Sanele Nxumalo.

Prophet Dlamini during an interview yesterday said he had sent some members of the congregation to Heaven and some of them had a chance to interact with angels, while others saw God.

He said this was after he informed them that Heaven was not a place thought to be very far, but was only an atmospheric place not far from earth.

“I was telling them about Heaven and as I was speaking some of them started going there spiritually and saw different things. They all came back and gave prophecies as others saw me seated on God’s right hand while others met angels and spoke to them,” he said.

He said this was nothing out of the ordinary in his world of prophecies and ‘miracles’ as this was not the first time such had happened.

He said the difference was that in the past one or two people would be taken to Heaven while this time he took a whole portion of the congregants on the celestial adventure.

The members of the congregation also claim that one lady who was ‘taken to Heaven’ came back to prophecy that Prophet Dlamini was truly anointed by God.

Spiritual chaos, drama mark prophet’s services

As per norm, the service conducted by Prophet Nkosingiphile Dlamini in South Africa was full of drama or spiritual chaos as congregants chose to call it.

During the service at White River, it is alleged that the prophet commanded people to fall at his feet and they ran towards him doing all of his bidding. While the others are said to have fell asleep instantly, two of these women are said to have started polishing the prophet’s shoes with their hair.

“Babe commanded some to fall at his feet and run like headless chickens. They fell and had a good night’s sleep.

“While some were sleeping two women couldn’t control themselves as they ran to the prophet’s feet and started polishing his shoes with their hair until they were spotless. It’s was a night of Glory as my father says, we are moving from Anointing to Glory,” said another member.

They said that some of them started rolling on the ground and when they tried to look at the prophet they ended up running and screaming before falling into deep slumber.

Dlamini confirmed that these things took place at his church. The prophet also recently introduced a show on Channel Swazi ‘From Anointing to Glory’ which will air on Saturdays from 7pm to 7:30pm, where some of these proceedings are aired.

During the all night service, the prophet also shared the word of God, quoting the book of Mathew 6:13 which reads: ‘For yours is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory’.