Deadly West Nile Virus spreads to at least 2 U.S. states

LONGMEADOW, Mass. (INTELLIHUB) — Shockingly, the Massachusetts Department of Health has confirmed that mosquitoes in Plymouth County have indeed been infected with the deadly West Nile Virus feared by so many. “West Nile… Continue reading

WHO can’t fully deal with Ebola outbreak, health official warns

International health officials warned Thursday that recent budget cuts have impeded the ability of the World Health Organization to respond to the Ebola outbreak that has killed at least 603 people in Guinea,… Continue reading

Horrifying details of how student, 15, raped and murdered teacher in school bathroom laid bare in court as his mother looks on

A Massachusetts teenager charged with raping and murdering his teacher last year after following her into a bathroom followed a chillingly similar plan when he attacked a female jail counselor last month in… Continue reading

Three New Mexico teens charged with killing homeless men

(CNN) — Three teens admitted to police they attacked two homeless men who were found dead in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on Saturday, police said. The boys — 15, 16 and 18 — used… Continue reading

Hundreds of children found at vermin-infested shelter in Mexico

(CNN) — Mexican authorities are still unraveling the horrors allegedly committed on nearly 500 children sheltered at “La Gran Familia” refuge in the western state of Michoacan. At The Big Family shelter, scores… Continue reading

Theme park employees caught in sex stings, child porn arrests

Editor’s note: The following article contains references that may not be suitable for all readers. Clermont, Florida (CNN) — Just days after getting arrested in a child sex sting, Robert Kingsolver is a… Continue reading

Robber Beats up Grandma for Purse, as Shoppers Stood by and Watched

FORT WORTH, Texas (KDAF) – A Fort Worth grandma was robbed and beaten in broad daylight while onlookers recorded the incident with cell phones. “This woman comes up and she said I want… Continue reading


Many Christians today cling to the following verse, which they believe gives them the right to Judge others so long as it’s done “Righteously”: John 7:24 “Stop judging according to outward appearances; rather… Continue reading

End Times Newsletter – June 29th 2014

In each monthly issue, published here, you will find up to date stories reporting End Times Signs. Each issue contains the following: Articles written by the Light of Life Ministers and inspired by… Continue reading

Boskovice, South Moravian, Czech Republic – 28 June 2014

Crop circle coordinates: 49.4992, 16.649591 Wikipedia’s articles near this crop circle: Boskovice 1.5km Chrudichromy 1.6km Sudice (Blansko District) 3.6km Svitávka (Blansko District) 3.7km Lhota Rapotina 3.8km Skalice nad Svitavou 3.8km Míchov 3.9km Újezd… Continue reading

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